SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Paul Keith Davis. Paul was in a building, and all of a sudden it’s as if spiritual scales came off of his eyes, and he could see angels. Tell me about the angels you saw. What are they called?

PAUL: It was in October of 2003. I stepped into a church service of about 1600 people in worship. Don Potter, my friend, was leading worship. As I stepped in the side door of the building, to my surprise, with my first step I saw the people in worship. By the second step, literally something overshadowed my eyes and I saw the people as I had seen them the moment before, but now I could also see the spirit realm. All across the back of the building, from one corner to the other, about six feet apart, were angels.

SID ROTH: About how many angels?

PAUL: I would say probably two dozen, maybe a little less. I’m not sure exactly, because I didn’t count. It was a very wide building. They were about six feet apart. They were all clearly taller than me. I was about 25 feet from them. They looked to be about 7 feet tall. They each had on a white robe. Some had a golden sash. Others had a belt around their waist made of a golden rope-like material. The countenance of this angelic host was very inviting, very kind, very loving. Unlike warring angels, who are pretty serious beings. But these were standing almost at attention. I asked inside my own heart “Who are they?”, and instantly I heard the Holy Spirit say “They’re angels that gather”, a phrase I had never knowingly heard before. So I sat next to the pastor and said “There are angels all across the back of your church.” He said “What kind?” I said “Angels that gather.” As I sat there a moment, I said “I need a scripture.” I’m a Word man. I believe in the Word of God. So I got out my little Franklin Concordance and looked up “angels” and “gather”. And there it was, right there in Matthew 13:41. The Bible says “The Son of Man, the Lord, will send at the end of the age angels that gather out of His kingdom all stumbling blocks and everything offensive. Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of our Father.” So I knew, by virtue of seeing them, that number one, we’re at the end of the age. This is the age of the harvest.

SID ROTH: That’s a pretty exciting thing. Now it’s the age of the harvest, that doesn’t mean it’s within one year necessarily, but it doesn’t mean it’s not within one year. What does that mean to you?

PAUL: I don’t know the timing. I love what Billy Graham has often said. A great man of God. He said “One thing I know about the harvest: it’s short.” I don’t know how many years we have, but I do know we’re in a season of harvest. I do believe this, from the revelation the Lord gave me, that the harvest will take place in two phases. The first wave of harvest, the first ingathering of souls that we’re going to see at this point in time, will ultimately become the laborers in the great harvest. So we’re going to have a wave of harvesters. We’re going to bring them in, we’re going to train them. You’re going to see in this day a great emphasis on equipping, mentoring, training. Fortunately, the Lord is going to give us a grace to be able to train up this generation in a year, where it took us ten and fifteen years. In a very short period of time, this army of people will be released on the earth, and they’re going to begin to bring in the greatest harvest the world has ever seen.

SID: Let me take you back to 1990. You were watching a video on Branham. Tell me about that experience.

PAUL: 1989 was when I began to pick up the mantle, if you will, or walk in the commission the Lord gave me. Of course, I was unchurched. Never heard of William Branham, never heard of A. A. Allen, never heard of Kathryn Kuhlman, never even knew there was a latter-day revival. I went to a meeting in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and a man loaded me up with a number of materials from the past, and one of them was on William Branham. I plugged the video in, and the moment I saw that man begin to minister – up until just months before never even knew he existed. The moment I saw that ministry, something exploded in me, and the Lord said “This is the destiny of your generation.” I began to be set on a course to understand what that ministry represents. I had never seen anything like it.

SID: What does it mean, “the destiny of your generation”? You mean there’ll be more than one person like a William Branham with those gifts?

PAUL: Absolutely.

SID: And as a matter of fact, a picture is worth a thousand words, we have video footage of William Branham. But before we show that, tell me what his ministry was like.

PAUL: I never knew William Branham of course, but from what I understand, he moved in a realm of power that was unlike anything, many historians say, since the early church. There was a divine presence, and that’s really what we’re after. It’s not about a man or a woman, it’s about someone that can become the tabernacle of God; that God Himself will come down in a meeting and begin to demonstrate Himself doing what the Bible said would happen, the greater works. And so, that happened. William Branham moved in that realm. The one thing that characterized his meetings, most of all, was the power of God’s presence. That’s what we’re after, ultimately, that God Himself will begin to attend our meetings.

SID: I’m in awe when I see… I mean he just looks at a total stranger, he knows what they were doing that day, he knows their name, he knows where they live, and he also knows what’s wrong with them. He doesn’t even have to ask. Let’s take a look at this video footage.

WILLIAM: Of course you’re sick, and you’re suffering with a condition. It’s a dark spirit around you. It’s death, and it’s in the form of cancer. And the cancer is located on the breast. You were seen, you were examined by someone strong. You’ve got a rupture condition, and the rupture is in the bowel, and you have stomach trouble also. A severe heart trouble that causes you fainting. Here a few days ago, you were sitting sideways on the side of the bed and nearly passed out, looking towards your window. Are those things the truth?

WOMAN: Yes sir. All true.

WILLIAM: All true. I believe you’re from out of town. You come from the capital, Richmond Virginia. You have a cancer. It’s inside your mouth, on your jaw. Is that right? Do you want to go home and be well? Accept Jesus as your Healer, and in the name of Jesus Christ, may it leave the man. Go away from him. God bless you, sir. Now you’re not here for yourself, although you’re nervous and rundown. But it’s been caused by a disease of this child. This child here has been suffering. It’s been turned down by the doctors do die. It’s leukemia.


WILLIAM: Isn’t that right?

WOMAN: That’s right.

WILLIAM: You brought the child from out of town. You traveled coming from the west, coming east you have come. You’ve come from a state that has mountains. It’s Pennsylvania, and your city, I believe it’s Chambersburg. Is that right?

WOMAN: That’s right.

WILLIAM: Bring the child to me. Little sister dear, if the Lord Jesus was here, He’d lay His hands up on you and death would leave you and you’d live. Do you believe that I’m His servant?

GIRL: Sure.

WILLIAM: Then in His stead, I lay my hands on this child and bless it, and ask that the demon leave the child, and that life comes to the child, and it will live and be well.

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