SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Mickey Robinson. And how would you like to be a skydiver, the airplane crashes, you lose the sight of one eye, your legs are so withered up that the nerves are all gone, you can’t digest any food, your thinking process isn’t right, and you die? And you go to heaven, and you have an encounter with Jesus. Why did you come back, Mickey?

MICKEY: Well, the funny thing is, when I came back it was so bizarre, because I could really feel myself traveling from the third heaven, through the second heaven, through the earth’s atmosphere, and feel my spirit press into my body. And I could hear out of these ears and see the ceiling out of the eye that wasn’t blind, and I heard myself speaking in this beautiful language worshipping God. Didn’t know what it meant.

SID: The Bible talks about supernatural languages and it calls them tongues.

MICKEY: I had never heard it at that time. I was doing it, my brain said, “What the heck are you doing?”, and then it stopped. And I was surrounded by about half a dozen doctors and nurses, and they were staring at me. And I all of a sudden had the ability to read their heart, and they were scared to death. And I felt bad for them, because I was full rather than being freaked out or scared or angry, I was now filled with something I’d never experienced before. I was so full of peace. Sid, if I could put this in a bottle, I’d be the wealthiest drug dealer in the world.

SID: You talked about the thrill of skydiving. How does that compare to this rarified air
and this love of God you experienced?

MICKEY: There is no comparison. This realm is other than… One of the descriptions of the word “holy” means “other than.” This is more alive then being, more ecstatic than any type that your imagination can even stretch to. God wants us to have communion with Him, and His love is really the thing that turns us on. And I was so full to overflowing with the love of God, faith, joy… They’re all thinking this guy… They’re all scared because I had died, came back, and I’m talking in the Spirit. And these poor guys are thinking “How are we going to explain this?” And he said “If he does this again, I’m going to get the blank out of here.”

SID: Ok, listen. You can’t walk, you can’t see, you can’t think, you can’t eat, you have no future. You must’ve started to get very depressed.

MICKEY: It was the opposite. I couldn’t wait to live and get out and fulfill these promises that I had received.

SID: Yeah, but they think that you’re going to die again.

MICKEY: Yeah. Everything medically, every doctor I looked at, said I had 6 or 7 complications. Each one of them in a healthy person is fatal. And I then died. And after a while…

SID: What happened to your legs? How can you walk? I don’t understand.

MICKEY: One leg started to get healed through prayer. See, the power of God… That river that I saw in heaven, that river is now inside me. The love of God that I felt was now inside me. And that began to overcome death, and the destruction that happened to my body. Over a period of time God healed my leg. I would just talk to my legs. I’d say “Legs, move.” This one worked, this one didn’t work. And then one day I was instantly head. There’s no explanation.

SID: Why did you talk to your legs?

MICKEY: I just was kind of compelled. I never knew about the ability to heal, I just talked to my legs. Well, I would go to therapy, and physical therapy was good for me, because I wanted to get out and go skydiving again. And when I had surgery, which was twice a week, I didn’t have therapy, so I’d work out in my room. When I was working out, I’d tell my body to come back alive again.

SID: Alright, but what about your eye? You’re blind.

MICKEY: I was blind for 5 and a half years. And God restored my sight, and the doctors have no explanation.

SID: What did the specialist say about your eye when you got your vision back?

MICKEY: Well first they put a preservative cornea because my eye was going to explode three months after my operation. It was taken from a cadaver, and it looked like one giant cataract. And they sowed my eyelids together to preserve my eye so I wouldn’t just have a dead eye. And then they said they could do a transplant, but later on they said the eye was dead, it’s not going to work. You’d be robbing somebody I kept bugging the eye specialist, so after 5 and a half years he said he’d do it. During the operation, under a microscope, they took off the other cornea and put a live cornea on. The eye’s dead, not light reactive, the pupil’s wrinkled. And I just laid in bed. By then I was with my wife Barbara. I just blocked all the light out of the room and I just fasted and prayed for seven days. And when they took the bandage off, I could see. He says, “You can’t see.” I said, “I can see. Oh my God, I can see.” And they just said it’s unexplainable. It’s in the medical journal, they have no explanation of it.

