Sid: Hello, Sid Roth here with Bobby Connor, and Bobby,

tell me about the time in Mexico City about this baby,

I mean this is one of the most awesome stories

I have ever heard.

Bobby: People ask me, they go, “What is one

of the greatest signs you have ever seen?”

This stirred me as much as anything; we are in a coliseum

in Mexico City, and just thousands and thousands of

people and it was a round building, I’m preaching out in

the middle of it, and a man brings his little daughter.

She is so small, she is up in his arms and she is brown

headed and beautiful, just gorgeous, and he doesn’t speak

English and I sure didn’t speak Spanish, but he was

pleading with his eyes you know, and then the little girl

rotated her face around and one side of her face didn’t

develop when she was born, you could see inside of her

mouth, you could see her tongue, and fluid coming out,

and one side beautiful, this side grotesque, I tell you my

heart melted, I thought oh God, what are we going to do?

And while I said that no longer are we in the coliseum in

Mexico, then I see the little girl, now she is maybe six-

years-old, she is old enough to know something is wrong

with her and she is in a room, she is very shy, then the next

scene I see she is maybe thirteen and really withdrawn,

and then I see her probably fifteen to seventeen and she

just steps out in front of a bus and takes her life.

And I said, “Oh God what will you do?”

Now I am back in the coliseum and he said,

“Take your thumb and stick it in the hole in her face.”

And I took my thumb and put it in the hole like this

and ran my thumb just like this and God –

Sid: Just out of curiosity as you were doing that,

I mean I’m the type of person I could never be a doctor,

I don’t like to see blood, did you have difficulty

putting your finger in that empty, by the bone?

Bobby: Not really, I just started rubbing it

and just like that God grew her a face,

everywhere my thumb went just like this.

I’ll tell you when – in just one second her face grew

together, it was just as normal as this one.

I tell you Sid, all the strength left my legs,

I almost fell over and then the Lord said,

“Do you know why I healed that girl?”

And I said, “No I don’t.”

He said, “Because I’m a good God.”

One of my favorite verses in the whole Bible is

Nahum 1:7, that verse says, “The Lord is good.”

A lot of people think well he was or he is going to be,

no he is good.

Even if you have got a deformed child he is good.

Even if you have got problems you can’t answer yourself,

God’s good, he is a very present help in time of trouble.

Sid: Out of curiosity, when a miracle of that magnitude

takes place, did you see it release many other miracles?

Bobby: Man, people went wild, you know people went

wild, because they could see it, they had cameras shooting

it up on the – then people, I will tell you what happened,

multitudes came to Jesus Christ.

Sid, that’s what miracles do, miracles are – the Bible said

“And many believed on him when they saw the

miracles which he did.”

And that’s why we need the miraculous in our preaching,

we need miraculous in our church, but we need miraculous

signs and wonders out on the street corners.

You know that don’t we.

We have got to get the message outside the four walls.

Sid: that’s normal and that’s why they need to

find out who they are in the Messiah.

You know very few Christians have intimacy with God,

very few, most Christians are just plain religious, and I

don’t want to get into theology but I am not even sure

whether a religious, just being religious, just going to

church, has much to do with going to heaven.

I think it might be a big placebo, it is either this is eternal

life that you might know him, know him, it is not that you

go to church, good to go to church, but, it is good to go to

the synagogue, but that you might know him, now Bobby,

you hear things from God, you see things from God,

I believe that God will use you with your seer anointing

right now for those that are watching.

Bobby: I do too, I am going to speak first of all

to a pastor and I will tell you this is what the Lord

says to you, he said, “Don’t give up,” and you say,

“Ah well, anybody can say that,”

No God says “Don’t give up.”

He is going to take your wife, she is addicted to

painkillers, she is addicted to some medication because of

a back injury, she received a back injury in a car accident,

and she is very addicted to pain pills, been very, very hard

to deal with, but God is going to deliver her swiftly and

you will have a, she will be a brand new woman again

and it is going to turn your ministry around.

And so I want to tell you this, I’ll tell you your first name

is Larry, your last name starts with an “R”, but I am here

to tell you god said he is going to bring you great relief,

your wife is going to be back to being the wife she used to

be and it is going to turn your whole ministry around.

So don’t give up, hang on, the Bible said this is a time

of great restoration and it’s Joel 2:25 Larry,

God said he will restore, he will restore everything the

cankerworm has consumed, so it’s a great day for you

so I am encouraged about that.

Now I want to talk to a girl, her name is Nicole, and you

are in some type of a club right now where they are

serving alcohol and there is all kind of gaiety or so called

gaiety going on, but Nicole, God says he is going to show

you who you really are, and all of your life you have

sought for true identity and you are not who people say

you are and I tell you just to prove to you that this is really

the Lord talking to you, on your shoulder, on your left

shoulder there is a tattoo and it is a tattoo of a

hummingbird and I am telling you what, that way you will

know for sure it’s you and I tell you what God is going to

do, he is going to show you who you are in him, and you

are much different than people say that you are and there is

a call of real compassion on you and God is going to bring

that call to the surface and he is going to tell you about

your true identity, you are going to find out who you are in

Jesus Christ, and your life, all those missing

puzzle pieces are going to come together and you

will have a great, great success in your life.

I want to speak to you over Jeremiah 29:11, it says I know

my thought I have toward you, sayeth the Lord, thoughts

of your success and not your failures.”

And so you are going to have a whole different

life change and Nicole it is a wonderful thing for you a

nd God will hear you if you cry out.

Sid: You know bobby, the thing that is concerning me and

the thing that is concerning you right now, is your name

wasn’t mentioned, but the truth of the matter is that God

loves you as much as the two people that Bobby Connors

spoke directly to, and you remember the little girl with a

part of her face missing and the face came back and

Bobby saw what her future was, well there were really

two futures for her, the two futures, that evil wanted for

her and the future that God wanted for her.

And it says in the Bible, “Chose this day whom you are

going to serve, I know as for me and my house I have

chosen, I am going to serve the living God.”

If you will chose this day to serve God, it says that

much difference in your life, there are two paths for you,

one path will lead to where most other people end up,

and you don’t want to be there.

Haven’t you just felt there has got to be

something more to life?

Well if you will sell out to God, you say I don’t know how

to sell out, well step one is to tell him you are sorry for

what you are doing wrong and ask his help to have the

power to be able to be free, and then ask Jesus who has

just cleansed you because of his blood to come and live

inside of you and become y our Lord.

And it is very important to say this out loud and get

a hold of a Bible and start reading it cover to cover

because it is food, it is food, eat, you will love it,

the most exciting thing in the world for you to read

the Bible and to know God for yourself.

God is up to something new in the atmosphere.

We are entering into a time where the prayers

you have been praying shall be answered.

There shall be signs and wonders, undeniable miracles.

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