Sid Roth: Our show is originating from my friend

Jonathan Bernis’ beautiful TV studio in Phoenix, Arizona.

Last week I interviewed David Herzog on the portals

of God’s glory, and a portal actually opened in our studio.

This show will not only demonstrate the miracles

that erupted, but God’s supernatural presence

will actually invade your space right now.

Let’s go to an excerpt with David Herzog

on miracle portals from last week’s program.

Sid Roth: You’ve just written a new book,

and the book is called “The Ancient Portals of Heaven.”

What is a portal?

David: A portal is an “open heaven”,

some kind of gateway between heaven and earth.

We all want to experience the heavens, the glory of God,

but in the book I talk about certain things you can do

and certain patterns that God’s revealing

on how to tap back into His ancient portals

that open up the heavens.

Sid Roth: Like the miracles we were just watching,

you tapped in to those ancient portals

so that God’s life could come in.

Ok, we saw it covering finances,

we saw it covering health. Does it cover other areas?

David: Deliverance too of demonic powers.

We see people set free.

The difference between the glory and the anointing

is that when the glory comes, the heavens are opened.

You don’t always have to lay hands on people

to see the miracle, they’re already under an open heaven.

It’s like Acts chapter four,

“Stretch out your hands now to heal.”

Like in Denver, a man came up in the back,

he walks in the foyer, he hasn’t even come in the building yet,

and he has second degree burns all over his body,

instantly healed. The burns were just gone

as he walked in to the building.

That’s the difference between an open heaven.

Now we can pray by faith, “Lord, please heal him,”

and that’s a different way.

But when you’re already in, it’s like

“Lord, let Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

If you walked into heaven right now,

how long would it take to get a healing?

Sid Roth: Instant.

David: Yeah, that’s what we are talking about.

That kind of glory, where it’s accelerated, it’s already done.

You’re walking into the “it is finished” realm.

Sid: I want to take you behind the scenes

to see what our cameras caught when the portal opened.

And remember, this is interactive television.

Get ready for your miracle.

Sid: There are more people with back problems

that are being healed right now.

Again, if you have a back problem, bend over right now.

And if you have a hip problem, do the two-step dance,

something like this. You know that. Check your hip out.

There’s such a presence of God,

you could walk into anything you need.

Now some of the things you’ll need a doctor’s verification;

you’ll need a blood pressure test, or a diabetes test.

But believe God right now.

The anointing is in the head right now.

Headaches, migraines are gone, allergies are gone,

whatever you need in your head area.

Ears are open, eyes see, colds are gone.

Whatever you need, it’s yours. Just take it.

Any of you hear anything, please, just speak it out.

David: There’s a rotator cuff being healed.

Also people, I think it’s because of arthritis,

but you can’t lift your hands up without pain.

Right now, in Jesus’ name, I command every pain to go,

every sciatic nerve to be opened up right now.

There’s knees being healed.

You’re losing cartilage in your knees.

It’s bone to bone, but right now, just start to move it.

Maybe just run in place. In Jesus’ name, I command

cartilage and knees to be recreated. Grow right now.

I see at least one person getting instant weight loss,

right now. I command pounds, inches, kilos,

right now, drop! In Jesus’ mighty name.

Start to check your waistline right now.

Don’t be embarrassed, just start checking.

I want you to run in place first. Just run in place by faith.

Sid: I’m going to do it. I want to get in on that one!

My mother didn’t raise a dummy!

David: I command metabolisms to accelerate, in Jesus’ name.

It’ll cause a lot of other healings.

Sid: Jonathan, why are you getting in on this?

David: There’s high blood pressure being healed right now.

Hearts and high blood pressure right now.

Sid: Ho! Ho! Take it, take it!

David: Heart problems, circulation is being healed.

Sid: Speak it.

David: Circulation of your blood is being healed right now.

Trouble with circulation; you can’t feel your limbs at times,

you get numb. I command that thing to go.

Someone’s neck right now is stiff.

You couldn’t sleep last night without pain.

Stiff necks. You’re a Christian with a stiff neck,

but you’re not a stiff-necked Christian.

I command it to open up right now.

There’s a bunch. There’s more in here I want to share with you.

Sid: By the way, I had a prophetic word

that I would be given the heart of a 35 year old.

Wait, it gets better, it gets better.

I went to the cardiologist, and I had a heart catheterization.

