Sid Roth welcomes Craig Hill

SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Craig Hill. We are talking about a subject that most of you are thinking about, it is possessing a lot of your thought; it has got to do with money. And we have come in just four generations to a debt society, four generations ago, Craig, if someone wanted a house they didn’t go to the bank and float a quarter of a million dollar mortgage; they just built their house.

CRAIG: Well that’s right, and they had help from family members, there wad generational blessing four generations ago where people’s grandparents and parents would help them, that is how they built a house. We have created a society where every generation stands on its own. You know I was reading a Bible verse just a few years ago from Matthew chapter five verse five, it said, “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the land.” And I had always thought that applies to the sweet by and by somewhere you know, and what does meekness mean. I found a very interesting definition of meek.

SID: Now when I think of meekness that was one of the adjectives for Moses, he was a meek man.

CRAIG: Yeah, he was a meek man. Also Yeshua was a meek man and I found this definition
that was interesting, it was not weak, but having great resource or power and using very little of it. So the meek person, why was Yeshua meek? He said I could call down myriads of angels, tens of thousands of angels, did he ever do it? No, he used a very small percentage of the power that was actually available to him. We find in this society the anti-meek society, meaning most people are using much more of everything than capacity that is even available. You look at how people use their time in our society, they are not meek, you know people are always trying to run at 150 percent capacity.

SID: So what is the opposite of meekness?

CRAIG: So if meekness is having great capacity and using a percentage, the opposite is having limited capacity and using more than a hundred percent, which is the definition of debt.

SID: It is kind of like, I know we are not here, but we are headed here, people are getting mortgages that are worth more than their house, their house is going down, some of these mortgages are called arms, which means they keep pace with inflation and interest keeps going up. With your background in economics and with speaking to thousands of people about money, what do you foresee in the future of the United States?

CRAIG: Well I think we are going to see even in this year and in the next few years housing values come down.

SID: We are seeing that now.

CRAIG: And that is happening already right now, I think the country is probably headed toward recession, people don’t like to think that or say that, but everything cycles and so it is really foolish to believe that you are going to avoid cycles, everything just goes up, up, up and never goes down. The problem in our society is because people are not meek, you know when I began thinking about that, the last part of that scripture, it says two things will happen, meek people will be blessed and they will inherit the land. What happens to indebted people? They will not be blessed and they will not inherit the land. And you know I thought about our great depression in the 1930’s here in the United States, what we saw was that a lot of people lost houses, farms, land,
and all kinds of things.

SID: And then committed suicide.

CRAIG: Right, now who got those things? Well, the meek people. People that had a little bit of cash.

SID: so what you are talking about is the great wealth transfer that I have heard about for decades, I have heard for decades get out of debt, I mean by the Spirit of God this is a now word, get out of debt. But Craig is it too late? Things are starting to tumble.

CRAIG: Now would be a critical time to begin to move, many people may have heard even that prophetic word, “Get out of debt,” and done nothing about it. they are still in that place where they haven’t moved, haven’t done anything and if you look at what happened in the 1930’s there was a huge transfer of wealth at that time from the indebted to the meek, or those that had a little bit of cash. I believe the same thing we will see in the next few years right here in the United States, a huge wealth transfer and it will go from the indebted to the meek.

SID: What if, I am just kind of speculating, what if property goes down lower than even you or I comprehend? Maybe five cents on the dollar, what would happen with someone that was out of debt, they kept their property, had some savings, they could purchase cities.

CRAIG: Same thing that happened in the 1930’s. There were some people that lost a lot of things, but some people inherited the land so to speak, exactly as the scripture said. So a person that has a little bit of cash and is not in debt will be able to purchase things for ten, twenty, thirty cents on the dollar.

SID: There are people listening to us they say Craig if you knew the debt that I am in right now I just can’t do anything except maybe go bankrupt. What would you say to them?

CRAIG: I would say that there is nobody that, first of all that person needs something supernatural to happen, not just natural, but we have seen that happen so many times, time and time again. What I would really say to them Sid, is that person gets paralyzed by focusing on what they don’t have and what they can’t do, a paradigm shift needs to take place.

SID: You’re right, that is what is going on with you right now, you are paralyzed because you are just thinking all these negatives, but there is something supernatural, now my experience has been if I would at least take a step, I’ll bump into God. Crag: Yes, that’s right, and we have found that when people that are paralyzed take a step, start looking at what they do have and what they can do we have found an amazing thing that if people just take five percent of their income and begin to apply it to debt, there isn’t anybody that can’t eradicate a hundred percent of their debt actually naturally in ten years.

SID: That is without supernatural help.

CRAIG: That’s naturally, but what you said is true, when people begin to take a small step toward God and doing natural things we have found time and time again he does supernatural things. I know one man in Mexico that was in that kind of a…

SID: I’ll tell you what, hold that thought and I want to find out about oil in Israel, yes you heard me, oil in Israel. Don’t go away, we will be right back after this word.

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