SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Ron and Glenda Pettey. Ron died on the operating table, went to heaven, and his experiences bring such comfort to people that never had comfort before, in reference to dying. It’s a trip that everyone has to make, but there are a lot of questions about heaven. This book, “Heaven Is Real”, will do exactly what the title says, it’ll make heaven real. And so, Ron and Glenda. Ron was in heaven. He sees a young man. Jesus says to remember him. And then, many years later, you’re at a Bible study Glenda, and what happened?

GLENDA: Several years later we were at a Bible study, and there were two couples that had to travel an hour away to leave this particular study. They were bringing a video they had experienced, and they were coming from another church. During the course of this, they asked us to pray for a young man in their church who was dying of kidney failure. So week to week, they said “Would you please pray for Scotty Henigan.” Then a week came when they said “Well, we had Scotty’s funeral this week. No need to pray for him anymore.” They said it in such a joyful way, we all were taken aback. This is not good, but they seemed happy. They said “You should see the difference in his mother. She gave him to the Lord. Scotty was ready to go. He was a brilliant Christian to start with. At any rate, we want Caroline to come meet you, to come meet our group.” Several weeks later, Caroline Henigan came. After the meeting, Ron went over to her and said “I don’t know why I ask, but did you bring a picture of Scotty?” Caroline said “I don’t normally carry a picture with me, but I went back into the house tonight to bring this.” She reached down into a large bag and pulled out a framed 8×10 of Scotty, and showed Ron. The next thing I knew, Ron dropped to his knees in front of her, just collapsed, and said “That’s the young man I saw entering heaven.” You had no doubt whatsoever. It was him. The picture she pulled out was a recent picture of him. He did not look ill in this picture. In the picture, he is 21 years old, just as Ron saw him entering. And she was not surprised her son was in heaven, but it was such a comfort and a delight to know that someone witnessed it.

SID: That is such a wonderful story, to have it verify your experience in heaven. When you talk about the eyes of Jesus, I can’t get enough of that. Will you tell me about the eyes of Jesus, Ron?

RON: The eyes of Jesus are so loving. You can’t describe them, because in His eyes, you can see the future, and you can see the beginning. His eyes were totally magnified, uplifted. I don’t know. His eyes were just… They had everything, the present to the future.

GLENDA: And you’ve often said they were like a dark, transparent blue.

RON: Yeah.

GLENDA: And something else you’ve seen. In that moment that you made eye contact with Him, or He with you, you knew that He knew everything about you.

RON: You didn’t walk up to Jesus and try to hide things from Him, because it was almost like He knew, when you walked up to Him. He knew everything.

GLENDA: He knew every detail of your life, and yet there was no judgment in his eyes, no condemnation.

RON: No judgment, but love.

GLENDA: Love, complete love.

RON: Complete love.

GLENDA: You also saw a sadness. A joy, and a sadness in his eyes.

RON: This is very unusual, because the sadness that I saw in the Lord’s eyes were the people who were not accepting Him as their Lord and Savior.

SID: The Bible says that God is pure love, so this is what you… This is logical to me. But you know something that intrigues me immensely, and I said it at the beginning of the program, is when you came back, you had amnesia. Then ten years later, the amnesia suddenly left. You still have a problem with the memory, but it’s like God uses the foolish things of this earth to confound man’s wisdom. I don’t think God would trust you with the gift I’m about ready to mention if you didn’t have these limitations you’re walking through. That’s what I think anyway.

RON: Hallelujah. I mean… You’re probably… You’re right, because I don’t think He could trust me, but because… I’m too… Oh… I’m too innocent. What other words can you say?

SID: I understand. Tell me about Deuce.

RON: Ok. Let Glenda tell you.

GLENDA: Ok. Deuce was a little child we met when he was fourteen months old. He was born without an immune system. We connected with his family. It was just a wonderful connection, so then Stephanie, the mom, would call us often, to just call for prayer. Most of this was long distance on the phone Either she was calling from her home twenty miles away, or from the medical center in a town two hours away. So Stephanie would call. One day she was at home, Deuce had spiked a high fever, and in mere minutes, they would need to take action. They would need to get to an emergency room, probably Life Flight him back to the main hospital. So she called, Ron was there by himself that day, and the phone call came. He said “Now Stephanie, we can do this. Let’s just pray for Deuce. Put your hand on his forehead, and let’s just pray.” In moments, his fever left, he rested peacefully. The next day, he had blood work done. Prior to this he’d had two failed bone marrow transplants, where his mother, Stephanie, was the donor. He should’ve had his mother’s blood type, but never had. That next day when they tested the blood,
he had her blood type. They tested it twice at one hospital, thinking it was a mistake.

SID: So his blood type literally changed?

GLENDA: It changed. It was one step in many, a stream of miracles we’ve seen with this child’s healing. As I said, he was born without an immune system, now he’s nine years old, and the doctors have declared him a normal child.

SID: So it’d be almost like, years ago they called it a child they put in a bubble, because they were afraid of getting disease.

GLENDA: That is exactly right. Right. He’d lived most of his life in the hospital.

SID: Ron, I am so intrigued by your gift of being able to see in the invisible world. Did you see anything in this studio?

RON: This studio is filled with angels. Not just guardian angels, but I’m calling it angels on assignment. They’re all over. I can’t understand it. I won’t understand it. It’s just… Hallelujah!
Because I can act like a fool, and these angels can take care of it.

SID: Now when you look inside of someone, like last night you looked inside of me, do you actually see organs? What types of things do you see?

RON: I do. God has given me the gift of healing, and with this gift comes many numerous other things. But this has progressed to where I can see inside a person what is wrong. People come to me for prayer many times, and they’ll give me all their, what’s wrong with them, and the Lord will highlight a certain spot on their body. I’ll just say “What about your liver?” or “What about your stomach?” and they came for a headache. Because, they weren’t going to tell me about their stomach or their…

SID: You can see things wrong that are physical, and God heals the person. But God can see things that are spiritual. Every sin inside of you is preventing you from experiencing the fullness of God. If you will repent of your sins, believe the blood of Jesus washed them away, and ask Jesus to become real and live inside of you and be your Lord, He’ll do it.

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