Sid: I’m here with Brian and Pamela Lake and when I say they are blessed it doesn’t matter what I say, it matters what you think and I am going to tell you something as you get to know their family. Brian, why did you decide that you would have your whole family operate in the supernatural rather than you just go off and let them be home-schooled like a lot of other people?

Brian: Well one thing is that I want to be with my family and for me to leave my family behind I just didn’t want to do that, so it was easier for me to take my family with me and train them up, because it is my heart to train people up, equip people into the ministry, into the giftings that God had called them into.

Sid: Melody, are you trying to help your dad with that microphone, how old are you? Four years old.

Melody: Yes.

Sid: Pamela I am very intrigued by your gift, you have an ability to put your hand on someone and feel their hurts. When Jesus prayed for people he had compassion, tell me what goes on inside of you, or give me an exact case of someone you’ve prayed for.

Pamela: Yeah, just a lot of times I, even though on the outside they just seem like they are happy or whatever, and whenever I lay hands on them I can just feel their sadness or I can feel what they are feeling inside, and it has happened many, many times and then I will just pray for them and then they will just start feeling the presence of God and they will just get healed, they feel like they are melting all that stuff away.

Sid: I feel the presence of God just as you are speaking and you know what, God just told me someone’s neck was just healed and someone’s back was just healed, and in the head area there, it is the sinuses are opening up, just as you were speaking it was like the presence of God came out of you, tell me one actual person you prayed for and what happened.

Pamela: We actually went to New York not too long ago and there was a lady and she had a little boy and we actually prayed for, I actually prayed for him and I could feel the presence, and whenever I prayed for him, he had failure to thrive, and I could feel the presence going into him and whenever that happened he just instantly got healed and his mom called me later on and the baby has like grown, and is 22 pounds, real chunky, he has got big old legs and chunky cheeks and everything so God just healed him.

Sid: That is such a wonderful gift and Jordan, you amaze me, you are just almost like a machine gun with words of knowledge, how long has that been going on with you?

Jordan: As long as I can remember.

Sid: Really, how old were you when it started? Can you remember it, like Brian, when he was two did he do that, what do you think?

Brian: Well he was praying for people when he was two-years-old, he went up and laid hands on people and in the Name of Jesus, and you know when he was four-years-old he was beginning to get words of knowledge.

Sid: And Jordan, you like to pray the fire of God on people, explain that to me.

Jordan: Pretty much they get touched, and whenever I say fire people get delivered, they get set free and pretty much just radically touched.

Sid: The presence of God comes on them and their lives get changed, well I tell you what, rather than you describe it, let’s see a clip of Jordan praying the fire of God.

Jordan: I just pray for the fire to be so strong in this place tonight, I command this place to be on fire for you tonight in the Name of Jesus.
Fire, fire, fire.

Sid: and Molly, you move in gifts of healing, tell me about that time that everyone could smell perfume when you prayed.

Molly: Well actually I prayed for a nice lady who had an ear problem and she came back to me and she said that she was healed and then after I prayed for her she could smell the aroma of God.

Sid: That is such an amazing thing to me, you work in what is called words of knowledge also; let’s take a look at a clip of Molly praying for someone right now.

Molly: I think God is telling me that you like to dance, and I just see God releasing it even more on you, and he is going to get you to teach other people how to dance and I see you like going into ministry like dancing and stuff. It is really awesome.

Sid: Molly how old are you?

Molly: I’m twelve-years-old.

Sid: and do you really enjoy praying for the sick?

Molly: I really enjoy it a lot.

Sid: I think that’s the strongest gift from what I understand that operates through you.

Molly: Uh huh.

Sid: Tell me one more person that was healed that you prayed for.

Molly: Actually one time this lady was battling cancer and after the meeting I prayed for her and stuff and about a couple of weeks later she called back and she said that she went to the doctors and she found out she doesn’t have any more cancer and she is totally healed.

Sid: That is so wonderful.Jordan, can I put a demand on your gift
and can you look in the camera and pray for whatever God tells you right now.

Jordan: Right now arthritis be healed right now in the Name of Jesus, diabetes be healed right now in the Name of Jesus, asthma be healed right now, someone with a pain in their left shoulder be healed right now in the Name of Jesus, neck pain be healed right now in the Name of Jesus. Back pain be healed right now in the Name of Jesus.

Sid: Molly has God shown you anything right now?

Molly: Actually I see someone with a shoulder also, it has like damaged r something in work, and I just command healing over you Lord Jesus.And I see someone with a head, like I think you have head damage in your head, and I just command complete healing and I see someone else with a tumor and we just command healing in Jesus Name.

