TVBackground_FossSHOW520SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Steve Foss. I hope you’re enjoying this interview as much as I am. Steve, what is God’s definition of biblical prosperity?

STEVE: I believe biblical prosperity is that you have everything you need to be most effective to fulfill God’s purpose for your life, and enough to be a blessing to somebody else. It doesn’t mean everybody needs to drive a Rolls Royce and have a mansion. It’s what you need to be most effective. It’s not what you need just to barely survive. See, some people think, well all I need I pray for is God, just put a little roof over my head and a little clothes on my back, a little food in my stomach. But that’s actually a selfish prayer, because said we’re to feed the hungry and clothe the naked, and show hospitality to strangers. We have to have enough to fulfill what God has for us to do most effectively, and enough to be a blessing to somebody else.

SID: And as you explained, it’s following the principles that God has outlined.

STEVE: You know, God gave me this incredible revelation, but told me to do this series, Sid, two weeks before the September economic collapse. He said, “Fill this and do this, this DVD series, do this right now, and lay these principles out.” Because when we get the principles that are laid out in here, the floodgates of Heaven are opened wide. It’s automatic. We don’t have to beg God for the finances. We don’t have to beg God for the supernatural provision. It begins to flow.

SID: You know something that I learned, that I never realized, there really is not a shortage.

STEVE: There is no lack in the world today. There really is not. It is a great deception, because everything, God, think about this. God knew how many people were going live on this planet. God knew what we were going to need resource-wise for energy and everything. Don’t you think God preplanned to put it in the earth what was needed? Of course, He has. There’s enough wealth on the planet right now for every man, woman, boy and girl, each to have over $12 million.

SID: That is so phenomenal. Say that again, Steve.

STEVE: I’ve got five in my family.

SID: How much?

STEVE: Twelve million dollars. There’s five in my family. My share is 60 million. You know, there is enough. We have the ability to grow enough crops. There is enough oil. There is enough energy. There is enough resources. But there is, because of sin, because of hording, because of control, because of political things that go on, and economic things that go on, there becomes shortages that are not real shortages. And shortages are used to drive up prices, to people in bondage. Don’t you remember in the 1970s we had run out of oil?

SID: I remember the lines.

STEVE: I remember the gas lines. And in the early 1980s, I remember the gas lines, sitting in line, only getting gas every other day. Well how is it that 30, 40 years later, we’re not having those lines now? It’s because it was not a real thing.

SID: It’s contrived.

STEVE: It’s contrived. There is enough wealth and resources on this planet. But God has planned for that to be in the hands of His people for the entire purposes.

SID: And I love the way you teach on supernatural provision. Give me an example.

STEVE: Well there’s this lady, a dear, precious lady. She was in her 80s at the time. Had never even graduated high school. I think only got to sixth grade or something. And God would give her dreams. And in these dreams, she would dream chemical formulas. So she would wake up, never taking chemistry, and write down all the symbols that she saw. Then she took them to a chemist.

SID: She never took any advanced courses?

STEVE: Never took any advance math, any advance chemistry. Didn’t even know what these symbols meant. Took them to a chemist. The first one she took turned out to be this wonderful formula, chemical formula, that they had said was awesome. They patented it and sold the rights to her for $60,000. But then she came up with another one that was an additive, a fuel additive, and she was offered millions and millions of dollars by OPEC countries, because they didn’t want it to be released out there. God gave her supernatural ideas, supernatural creative ideas. And that’s what God is gonna do for us. We are not bound to the economic ups and downs of this society and of this life.

SID: So whatever happens to the economy, we can prosper.

STEVE: Yes. We can prosper. There’s always people who prosper in any economy. Well it should be the children of God. God has promised if we follow the principles, yes tithing, yes sowing seeds. But it’s more than that. It’s the value we place on money. It’s the position we put it. Are we operating on the world system of debt and borrowing, and leverage, or are we operating under God’s system? And so once we get these things right, the windows of Heaven open up, the prosperity of God flows. And I’m living proof. I went from total debt of well over $350,000, including my mortgage, to 100 percent debt-free, including my house, paid for. We buy nothing on debt. Everything is paid for in cash.

SID: Steve, I am reminded, and you’ve been in awe of the supernatural wisdom that was downloaded to him in a vision. Tell me briefly about that.

STEVE: Well I had this encounter. I was reading the scriptures, Ephesians, 117:18-19. A spirit of wisdom and revelation of insight, the mysteries and secrets and deep into the knowledge of God. I kept over and over, and over this, waves were coming over me, when all of a sudden, I was talking to my roommate about it, and I kept be coming overwhelmed. And finally, I saw the scripture floating in the air. And I saw, not from behind or in front, but within the very words themselves, the visible glory of God. And I collapsed to my knees and I started crying, “I see it! I see it!” And God said, “Through my word, you’ll see me, the impartation of wisdom, supernatural wisdom and revelation.” And this thing when God spoke to me, He said, “That which I’ve given you,” because as I’ve said, I’ve traveled the nations of the world, minister to millions around the world. They’ve asked me from such a young age, they said, “Where did you get this wisdom from?” I said, “It’s from the supernatural encounter from God.” But the Lord spoke to me. He said, “I want you to pray this for my people, this impartation.”

SID: Would you convey this impartation right now?

STEVE: Absolutely. Absolutely. You need it right now. Father, in the name of Jesus, just lift your hands to receive this. Father, in the name of Jesus, I release the spirit of wisdom and revelation of insight into mysteries and secrets in the deep and intimate knowledge of you, by having the eyes of their understanding flooded with the light of the knowledge of the glory of God. God, reveal yourself to them. Let that wisdom come up upon them right now, in Jesus’ name. In Jesus’ name. And you know, I believe, I know we have to have this wisdom right now. We’re going to receive this wisdom. God is gonna give you ideas. He’s gonna show you where you’re doing your finances wrong. That’s why this series is so important. He’s gonna show them where they’re not lined up with the principles of God, where they can get it right, so that the floodgates of Heaven can open wide for supernatural provision, irregardless of what’s happening in the economy.

SID: Is there going to be a great wealth transfer at this moment in history?

STEVE: Absolutely. Absolutely. In fact, it is gonna be so overwhelming, so shocking, that the powers, because there are powers that be behind the scenes right now, God has shown me, that are trying to manipulate this world economy, in this crisis, to actually transfer the wealth to themselves. But God’s gonna come in and flip that on its head, and there’s gonna be an unbelievable, unprecedented wealth transfer into the hands of God’s people who have the principles right. And the reason that’s important, because if you don’t have the principles right, it’s just gonna flood right out like holes in your pockets.

SID: Do you remember Steve did one thing that opened up the floodgates of Heaven. He admitted he was wrong. And that’s the first step to having intimacy with God. Everyone wants intimacy with God. Not everyone is after religion and tradition. But everyone wants intimacy with God. Everyone has a void inside of them that they can’t get enough love from things and people, and events. It only comes from God. And God wants to transfer His love to you right now. If you admit to God you have made mistakes and say, “I’m sorry,” some of you have made financial mistakes, some of you made moral mistakes, every mistake you’ve ever made, tell God you’re sorry for. You don’t have to numerate them. He knows what they are. You know what they are. And believe that the blood of Jesus the Messiah is enough to wash them all away. And then believe the Creator of the universe wants to take up residence inside of you, Messiah in you, the hope of glory. Never lose sight of that. God lives inside of you if by your mouth you make Him your Lord. Do it now.

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