SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Mickey Robinson. Mickey, what happened from that airplane crash? When you were in the hospital, what was wrong with you?

MICKEY: I had several complications. Massive weight loss as a result of the burns and the condition I was in. I went from 170 pounds, perfect athlete, down to 90 pounds.

SID: Alright, but what were the burns? What percentage of your body? What type?

MICKEY: Third degree. Almost down to the bone.

SID: I don’t understand third degree. That means down to the bone?

MICKEY: All the epidermis, all the fat tissue, all the way into muscle. All the way down, in some places, almost to the bone. Not all of them, but severe third degree burns over a large portion of my body, and then second degree burns over other portions of my body. Brain injury, I was blind in my right eye, my nervous system in my legs, the nerves died in the front part of my legs. Both legs were nerve damaged. I had bilateral foot drop. They were withered like bird claws. They did everything they know how to do, every kind of treatment. I was so infected.

SID: So what did these top doctors say?

MICKEY: Well the doctors at the hospital I was at did everything. They were going to amputate this arm because this hand was so badly infected. But after they’d tried everything, they brought in a specialist from one of the leading hospitals…

SID: The reason you went down to 90 pounds is your digestive system.

MICKEY: A combination of things. The burns I had, in the evaporation process alone it burns 40 calories a day, and I’m not able to take any in.

SID: I don’t have to be a doctor to say you didn’t stand much of a chance.

MICKEY: No, they didn’t think from the beginning I had a chance, but they tried as hard as they could. And finally, when they exhausted all of their things, they brought in a specialist. At the end of his summary it says, “There is nothing that can be done for this young man.” And from that point on they just left me alone and gave me as much legal morphine as they could and just let nature take it’s course and let me die. At that point, I had no knowledge, as I was raised…. I never had an experience with God, nobody told me about the power of God or anything like that. But as I laid there shaking in that horrible condition in such pain, and I remember it, I was wide awake, I can remember it as if it happened this morning, my spirit, my inner man… Sid, you are a spirit, you have a soul, and you live in a body. You really are a spirit, an eternal spirit. I’m busy on the earth…

SID: Most people are just worried about their emotional side.

MICKEY: They’re worried about what they’re going to do today and next week.

SID: Yeah, and they’re missing the whole purpose of life.

MICKEY: Well there’s a wholeness of life. There’s these years which are important, but there’s something else that’s called eternity that I was about to get a view of.

SID: Did you actually die?

MICKEY: My spirit sat up in my body, and my spirit was ejected from my body. And I went into a realm I understand now to be the second heaven. And instantly, I knew. See, time was gone and I was aware of eternity, and it’s the most profound thing in the world. As long as you and I are walking around here, we’re always conscious – tick, tick, tick, – of time. You get up in the morning, you go to bed at night, we’re conscious of the physical plane. Everything is related to time. Everything in the spirit is related to eternity.
The colors in the spirit world are more colorful. Everything’s sharper. The emotions, everything. And you don’t like logic and reason. That doesn’t happen. You just know that you know. It’s like having truth automatically all the time. And I was being drawn. There was a white light out in the distance. I was being drawn to that light, and I could feel this desire to go. And as I was approaching that, I could feel something on my right side, and I look, I literally could see and feel and taste the nature of this thing that was closing, and it was black. It was blacker than black, and it was a bottomless pit without a bottom, and it was closing. And the more it closed in front of me, the more I felt the nature of it. It’s the separation of all life. There’s no experience, there’s no matter, there’s no chance of changing anything.

SID: No reversal.

MICKEY: No reversal. It’s irreversible, eternal separation. It’s more horrible and terrifying and hopeless than I can describe in any human terms. It was closing, it began to eclipse that white light. I was raised in a denomination, we went to church every day, we heard all about Jesus, but…

SID: From my notes, you were raised Catholic, but you heard about Jesus.

MICKEY: We heard all about Jesus, but it wasn’t real. I never met anybody who told me He was real. It was way back then, and I’m busy on the earth trying to get it on, be Mr. Cool, be the athlete, I worked a stock brokerage firm, and the day I graduated from high school I could do a lot of things because of my God-given talents, my looks, my abilities, and all of that. I was a skydiver. It was all temporary. I didn’t give a thought even about possibly going to Viet Nam. I was living for the pleasure of the moment, not knowing that there was something else that was going on. And now, I’m on my way to the hospital for the first time in my life, I knew this young man that could probably do a lot of things just by his own efforts, I wasn’t going to go by myself this time. I said, “God, I’m sorry. Please give me another chance.” The times they’d take me in for an operation, I’d say the same thing. I didn’t know how to pray. I just said “Please. I’m sorry. I want to live. Give me another chance.” And now I’m standing on the very edge of eternity, feeling this blackness swallowing me, knowing that if it swallows me, if that closes, if I am sealed, I’m gone for eternity. I screamed in my spirit “God, I’m sorry! I want to live. Give me another chance.” And instantly, I was standing in the presence and the throne room of Almighty God. Instantaneously, I knew I would never die for eternity. But simultaneously with that, I was bathed and baptized in the undiluted love of God the Father. I can’t say that in words that do it justice.

SID: I know, but I want to understand what you’re saying.

MICKEY: In other words, I felt God’s love not based on my merits. I felt God’s purest, most concentrated form of love. Now I didn’t see New Jerusalem, I didn’t see any angels, I didn’t see Mickey Robinson’s mansion under construction, a Holy Ghost jacuzzi over there, or whatever. Nothing. But I was standing in this… If you can imagine if you had the ability to see radiation, even though it’s invisible, but if you could see the invisible with your physical eyes, I could see this golden light, and it was flowing like a river from my left to my right. And I was standing in this. And there was golden flecks in it and it was moving. And somehow I knew and could feel that this river is alive. It was in front of me, behind me, it was underneath me, it was going right through my spirit man. And I was more alive than any comprehension that any person can have while being alive. That is because your spirit and my spirit are like a tuning fork, and we’re tuned to the vibration of God.

SID: How would you react if you had that kind of an experience, then you find yourself back in your body, and the body is as bad as it was when you left? Don’t go away, we’ll be right back.

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