SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Craig Hill. Craig before the break you were talking about a supernatural thing that happened to one of the people that attended your seminar in Mexico.

CRAIG: Yeah we had a man from Mexico come to Houston, Texas to go to a seminar, he was a cattle rancher in Mexico, and he understood that he needed something supernatural, his ranch was going under, he couldn’t make the payments, he was deeply in debt and he went to the seminar and realized just what we were talking about before the break, that God could do something, so he prayed and said, “God what do you want me to do?” He very clearly heard the Spirit of God say, “Sell your cows.” But he said, “God that’s how I make a living.” “No, sell your cows.” So he sold his cows. Well it turned out he hit just the peak of the market, got the top price for his cows, but he said, “Now I have no way to make an income, God, what do I do now?” He heard the Spirit of God say, “Buy sheep.” So he took the money and went out and bought sheep. And God gave him a supernatural idea how to breed those sheep into trophy big horned rams that people
come from the United States and pay twenty-five thousand dollars per head to hunt in Mexico.

SID: That is where the supernatural kicked in.

CRAIG: He would have never thought in his wildest dreams, had that thought, “Sell cows, buy sheep.”

SID: All right, speaking of hearing something what would happen if you just turned your television on and you go to a telethon of some sort, and someone says, “Within the next twenty minutes there is a window of opportunity for you, everyone that gives money will get a hundred fold return.” What is wrong with that picture?

CRAIG: I think the primary thing wrong with it is a lot of times we find people are using God and using his principles to get money. The problem with that is the goal there is, “I need money, I am going to, I need to do whatever I need to do to get money.” And I think the truth of the matter is we don’t need money we need relationship with God. Money is a tool, not an end, so God is the end.

SID: How did it get so, I am going to say it for what it is, perverted?

CRAIG: Yeah.

SID: I mean I believe in sowing and reaping, I believe in giving to Godly things, but there is something wrong with the motive, that’s the word.

CRAIG: You know I think it is that spirit of mammon that we were talking about before, impacts peoples minds and emotions and they don’t realize it. People become desperate and then they begin to look at using God as a tool to get money rather than using money as a tool to serve God. Those are really opposites.

SID: By the way Craig, speaking of meekness, I think it is, I have met your mother and father and I see a lot of their, that you got some wonderful principles, but your dad went to Israel, tell us what happened?

CRAIG: Well he actually went on a tour of Israel in 1978, 79 and heard the audible voice of God supernaturally speak to him on top of Mount Carmel and said, “Come here to work.” He thought well what does that mean, well his profession was that of being a petroleum geologist so he got some maps and began to study the area and he felt like what God was asking him to do was to drill a well in that very place where he heard the voice of God.

SID: So did he just start a public company and raise millions of dollars and pour it down in the drains?

CRAIG: No, actually there was a whole series of supernatural events that happened before that whereby God gave him an ability to generate income through oil and gas, and actually gave him just literally gave him a cash flow, and said, “I want you to use this to drill oil in Israel.”

SID: So he used his own money?

CRAIG: He used the money that God gave him, that’s right, that was his money, and he felt like the Lord said, “I don’t want you to raise money publicly, I don’t want you to take money from other investors because I want you to be able to be fully obedient to my voice and do what I am telling you to do , if you have a bunch of investors you are going to have to do what the investors tell you to do, you are not going to be able to do what I tell you to do.”

SID: So he invested approximately how much money in his wells?

CRAIG: About seven million dollars.

SID: Get that, seven million dollars and one day God spoke to him again just as he was, according to his charts, ready to hit oil, what did God say?

CRAIG: He had just another couple thousand feet to drill, and the Lord said to him, “Stop, now is not the time for Israel to have oil and I want you to stop and go no further.” And that was the hardest decision he said in his life to make was to obey the voice of God. Everything within him wanted to go out and find investors, find a way to continue this project. And you know the interesting thing was there was another man that was drilling a well in Israel at a similar time, spent, did have investors and could not stop because of the investors, I think spent over twenty, twenty-five million dollars and lost the hole and never did accomplish his objective. And it was just a matter of obedience to the Lord that now is not the time.

SID: Craig, there are people watching us right now and their marriage is in jeopardy, they are fighting, fighting, fighting over money, they are desperate over money. Craig would you talk to them right now and tell them there is hope.

CRAIG: Yes, I want to tell you there really is hope there is something you can do. As we said before, God is a supernatural God, and if you will take small steps toward him, he will take giant steps toward you. I would like to just pray for you right now. As a matter of fact I want you to just close your eyes and listen to my voice, “Father I pray for that woman who is listening right now saying my husband will never change, Father I thank you that he will change, that you will do something supernatural in his life today. Father for the couple that is just desperate, going down the drain, about to have their house taken away, how are we going to make it? Father I pray for a supernatural event to take place just today. And I want to ask you that are listening right now would you just speak these words with me, Lord God, I need help, I can’t help myself, I give my life to you, I want you to do what only you can do, and I ask you to forgive my sin, by the blood of Yeshua Hamashia, Jesus the Messiah, and change my life, I give my life back to you, amen.

SID: Craig, briefly, we are making your seminar available in book form, Wealth, Riches and Money, God way to tapping the supernatural, but briefly explain this CD, it is powerful, Sparrow Faith.

CRAIG: Sparrow faith I got from again, a very simple scripture in Matthew chapter six, verse twenty-six where Jesus gave his definition or his way of provision, how we are provided for, and he said, “Look at the birds of the air, or the sparrow,” and he said, “they neither sow nor reap not gather into barns, but yet your heavenly Father loves them and takes care of them, and does God your Father not love you much more than these?” And I have found that most people don’t have as much faith as the birds. The birds are at peace, they are at rest, they believe their Father loves them and people are frantically running around, how am I going to make it? What am I going to do, what needs to happen? And sparrow faith is about getting your heart open to God the Father and allowing him to impart that supernatural peace, I am going to be okay because my Father loves me and if I will just take simple natural steps my Father will take supernatural steps and provision will come to me that way.

SID: You said that things are going to get crunchy in the United States.

CRAIG: I think so.

SID: How crunchy?

CRAIG: I think in the next few years we will see something that probably most of us have not seen in our lifetime in terms of pressure, financial pressure coming on people. If you look at really the debt culture we have created, we have a huge national debt, do you know that we were not a debtor nation until after the World War Two. We have accumulated close to nine trillion dollars in debt in this nation.

SID: Isn’t that the spirit of mammon that you were talking about.

CRAIG: It is the spirit of mammon, so we have national debt, we have corporate debt, we have individual debt and it really is a very simple thing, if Johnny makes two dollars a week and Johnny spend five dollars a week, how much will Johnny have left at the end of the month? On a national level, an individual level, how long can you do that and I think it is very simple. God put a mechanism in society in the bible called Jubilee, where you have a release of debt every fifty years. We have decided in our culture we don’t need to follow these kind of antiquated Biblical principles so we have no mechanism in our culture for the release of debt. So consequently you have only one of two choices, keep printing money and devaluing the currency, we have seen it you know just in the last year, compared to the Euro our dollar has gone from something like a Euro fifteen to…

SID: What’s the other option?

CRAIG: the other option is in order to eliminate debt you end up with a recession and perhaps a depression where prices come down and down and down and down.

SID: Listen, God says, “yet once more I am going to shake this earth, and those that are not on a foundation they are going to fall.” I want to see you on a foundation and there is only one rock, there is only one foundation, and that rock, that foundation is Yeshua, Jesus, the King of the Jews, make him your Lord, now.

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