SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Steve Solomon. Steve becomes a pastor, a nice deal. All of a sudden his church springs a leak, oil all over the place, what happened, Steve?

STEVE: Okay, it was the end of June, 2005, and I get a phone call. On Tuesday’s we feed almost 300 families every Tuesday, we give them free groceries, so Tuesday is food ministry, Feed the Multitudes Day. So the, we have some ladies that want to pray in the sanctuary before that takes place, and so they are praying and they wanted to pray for me and so they were looking for some oil, like a bottle of oil, they couldn’t find any and one of the ladies yells out in the back, “I found the oil.” And want had happened on the columns of the church oil was seeping out of the columns, and the more they looked clear oil, the oil started appearing everywhere in the sanctuary. They called me at home and said Pastor Steve, here is oil leaking in the church.  Well my first thought was something broke and it was leaking you know out of the wall.

SID: Of course, that’s what I would think.

STEVE: Oh great, this is terrific; we have got to fix something else. And they said no, no, no, no, nothing broke, it is clear oil from the Lord, it is just appearing everywhere. So we came down and sure enough there was oil in the church, just a few days before we were going to start some extended meetings, July 4th meetings for freedom and liberty in the Spirit. And so it happened, and it stayed with us for months and months and months, just phenomenal.

SID: The newspaper covered this.

STEVE: Yeah and channel, the local CBS affiliate came out and did a story on that and when people started taking pictures of the oil, these white orbs of light showed up in all different kind of cameras, film cameras, you know, phone cameras, cell phone cameras, digital cameras.

SID: Now you are sure this wasn’t a leak of some sort?

STEVE: No, we had it checked out, it was everywhere, it would show up on people’s hands, on their feet, on my forehead, on the pulpit. It started on the Israeli flag first and then went to the US flag.

SID: Oh course to the Jew first.

STEVE: To the Jew first so it started, it was there, it was everywhere. And then we would have these meetings and the cleaning crew would say should we wipe it off like you know it is some sacred thing. I said yeah wipe it off, just clean it up and see what happens, and the next night it would show up again. It was just like raining.

SID: Were many people healed from this oil?

STEVE: You know there was a dramatic increase, I remember one guy came in, someone in the church you know found him and you know on the street somewhere, I mean the guy had a car and was a truck driver, he was about to lose his license because his knee was going bad and he was blind in one eye, he still had a license, I don’t know how he did that, but he was blind in one eye and he could barely walk and they brought him to church that day, eye opened up, his knee was healed totally, and he was instantly healed. People all kind of diseases and sicknesses, one lady, she is still in the church, she had an intestinal cancer and prayed for her she went back to her doctor and it was totally gone.

SID: But healing isn’t part of your DNA, you had a trance vision once, tell me about that.

STEVE: Yeah, it was right after I was saved, it was like early 1975 and I would go out, I had like a prayer room in the garage and I would go out there and pray, and a lot of times I would go out there and pray and fall asleep. I don’t’ know if that ever happened to you or not?

SID: Never.

STEVE: I didn’t think so.

SID: I can’t tell a lie, once in a while.

STEVE: Well I’d come in from the prayer room and I would have like this you know, saliva dripping, a nd creases on your face, and my wife would say I see you have really been seeking the Lord. I would say oh yeah, I was laying before the Lord. This one time I did fall asleep but I went into a trance and Jesus was standing to my right and we were in this meeting room, it was more like an auditorium instead of a church building, and I remember the people in this vision were like the late 1940’s, early 1950’s, and a healing meeting was going on, praying for the sick and Jesus was standing to my right and he spoke to me in an audible voice, this was about the third time I had heard his audible voice, and he said stretch forth thine hand to heal the sick. And I immediately woke up and I felt like this fire was just all over my body and I had heard him and I was in this thing and just said Lord if is you I need a scripture. And he spoke to me Deuteronomy 2:12 I believe it is if I am not mistaken and it says “For I have blessed all the works of thine hand and it is the same thing he said, stretch forth thine hand, and I said Lord give me one more scripture and I will really believe it, he said Exodus 19:5 “thou shalt obey my voice indeed,” and so I took it as a sign from the Lord to start praying for the sick back in 1975.

SID: And you have seen many miracles, you also have a radio show called “Praise in the Night,” some of the loneliest people in the world listen to your show. Tell me one supernatural experience.

STEVE: There was a Muslim lady in Dallas who was driving around wanting to commit suicide and listening to the radio, excuse me, she wasn’t listening, as she was getting ready to turn the car on and put a hose, she found a place to park, and was going to do that, she turned the radio on as a lot of people do, and at the moment she turned it on I said “go home now, turn your car around and go home.” She thought it was for her, she turned her car around, she went home and she continued listening, she prayed and Jesus came into her life, and she is a Spirit-filled Christian now, she is not a Muslim anymore. I have got one more if I have five seconds, a young man, a teenager in Lewisville, Texas, was getting ready to take his life, he had a gun in his hand, the alarm clock radio went off and he has never heard Praise Night, never listened to that radio station, KBDT in Dallas, the alarm clock radio went off at the same moment that I happened to be exhorting people that if you think you want to give up on life don’t kill yourself, if you are suicidal tonight let’s call on the name of the Lord together, he put the gum down, picked up the phone and called Praise in the Night and was saved.

SID: Well you know the most important thing you can do is those two questions that Steve prayed. He says to this day he doesn’t even know why he prayed it; the first question is “God are you real?” Is that a fair question? I think that is a fair question. The second question he prayed is, “Is Jesus Christ who he says he is?” Let’s pray that right now, out loud. Pray that, “God are you real?” Just say it right now, out loud. “God are you real?” And then that second question, “Is Jesus Christ who he says he is?” Say that out loud, “Is Jesus Christ who he says he is?” And I pray in Yeshua’s name that the Spirit of the Living God will descend upon you and reveal all truth to you. Because that is his job, I literally felt an angel touch me on the head and I believe that that angel is touching many of you, touching many of you right now, an angel of healing has just touched your back and spine, has God shown you anything?

STEVE: That there are people who are hungry for something in this life right now, people who are desperate, people who blame themselves for all their problems, and this healing is for the glory of God, this deliverance is for the glory of God, don’t give up. That the Son of God is all you need and he is here right now to heal you and touch you and save you.

SID: You know, my Jewish mother used to always say, “I don’t believe in this Jesus, but Jesus made my son a mentsh, that’s a Hebrew word, a Yiddish word, it says a “good human.” And then Jesus made my mom a mentsh and my dad a mentsh, and my whole Jewish family a mentsh. And you know what, I think God wants to make you a mentsh, pray to God to show you the truth about Yeshua; that is Hebrew for Jesus, do it now, right now.

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