SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with John Paul Jackson. At age 30, he has a visitation from Jesus.

Jesus walks in and says… This is amazing to me, John Paul. He says to you “You will be alive in the final hour.” What do you believe that means?

JOHN: I believe that means there’s a countdown that God has, and only the Father knows. And in the process of that countdown, there are to be men and women who will herald and make various signs, declare signs, declare wonders, make the church aware of various things that are going on. “This is the Lord, this is why it’s the Lord.” And declare things that are going to happen before they happen. If you take a look at the prophecy of Joel, they would even declare signs in the heavens, signs on earth, blood, fire, vapor, smoke. Various kinds of signs and wonders that prophetic people, those who know the end before it happens, see things that are not as though they were and declare them and they come to pass.

SID: You know what I find fascinating? I had dinner with John Paul Jackson and a few other friends of mine, and there was a prophet present from a foreign country, that knew nothing about John Paul Jackson. And I was about ready to give a little introduction to the group, that John Paul Jackson is a prophet and he really has a gifting to understand dreams and to help other people understand, supernaturally, their dreams. But my wife said “No, no, let’s order first before you tell.” So I said “Ok Joy.” And so, we ordered first. And then this person to my right stood up, and you tell me… Now I heard him say that you were a prophet, I heard him say you specialize in dreams, and then a number of other things. But it must be so strong. I mean were you kind of taking aback that this stranger read your mail?

JOHN: I loved it! I called my wife and she said “Now you know how other people feel when you come into the room and tell them”, because it was such a wonderful thing that happened. What happened, Sid, is this. God, who is eternal, sees outside of time, and He sees what is going to happen to you. And He will send various men and women to you, or angels to you, or He will speak to you, He will appear to you. He makes Himself known to you to help you achieve the purpose for which He put you here on earth. Every one of us has a purpose that God put us here on earth, things that we are to accomplish. Acts chapter 2 in the Bible tells a very interesting thing, strange thing that is written there. It says this: That from one blood God put people on the face of the earth, and determined the exact time that they should be born. Determined the exact place they should live. He has a purpose for every single one of us. Many people who are watching us today don’t know that they have a purpose. They feel like “I must have blown it, something must’ve happened, my family wouldn’t have anything good happen to it.” And the reality is the Lord God knew that they would be here, and He put them here for a purpose yet to be fulfilled. And they’ve got something that they can do, and the Lord wants to talk to them.

God wants to make Himself known to them.

SID: Yeah, but there are people that are watching us right now, and they say “ok, we watch It’s Supernatural, we watch Sid, we see Sid’s guests, we see that they really hear from God, we believe. No angel’s ever come to me!” What would you say to them?

JOHN: I would say that, you know what, many people have had angelic experiences in dreams, but they don’t know, because angels can come to you in two ways in a dream. They can come to you cloaked, the Bible talks about them being veiled. And they can come to you in the full glory of heaven, and when that happens, you fall down at their feet as a dead man in the full glory of heaven. But when they come veiled, you can asked them to dinner. Like Abraham fed the Angel Of The Lord and two other angels with this theophany. Fed them, and asked them what the future was going to hold, what was going to happen. And they told him about Sodom and Gomorrah. So he didn’t fall at their feet as a dead man, he entertained them. And we are told in scripture that we can actually entertain angels without even knowing that we’re entertaining them.

SID: How did you realize that not only do you understand the supernatural language of dreams for yourself, but you can help others? How did you come to this understanding?

JOHN: I had some remarkable encounters. The Lord just said “I’m going to help you.” I think it’s one of those times where He takes the foolish things to confound the wise.

SID: Listen, when it comes to dreams, I need some help!

JOHN: You too? What the Lord did, He began to take me through dreams and scripture. He would even give me dreams to explain scriptural dreams – the symbolism in the scripture, what I call a divine logic. A logic that is higher than human logic, but when you get it, it makes so much sense.

SID: Why does He want people to understand their dreams? Everyone dreams. Why does He want us to understand it?

JOHN: Because it’s a major way of Him communicating to us. Dreams. We spend one third of our life asleep. We spend one third of our life dreaming. By the time I’m 60, I’m 56 years old right now, by the time I’m 60, I will have slept 20 years. In those 20 years, how much could God speak in that time? Well, what He does, He uses dreams to bypass our rational mind. And so, He tells us things in symbolic form that we now interpret, and with that interpretation we come to a new understanding of what God wants us to do. The great thing about it is, He gives us the symbolism.

He helps us understand the symbols. Now He may bring somebody along to help us, but He may give the interpretation in the dream. As we’re having it, He may unfold the interpretation right then and there.

SID: But you have a supernatural gift to do this, this isn’t a natural thing.

JOHN: Yes, but I think that’s why the Lord wanted me to be kind of a forerunner, to teach people things that should be common to them. Because the church has discounted, because we’ve taken a Greek mindset, an Aristotilian mindset, instead of a Hebraic mindset, we think that if it’s not logical and it’s not tangible, then it’s irrelevant to our life. So our Western culture has diminished the value of dreams, and God wants to reestablish His communication process.

SID: I believe God wants to speak to you through your dreams, but I am so fascinated by the things that John Paul Jackson knew, that came to pass – he knew them before they came to pass, and the things that God’s showing him for the future. We’ll be right back after this word. But you actually saw people become President of the United States before it happened?

JOHN: Yes.

SID: Be right back.

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