Sid: Hello, Sid Roth here with Brian Lake, and Brian you had a very meaningful vision in which the hand of God came to you, explain that to me.

Brian: Well what I saw in the vision was that I saw the hand of God actually go out over the people. You know the believers, his hand went over the people and began to release to all the people spiritual wealth, natural wealth, just the blessing of God was coming on these people. In the vision the people were so excited, and this was a multitude of people, just everybody so excited because of the, all the blessing, you know the spiritual and the natural wealth, but what I saw next was, really changed my life because I saw his hand go back out over the people and when he stuck his hand back out over the people he did this, he actually began to motion for those people to come.And what happened was that not all the people started
coming, only a few, only a rare few began to come.

Sid: They were so busy and preoccupied with the things rather than the one who supplies the things.

Brian: Yeah, absolutely, that is what was happening, all these people were content with all the stuff and they were, you know they were excited but it was radically changing my life, what I was seeing in that vision because I realized he was calling us to intimacy, to relationship, and the people that came to him and was wanting that relationship with him, their blessing began to expand even more, the blessings just kept flowing and flowing and flowing.But the people that did not come, and I believe that’s where we are at right now, that people that aren’t in a relationship with him, their blessing began to dry up.And it just, time after time it just was drying up.

Sid: It’s really sad, because if you really understood that there is not a higher priority than intimacy with God.Now you have had multiple visions of rooms, explain.

Brian: Yeah, I had a vision, it all started, I was in my office, I was on my typewriter typing and my little dog was laying at my foot to the left side of me, and I was home alone and I was typing, and all of a sudden I felt this presence enter my room, and even the dog on the floor noticed something and turned to look as I turned to look. Now I didn’t see it in the natural, but in the spirit that was so profound, so real to me, I saw a man standing there in a white robe, and throughout that week there was another encounter which later God was revealing to me that was the wounds of the heart, he was showing me what people’s hearts look like, and I remember this room that I walked in, it looked like a hotel room, on each side there was doors, but this room was deteriorating, the floor was you know, just really weathered, and even the smells smelled like, musty and walls, paint was coming off, dark colors. And he, the Lord led me down these hallways and looked in each one of these rooms. As we walked down these rooms I remember looking in these rooms as he was showing me that each one of these rooms, different ones, one of them was filled up with, like entertainment, you know there were TV sets in there, people were just consumed, their life was consumed with entertainment, you know, watching TV and just ongoing, went into another room and there was a room filled up with trophies, all these awards people won and I noticed distinctly there was one guy in there that was actually polishing these awards that he won and I remember that guy turning to look at the door to see who opened it, this gentleman looked at Jesus and just kind of nodded and grinned and turned back around and went back to polishing his trophies, the awards that he had won. But room after room, you know there were party atmospheres and different things, but when we got to the end of the hallway, I remember so clearly that Jesus turned to me and looked at me with a tear running down his face, and he said, “Brian, there is no room in this heart for me.”And you know I began to weep and cry at that point because you know our life is so filled up with other things, and the Bible says you know, “one thing that I desire,”
so it was radically changing my life by seeing that and it made me evaluate my heart, what’s in my heart.

Sid: What, look in the camera and tell people what they have to do if you have just hit a nerve in them.

Brian: yeah and I believe there are people out there right now that actually are listening that you want that passion,you want your heart to be emptied out, and I believe this is the opportunity for you to empty that. You have got to give everything to Jesus because if you give your heart to him he has everything so give your heart to him and find that relationship with him, that intimate relationship, he wants to be your friend.

Sid: Do you know that uncommon favor that Brian walks in, you are going to see a demonstration of that and a demonstration of the miraculous when you meet his family, every member of his family, every member moves in gifts of the spirit, extraordinary words of knowledge, healing, perfume comes when one of his children prays, it is the most amazing family, guess what, you can have that type of family too

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