Sid: Hello, Sid Roth here, welcome to my world

where it is naturally supernatural.

Now my guest Michele Perry is considered by

many one of the most joyful people on earth,

you can hear her bubbling over right now.

But here is the deal, she was born without a left kidney,

without a left hip, without a left leg, and a lot of people

would end up spending their life feeling sorry for

themselves, instead she is literally creating history,

but I want to take you back to when you were a young

girl of just seven years of age, you had an encounter

with the Messiah, tell me about that.

Michele: I sure did Sid, I was about ready to be facing a

very, very serious medical operation where I didn’t know

whether I would be alive at the end of it, and whether I

would live to see another day afterwards, and I was really

afraid and I was scared and I had heard some stories about

Jesus and I wanted to find out if they were really true and

so one night I was in my room, just a little girl in Florida,

and I said, “Jesus if you are really real and you

are really who that Book says you are, the stories

say you are, I want to know you.”

And instantaneously he was in my room

and I saw him just like I see you.

Sid Roth: Did he speak to you?

Michele: He sure did, he came over and he sat where I

was on my bed and he looked into my eyes and his eyes

are like oceans of liquid love, they are just the most

beautiful, beautiful eyes you will ever see.

And I knew he saw every part of me and he loved me

completely and he told me that if I followed him I would

see whole groups of people in other places come to know

his love and come to know who he was.

Sid: Now you had no idea what he was prophesying to

you back then is literally coming to pass, but you started

reading about a woman named Heidi Baker in

Mozambique, and I mean I am looking at some of her

accomplishments, this Heidi Baker, she has started

eight thousand churches, she has seven thousand orphans,

over one hundred people have been raised from the dead,

I mean, and you found out the secret to her power,

she received when she went to the Toronto Airport

which is a church in Toronto, Canada, however Michele

thought it wax the airport in tornado, so when you,

tell me, are you kidding me, you’re not putting me on.

Michele: I am not putting you on at all.

Aid: Okay, all right.

Michele: someone handed me a magazine and read about

this sweet little blond lady who had this amazing

encounter with Jesus in the Toronto Airports,

and for seven days I thought wow god, I knew you are

not a respecter of airports, you could meet me in

Heathrow, and I was on my way to India at that time,

and so I said, “Oh you haven’t told me to go to Toronto,

you said go to India, but God I want everything they’ve

got, I don’t know who they are, but everything they are

doing, I want to know you and meet you like that.”

Sid Roth: And so Michelle goes to the Toronto Airport,

but I want you to get a little insight into a woman just like

Michele, they both, in fact they both are with the same

ministry, Iris Ministry, except Michele is in the Sudan

now, but I want you to get insight into what happens

when someone can be selfless and filled with the love

and compassion of God, let’s go to that roll-in.

Woman: I’m not complicated, I am not special, I just feel

like God said love and stop and love, and he also told me

that everything you do is holy unto him, so when I am

holding, when I am holding a child it is holy, holy, holy.

When I am under water in worship it is holy, holy, holy.

When I am walking it is holy, holy, holy.

When I take another child whose parents have died that is

holy, when I am sweeping the floor it is holy, when I am in

a staff meeting it is holy, I believe that the western church

has compartmentalized things, and the Lord says let me in

to everything, everything we do is for him, so I don’t just

pray five hours a day, I pray every waking moment of the

day, it is like breathing to me, praying and breathing are

the same thin, so I say just abide in him and the more you

abide in him and you feel his love and let him show you

who you are, you are not an orphan, no one is an orphan,

then you start feeling this fullness that comes from living

inside his heart and you are just happy.

Sid: Well I have to tell you I am Jewish and the Gentile

is to provoke the Jew to jealously, and I will tell

you, Michele, you and Heidi provoke me to jealously,

just briefly what happened to me on the floor of the

Toronto Airport Church?

Michele: Well I got taken up into this room in heaven and

it had this huge long banquet table in it, and around it were

the poor of the earth the most broken and hurting from the

hardest places including Sudan, and they were all very

hungry and looking at me to feel them and I was a little

nervous and I saw in this encounter Jesus walk in and put

this huge plate of food in front of m, this platter,

and he told me to eat, and I said well that would not be

very polite, there are hungry people here.

He said, he said no you don’t understand, eat.

So eventually I took a piece of bread and I ate,

and whatever I ate then instantly it was multiplied,

and everybody around the table had it.

Because we can’t give away what we don’t have.

Until we know his love for ourselves

we don’t have anything to give.

Sid: And so then the vision ended?

Michele: That particular one did.

Sid: But you were changed forever at that church,

I understand you, I don’t even know what that was about,

I just got in the presence of God, I mean they called

it the soaking prayer meeting, and I said at another

prayer meeting I was soaking through boxes of

Kleenex I was crying so much.

Sid: Listen, Jesus actually sits next to her on an airplane,

don’t go away we’ll be right back after this word

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