Sid: Hello, Sid Roth here with David Herzog and David,
we were talking about portals, so the rarefied air of heaven
can come in our lives, breathe in our situations,
and if God is in our situations you don’t have
to worry about anything.
Now these portals are used for good obviously, but evil
uses portals too, in fact you went into a New Age health
food store and tell me about your experience there.

David: Sure, well actually it was just a health food store
but in my town you know, everything is…

Sid: Sedona.

David: Yeah, so that explains it.
And so I went to get a sandwich you know,
and I go ever there and the girl goes, “Oh you haven’t
been here in a while, where have you been?”
So I tell her about Peru and our outreaches and the
miracles and then I said to her, “How was your week?”
And she tells me, “Oh it was quite interesting, I gravitated
yesterday a couple of feet off the ground,” she tells me.
Now normal reaction would be what, so I reacted this way,
“How high did you get, three feet?”
She goes yeah.
I go how did you do that.
Se goes well I invited ten thousand Buddha’s
to come inside me.
I said it took ten thousand Buddha’s
and you only got three feet?
I said that is some low level power.
And she said well what do you mean and I said it took
ten thousand just to come a couple of feet off the ground,
that’s too bad, you had to have, I said you know what,
they are not real Buddha’s, they were deceiving you.
Those were demons.
She goes really, I go do they have little bellies?
Did they have little bellies like Buddha bellies,
and she goes no, and she goes maybe you are right
maybe they were tricking me, she said I felt
very uncomfortable during the whole thing.
I said well if you have ten thousand demons come in your
body you are not going to fee too good that day.
And then, but you know talking in love to her and then I
said to her, “But you know Jesus, he’s great.”
She goes oh I love Jesus he is always my friend and,
you know they love Jesus and Buddha and whatever.
And I said, “That’s great but he died for you
and rose from the dead.”
She goes oh I can relate I rose form the dead too.
I said really, so this is my town you know,
and I said you really – she goes yes I was clinically
dead in the hospital, Jesus appeared to me and
I rose from the dead in the hospital.

Sid: Really?

David: but she didn’t have a believer to explain to her the
salvation experience so she is studying to be a psychic
because she wants to help people, so then she said but
during the Buddha experience, the fake Buddha’s when
she was levitating, after she came beck down Jesus
appeared to her which he often does and took her
to a place called the Kingdom of Heaven.
And she said for some reason I could not get in.
And the voice came and said,
“No man comes to the father but through me.”
And I said you know I can tell you what that dream meant.
He is jealous, he has been following since he rose you
from the dead, he has been visiting you off and on even
though you have been having demonic encounters and he
is so jealous he want to be the only God, the only Lover,
he is jealous because you have all these other lovers,
Buddha and all the other, He is the only God and he loves
you and he has saved you, and she starts to weep and to
cry, she says yes I know he has always been there for me,
he always shows up in my – and so I get to pray with her
right there, so God appeared to this woman in a New Age
place, seeking God, there are a lot of people in the occult
or the New Age just, they don’t know.
They are just looking for something that satisfies.

Sid: they have a hunger for God.

David: Yeah.

Sid: They are literally desperate for God.

David: Oh yes and wide open.

Sid: and you know what, the counterfeits
looks really good until you see the authentic.

David: Exactly.

Sid: That’s what you were doing you were
presenting the authentic.
Now what intrigues is your book says there are certain
places or certain dates that there is just free passage from
heaven to earth, tell me about that.

David: Yeah on the earth there are geographical portals
that are already opened, that if you go there you are
already under an open heaven, like for instance the
obvious, Jerusalem, Israel, Bethel, you go to places in
Israel where you walk in and instantly you are in like the
presence of God, because something is open, like Bethel,
it says in the Bible this is the gate of heaven.
So it talks about a gate that is already open.

Sid: Well you know what that must be why
there is such a struggle over Jerusalem.

David: Exactly because it is the biggest portal I believe in
the whole world, you have the religious spirit thing going
on, but when you pray in Jerusalem and you break through
into the glory, the glory is even stronger than anything that
you can imagine, I get visited by God so much more when
I go to Israel than anywhere else on the earth.

Sid: Well besides places, you have found
that there are specific dates.

David: Oh yeah, I call them seasonal portals, there are
seasons in time where the portals open up and God gives a
clue in the Bible, he said I will visit my people during
these specific times, they call them feasts,
or I call them divine rendezvous with God.
One of them is the Feast of Tabernacles, Pentecost,
Passover, people miss it because they don’t realize,
they think oh that is legalism, or that’s just the old days,
but God never changes.

Sid: So here is the deal, these are portals,
in which God promises to show up.
Now you have had some experiences with these portals,
in Israel, in the Upper Room, on what was it, Shavuot?

David: Yeah.

Sid: On Pentecost, I want to find out about that and I also
want to find out about some of the end time thing that
David has found out that are just mind blowing,
don’t go away because I also believe you are about ready
to have an encounter with the presence of God and in his
presence all things are possible, all

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