That is an invasive test to see what’s going on in your heart.

I’m quoting the medical doctor. This is what she said to me,

the cardiologist: “You have the heart of a 30 year old.”

Sid: So I pray for anyone here

or watching on television who has a heart problem,

I pray for a new heart.

God, what You did for me, You’ll do for them.

Anything wrong with your arteries, any blockage.

Anything wrong with the heart in any area.

Oh boy, it’s strong. People are getting new hearts.

You’re getting new hearts! Did you hear that?

Now, if you had something – not by faith.

You’re supposed to exercise your faith.

You either have a miracle or a healing.

A miracle means you can test it and you know it’s done,

or you’ll go home and do your blood pressure

and then you’ll know it’s done.

A healing is gradual. Don’t miss your healing.

Most people miss their healing

because they don’t have the miracle.

Well I’ll take either. Either count. Either count.

So check your body out right now,

and if you know you have a miracle because the symptom is gone…

Check your body out, and if you know you have a miracle

because the symptom is gone,

I want you to raise your hand high so I can see it.

Ok, anyone else? Could you come up here?

David: Tell them to keep checking.

Sid: And keep checking.

Did you know there’s power in the testimony?

As you hear the testimony, others are going to be healed.

If you are healed, come on up here.

Bill, do we have a microphone?

Jonathan: It’s right here.

Sid: What happened?

Woman: I don’t normally talk in front of people

so I’m a little nervous.

Sid: Well just look at me.

Woman: I’ve had a pain right here for probably over two years,

and the doctor, she’s just going to put me on antibiotics.

Maybe I just have an infection, but it never goes away.

I’ve been checking it all night, is it coming back?

But there’s nothing there. I don’t feel anything.

Sid: Remember I said earlier there’d be an atmospheric anointing?

You just came in contact with the rarified air of heaven.

Thank you so much.

Sid: What just happened to you?

Woman: I’ve been having tremendous back pain

for about a week, and the Lord just healed it.

I was in the back studio, and He just totally healed it.

I feel fantastic. Praise God!

Sid: Test it. Test your back. Bend over.

Woman: Hallelujah!

Sid: Don’t miss the moment of your visitation.

A portal of heaven has just opened in your home.

Sid: Go on, test your body out. There is so much here,

I’m not going to just settle for two of you.

Come on. Test yourself.

Oh, ok. Come on up.

Woman: I was the stiff neck last night.

Sid: Wait, are you a stiff-necked Jew?

Woman: No, but I had the stiff neck last night that you called out.

I couldn’t sleep, and I woke up with a headache,

had the headache all day.

And my neck is ok, and my headache’s gone.

Sid: Hey!

Sid: I love it!

You know what is so wonderful?

My last trip to Israel, I was able to speak

to a group of Holocaust survivors.

There were close to 30 Holocaust survivors in Israel,

and I had a night of lecture on the supernatural.

So many… As a matter of fact,

it was in a Messianic congregation,

and it was divided into two sections like this.

In one section, all the Holocaust survivors,

in the other section, all the believers.

I hate to report this, but guess who got healed?

Most of the Holocaust survivors.

They were all on that side and got healed.

One person on this side got healed, of the believers.

Then I said “How would you like to know

the God who just healed you?”

A few stood up, and then they all stood up

to say professions of faith. Bless the Lord.

Ok, check your body out one last time.

Check your body out, and if you had a manifestation…

Come on, even if you checked it before, check it again.

Check it, especially the weight loss.

I want to see that weight loss.

Come on.

Woman: I had extensive surgery on my left foot.

When I was a child, my mother couldn’t afford shoes,

so my feet were caught up in small shoes

with no room to grow for my bones.

I had metal and screws in my left foot.

Tonight, my left foot has been healed.

Thank You, Lord! Hallelujah!

You are worthy. I just thank God.

And I’m so glad to be here for this healing,

because I expected a healing tonight, and I got it.

Sid: I am so glad you’re here too!

Sid: Oh wow, it’s getting stronger people.

Woman: I was having problems with my neck.

I have arthritis. My doctor told me I also have a pinched nerve.

I could not sleep for almost one month.

But tonight, by faith, I am healed.

Sid: Do you have pain? Wait, wait one second.

Do you have any pain in your neck right now?

Woman: No.

Sid: That’s what I wanted to hear!

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