SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Melanie Hemry, and we’re talking about a young man who had everything to live for. He’s starting on the professional tennis circuit, and all of a sudden, out of the blue, he has a form of lymphoma. Not just lymphoma, but from Africa, a very rare variety. He was given 10 hours to live. Tell me the rest.

MELANIE: He went to the Lord and said “What can I do?” and the Lord said “You have to follow My steps.” He said “What are they?”, and he said the Lord told him first and foremost that he had unforgiveness about somebody. Unforgiveness is one of the things that’ll hold disease in place.

SID: That is a cancer, unforgiveness.

MELANIE: It is a cancer, it is! The Lord showed him this, and Brian said “I don’t even know how to reach that person to repent to them”, and a phone number marched across his mind. He dialed it from the hospital room at the National Institute of Health. Didn’t tell the person “I’m on my deathbed.” Just apologized, got things right, and his kidneys started working. I have the record right here where the doctor says “Kidneys have opened up.”

SID: You’ve got the medical records.

MELANIE: The medical record. They couldn’t understand why that happened. He didn’t die in 10 hours, and he was still alive two days later, so they did another CAT scan of his entire body, and told him he was NED. I’ve got that here.

SID: What does that mean?

MELANIE: “No Evidence of Disease.”

SID: I like that – NED. No evidence of disease.

MELANIE: By this time, when he had this CAT scan, it was in his liver, his lungs, all of his bones, and his kidneys. He forgave, and the Lord showed him he’d been lax about paying his tithe, and he paid his tithe. Everything started working, he had no evidence of disease. The Burkett’s lymphoma, they could find no evidence of it in his body.

SID: But then they were doing an experimental chemo on him. Why did they do that if there’s no evidence of disease?

MELANIE: The doctors used fear, I think, to try to get his parents… Like, “If one cell of this is left somewhere in his body, it could come back and kill him so quick. We’re doing this research. It would help other people if he would go through it, so we recommend that he stay here and have this chemotherapy.” He finally convinced them to do it, and Brian stayed and had this new protocol of chemotherapy for about 8 months I think. He went through horrible side effects: lost his hair, lost weight, fell out of bed and was too weak to get back up. Incredible things. But his family did what Wendy Moore did, and some of the other people in the book. They got the word of God and they just clung to it. They pasted scriptures on his wall, he confessed those scriptures…

SID: In Judaism, we’re supposed to put scripture on the doorpost of our home. Under the new covenant, we should put it on the bathroom mirror so that every time we… Like I’ll go in and shave, I see God’s word about healing.

MELANIE: That’s exactly what they did. They put it everywhere. He eventually lived, while everybody else around him was dying. When he went back for his six month checkup, they told him “We had never tested that drug before, and we now know that the drug is lethal. Everyone who took that drug died from the drug, except you.”

SID: Everyone died except him. Why didn’t he die?

MELANIE: Because he hung on to the word of God that said “By His stripes I’m healed.” They kept praying and confessing the scripture, and the power of God’s word was so alive it did more good than the medicine could do damage.

SID: That’s quite a mouthful. Tell me about this book. What kind of feedback are you getting?

MELANIE: The feedback we’ve gotten is that people are getting hope. Most people think if they don’t get an instant miracle, God didn’t heal them. That’s not the case. The people reading the book are learning that if you hang on to the word of God’s promises… In the back of the book are all the healing scriptures you can stand on, and if you hang onto those, God’s faithful. Just don’t give up. That’s the message, don’t give up. Don’t ever give up.

SID: Maybe you should change the title to “Don’t Give Up.”

MELANIE: That should probably be the title of the book.

SID: Something that you talk about a lot is the partnership – and that’s the key, operative word – the partnership between God and man.

MELANIE: Right. We’ve all got a part. Everybody’s got a part to play. Isn’t it amazing that we’re a three part being, we’re made in His image, and we become His children, He wants to impart to us His authority. When Yeshua left earth, He gave us, the believers, His authority, and we can use that authority for ourselves, for other people. But literally, God’s word, the Bible, is so full of life. The scripture is healing. The Bible says it’s healing to your bones and marrow. Well Brian Wills didn’t have any marrow left after all that chemo, but the word of God healed it. There is literally tangible power in the word of God, in the scripture.

SID: Tell me one more story from the book. These stories are so wonderful. They should be read to children at night. You should read them to yourself at night. Tell me one more that comes to mind.

MELANIE: She’s a friend of mine in here, Anita Steeky, who at age 26 was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

SID: I’ve interviewed Anita.

MELANIE: You know Anita? Anita had been a classical pianist, and she lost the ability to play the piano, she became blind in one eye, paralyzed on one side, she couldn’t hold her baby, she couldn’t see her baby, she couldn’t feel his face. The enemy was, she would be bombarded with pictures in her mind of her funeral, and her two sons are infants and her husband by her graveside. She determined to hang on to God’s word, and she forced to change the channel in her mind. So every time that scene of her funeral would come, she would make herself see herself playing tennis, playing piano, running with her kids. And it was just like the other stories. There was never one day that she was instantly healed, but after about two years of this, all of a sudden she realized that gradually, one tiny increment at a time, she was well.

SID: So the story is, how can two walk together unless they be agreed? So she had pictures in her mind that were in disagreement with the promises of God’s word, and she just aligned her thoughts with God’s word.

MELANIE: One of the things that was hard for Anita is her mother was a Christian who had died of cancer. She had prayed, a lot of people had prayed. So Anita’s like “Now I’ve been given a death sentence.” The doctor said when she was 26 “All we can give you is a wheelchair and a catheter.” She had to climb over the doubt and unbelief about her mother and get in the word for herself to hang onto it. And when that happened, the power of God healed the nerves in her body. They said “You can never have another child.” Well, she did, and he’s a teenager today.

SID: Healing is sort of like the game of baseball. Three strikes and you’re out. That’s what most people think. But, new rules. Kingdom rules. You can keep swinging at the ball until you hit your homerun. The only way you’re out is if you take the bat and throw it away, and you give up. But God says all things are possible. That’s a pretty inclusive promise.


SID: All things are possible to those who believe. There are even people who are deaf right now, and the blockage is coming out of your ears. But the greatest partnership between man and God is to have the life of God inside of you. That means that He will never leave you or forsake you. When you die, you just shed your earth suit, and you’re in the arms of Messiah. And when you live, you walk in your earth suit, in a healthy earth suit, and you fulfill kingdom principles. You must make Jesus your Messiah and Lord. My favorite prayer, I prayed it as a Jewish man that didn’t know my left hand from my right hand about Jesus. Here was my prayer: Jesus, help! Except it was a whole lot more emotion than that. Jesus, HELP!!!

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