Sid: Is God showing anyone else anything right now?

Brian: Yeah there is somebody that has cancer.

Sid: I knew it was you.

Brian: a lady that has cancer, you have been battling this cancer for some time and there is actually, I don’t know if it is the same thing that Molly had, but there are lumps that you have that God is restoring, even as we talk right now, those lumps are dissolving right now in the Name of Jesus. There is also somebody that has, their leg is actually shorter than the other, about a half an inch to an inch shorter, God is actually going to grow that leg out, just stand up right now where you’re at because it is growing right now, have somebody check it right now.

Sid: And everything you are watching right now comes out of one thing.

Brian what does it come out of?

Brian: Intimacy with the Lord.

Sid: Give me some nuggets about intimacy with God.

Brian: Sure, when we get born again you know it is more than just being born again, it is about the responsibility that comes with the relationship with Jesus.And just like with my wife when I first met her and married here you know I didn’t just marry her, it took years for me to get to know who she is, what she likes, what she doesn’t like, her favorite colors, her favorite foods, all those things. When we get born again and accept Jesus into our heart we have got to find out what the King likes, you know what is his favorite color, you know what grieves him, what makes him sad, makes him happy, and you spend those years getting to know him at that secret place fellowshipping with him.

Sid: And you know what’s really interesting is either you or your wife speaks the presence of God from intimacy with him just kind of pours out and as it fours out I hear that God is healing people, I hear that someone with a neck pain if you will just move your head like that, do that right now you will see that pain is gone.Someone with a back ache if you will just go like this you will see that pain is gone and someone in your whole head area there is the migraine is gone anything you need, any members in the family hearing anything from God.

Pamela: I was just hearing like depression, there are people out there that are suffering with depression and I just command it to leave right now in Jesus Name, that depression to leave right now.

Sid: And Molly what are you hearing?

Molly: I hear right now that someone either knocked their shoulder out of place and we just command it to be healed in Jesus Name.

Sid: And you know this month is the Jewish Festival of Purim and Purim we read from the Book of Esther, the Migilah, and we find two main things.The first main thing that we find is extraordinary favor, uncommon favor, Esther who should not have any favor, she was not supposed to be queen of the land, there was a whole rearrangement do, she had such favor with the king and I believe Brian that you can pray for people to have favor with the king right now, and especially for their finances to increase, would you?

Brian: Absolutely, Lord we just release right now uncommon favor over the people that is listening right now because I believe as the favor comes upon their life it comes with an assignment, so it’s just not favor just to be a part of their life, but it’s favor for the assignment on your life, and I believe as you get that favor be grateful for it, I mean it will radically change your life but be grateful for it.

Sid: And you know the reason that Queen Esther had so much favor? I don’t know it you have ever realized this but there is a promise in Genesis 12:3, God says I God will bless those who bless the Jewish people and curse those who curse them, so you know what happened to Haman, he cursed the Jewish people, he got hung, and you know what happened to Esther, Esther blessed the Jewish people and Esther had such favor and as a matter of fact when the Jewish people were equipped with the sword in the Book of Esther which is a type of the word of God, revival broke out through the land, I believe Esther is a type of the end time Gentile church and as Esther stands up for the Jewish people not in her own strength but in the strength of God,
in the garments of God, I am going to pray for you in a moment in a prayer that I have prayed for people all over the world, and I have to tell you I am astounded myself by the results of this prayer, it is such a simple prayer but it touches the heart of the King. Because it touches the heart of the king you know what Mordecai told Esther, “Esther if you don’t stand up for the Jewish people at this precise time in history when the world is trying to annihilate Israel, I will raise deliverance from another source but Esther, church who knows if you have not been called to the Kingdom for such a time as this.”This is a moment of destiny and you are going to receive just as when Pamela prays for someone she receives the compassion of the Messiah and she just transfers that compassion, you are going to receive the compassion of the Messiah for the Jewish people in the nation Israel when I pray for you right now. I call it the Esther Anointing; I am going to pray this for
you, get ready to receive, be in a receiving mode, you know what a receiving mode is? If I was to toss a ball to you right now, little beach ball, you better put your hands up or you get hit in the head. Well I want you to catch something right now, it is in the Spirit though, it is not in the natural, and I want your family to catch this because I believe it is part of the DNA of your family; it is part of the DNA of Esther. In the Name of Yeshua I command the Esther anointing, the Esther anointing, the Esther anointing, the Esther
anointing, in the Name of Yeshua, now catch it right now, catch it, catch the Esther anointing, catch God’s heart for the Jewish people and Esther, Yeshua’s Name, amen.

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