SID: You are even now, gradually everything that was destroyed is coming back to life. Do you believe it’s that river you were talking about?

MICKEY: It’s the river of life. And it’s talked about in the Bible from the very beginning of the Bible to the end of the Bible. At the end of the Bible, it talks about the river goes out from the temple and touches things. Everything that it touches comes to life. I believe that there are hurting people right now that, whether their hurts, a lot of times when people hear my story, and no matter what scene it could be, in a business thing, I’ve been on other media, I’ve been in schools, I’ve been in businesses, I’ve been in colleges, and they would say, invariably, all my scars are on the inside. There’s a lot of hurts, a lot of hurting people. And one thing is God sent me back to be a messenger of hope, that in Him, there’s more than hope. There’s hope in this life and in the eternal life that’s to come.
And it’s not just in the eternal life, there’s hope in this life.

SID: Now is there any, in your opinion, I don’t want any platitude or anything, is there any hopeless situation in this life?

MICKEY: Yes, there is.

SID: What?

MICKEY: To reject all the goodness that God’s provided. Most people have been hurt or had misinformation about how to approach God, how to receive God. It is really simple.

SID: Alright, what do you do…

MICKEY: Well, for me…

SID: No, let me ask you this question now. You have a son that’s in a wheelchair. You believe all things are possible. How do you feel about him?

MICKEY: For 31 years now, the Lord’s forced me to publicly preach and tell my story and go into various arenas, and our firstborn son, we have four children, was born with cerebral palsy. He’s smart, he’s articulate, he talks, but he goes through tremendous suffering. And so it was a bit of a conflict. We didn’t ever doubt the goodness of God, and he’s a good, remarkable young man. But something happened four months ago.

SID: What’s that?

MICKEY: He started to walk. And there’s no explanation. I’m even afraid to talk about it, because it’s so awesome. We have suffered… I mean what we went through with our son Michael makes my pain look like a cakewalk. Here’s a beautiful young man who wants to live more than anybody. That’s why I say the gift of life is so important. Whatever kind of life you have right now, find a way to live it to it’s fullest. And to see him at this stage, when it was all given up for him, he started walking. And it’s just a miracle. I believe if God can have him walk, He can heal everything in his body.

SID: Listen. The river is flowing. Quickly, I want you to pray that that life go into all the death that people have right now. Right now, pray.

MICKEY: All of you that are hearing this, you heard a broken man. There’s no reason why I’m sitting here today, 38 years later, twice as long alive as I would’ve been dead, except for the real God – the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The only true God. There’s only one God. There’s lots of spirits, but there’s only one true God. If it wasn’t for God, I’m a dead man. I’m not here. But He sent me back to be a voice of life and a voice of hope, that in every situation, there is extreme love of God and intervention. He wants to intervene in your life. Whatever your problem is right now, or whatever problem you don’t think you have, if you don’t know God, believe me, you need to know the Living God. He created you for a purpose, and it’s not just to hang around this earth. It’s brief. It would’ve been 19 years, I’m 57. Whether I live to be 100 or not, it’s like that compared to eternity. What you do now, you can choose to know and love God. If you have a problem, if it’s inside, if it’s your heart, your emotions, if it’s physical, if it’s relational,
if you feel like you’re backed in a corner, the God that saved me, listen, if you want to know God like I know God, I know the real God, not some religious made-up god, the God that saved me and cause my son, 4 months ago, to start walking, wants to touch your life.

SID: Listen. I tell you a fact. The only way to know this God is to be separated from your sins, and to believe that Yeshua – that’s Hebrew for Jesus – took your sins on Himself. If you repent, tell God you’re sorry, say “Yeshua, I want to know You”, that life that’s been radiating – that river that’s been radiating from Mickey and myself, I tell you, it’s invading you, and you are whole in Jesus’ name! You’re whole! Whole! Whole! I tell you, it’s invading you, and you are whole.

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