Sid Roth Welcomes Kathie Walters

SID: Hello, Sid Roth here, and let me tell you, it’s very difficult to do this particular show with Kathie Walters, because, not only does she laugh in the Spirit, the Spirit of God gives her a spirit of laughter, but it’s kind of contagious. But you know what? Even medical science has found out that laughter, if someone has cancer, laughter will release certain things in the body, and they tell people with cancer to just watch comedies so they’ll laugh. How much more if you laugh by the Holy Spirit? You think that’s something? Ok, I’m going to really stretch you now. For over three weeks, every day, just like someone for over three weeks may go to work every day, Kathie Walters goes to heaven every day! Kathie! At one time, you were a nice, normal, refined,
dignified, went to Westminster Chapel, had a top expositor, preaching the gospel, and you were normal.

KATHIE: Very British.

SID ROTH: Very British. What is that glitter all over your face?

KATHIE: It just comes when I get under the anointing. I get, like honey…

SID: That’s not perfume?

KATHIE: No, but it’s not on this hand.

SID ROTH: Let me tell you, it does smell like honey. What does that honey mean?

KATHIE: Well an angel came to my house one time, and he gave me a spoonful of honey, and for three and a half hours, I was lifted up in the spirit realm. I saw the call of God come back to Wales, Ireland, Scotland. And when that stopped, when that lifted off me, the Lord said to me “I’m going to start to drop honey on the body.” I said “Honey?” And He said, “Well, the angel came back.” Sid, have you never read about Jonathan? When Jonathan ate the honey, his eyes were enlightened, so the honey represents a spirit of revelation.

SID: There’s so many things I want to talk to you about, but let’s start out with, you’re a nice normal person, engaged to a nice normal man, and all of a sudden, you find yourself leaving the country, going to Australia, and you get involved with some mafia-type people. But what in the world changed you 360 degrees from being a party girl with the mafia-type people? What changed you?

KATHIE: Well when I was in my… In England they say “heavy jelly”, that means deep doctrine, fundamentalist. We had all this…

SID: Heavy jelly.

KATHIE: Yes, that’s what they call you, heavy jelly. So I had all this theology, wonderful theology in one sense, but it was all up here, so I ran away. I ran away to Australia and backslid really, really bad. Got engaged to someone in the mafia, because I broke off the engagement with David, and I was just having a good time. Not everyone in the world is in the gutter on drugs. I was having a good time, I was enjoying myself, I was having a ball, in a sense. But after two years one day, an anointing fell on me. Because I’d never heard of the anointing, I didn’t know what the anointing was.

SID: So the presence of God, tangible…

KATHIE: The presence of God fell on me, yeah, and all I could hear was, I don’t know if you know that old English hymn, I could hear these angels singing “Oh Love That Will Not Let Me Go”.

SID: I’ll tell you what excites me much more than the song is you said you heard the angels singing?

KATHIE: Yeah, I heard angels singing.

SID: So the presence of God comes on you, angels are singing, so what’s going on with your mafia boyfriend?

KATHIE: What happened was the people I was with, I just started weeping and crying.

SID: Did they want to lock you up or what?

KATHIE: No, they put me in a cab, sent me home. I spent the rest of the day trying to get right with God, best as I knew how, and I had a vision of Jesus on a white horse, but I didn’t believe in visions.

SID: But you had one?

KATHIE: But I had one. Because I was always taught that wasn’t for today that was for the early church. But I had this vision, and because the anointing on me was so strong, everyone I spoke to got saved. And in one sense…

SID: What did your mafia friends think about that?

KATHIE: Well I’ll tell you what happened. Everyone I spoke to got saved, and then I thought, “Well what am I going to do now?” because you don’t just say “I don’t think I’ll do this anymore.” And I realized that I was in a fix, because, what am I going to say? Well I couldn’t keep engaged to this guy, you know. So I said, “Lord, help me!” Because sometimes you have to say that.

SID: I know.

KATHIE: So anyway, the next day the guy ran into my apartment, he said “I’ll deal with you later”, because he knew I was talking to all kinds of different people, and he went to the kitchen, got a gun out of the drawer, and then he rushed past. I thought he was going to kill me, but he rushed past me, ran out of the apartment, and I never saw him again. So I thought “I’d better get going while the going’s good,” and I went back to London and married David.

SID: And then you went back to your normal, nice…

KATHIE: No, no, no.

SID: No? What happened?

KATHIE: Because I had that vision and I felt the anointing, I knew obviously there’s something else. So we were with a real worldly group of people, actors, movie directors, chorus girls, people like that. So we started to have a prayer meeting to pray for something. Most people have done that sometime. You’re not quite sure what it is, but something, there’s going to be something. So we started to pray for something, and I guess I can say this on TV, but this is where we were at. Like I said, we were a very worldly bunch of people, we would arrange to start this prayer meeting in time to stop the prayer meeting in time to have a glass of whiskey and a cigarette and watch a horror movie.

SID: So you were a normal Christian back then, ok.

KATHIE: Yeah, but I’ve had some experiences, I knew there was something more. So God showed up anyway. God just showed up and zapped us. We got filled with the Holy Ghost.

SID: Listen, Kathie was normal-by-normal standards, but she was abnormal by the Truth Book, or the Bible standards. She was abnormal. She walked into what is normal relationship with God
that will astound you.

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