SID: Welcome to my world where it is naturally, supernatural. My name is Sid Roth, and I have Lonnie Lane here. The thing that we share in common, we are both Jewish, and Lonnie has four generations of her Jewish family who believe Jesus is the Messiah. Every member of my immediate Jewish family believes Jesus is the Messiah, I say that is the norm, but I wanted to tell you where this great desire for the supernatural has come from, you see, before I knew the Messiah and knew the reality of the true supernatural of God, I was wandering around like a blind person, Lonnie, I remember as a young child having a conversation with myself, and this is the conservation, did you ever had a conversation with yourself?

LONNIE: All the time, that’s the way you get the best, the answers you want.

SID: Well anyway, I was home alone, my parents used to gamble and play poker, and so they were out, I was by myself, and a question popped into my mind, the question was, what happens when you die. Out of curiosity, did you ever think about this as a young Jewish woman?

LONNIE: Oh, it used to worry me all the time.

SID: Really, well good, so it wasn’t mezuzah. So this question pops in my mind, what happens when you die, I’ a very logical type person, in Judaism we believe that if we been a good Jew and lived a good life we go to a place called heaven, but no one knows a whole lot about this sort of thing, but that is kind of what we were told by our Rabbi’s, but see, I was too young, I had no idea although I came from a good orthodox Jewish background, I didn’t know such things, I was too young, and so my logical brain went with a conservation like this. “Well, when you die you cease to exist.” Then my imagination would say, Lonnie, “what would life be like if what ever is me doesn’t exist anymore?” And as a little six, seven year old, it was such an objectionable thought, I did the only intelligent thing, I blocked it from my mind until many years later. I was mentored, you know who I was mentored by? Television, and this is what television taught me, if I could have money I could be happy, now you see the gray hair, I found out money can’t buy the most important things in life, money can’t buy love, no it can’t. It can buy companionship, but it can’t buy love. Money can’t buy health, money can’t buy peace, and money can’t allow you to hear God’s voice, and money will not allow you to know for sure what is going to happen when you die, before you die. There is hope and knowing. I like knowing better, but I was taught if I became a millionaire I would be happy, so my goal Lonnie, was to be a millionaire before I was age 30, and when I reached age 29, I was married, had a child, had a good job, an account executive at a major stock brokerage house in the United Stated, I would have retired a millionaire. But I figured huh, 30, life is shot. I’m an old man at 30, and I wasn’t a millionaire, so I did something that I wasn’t happy about, not proud about, but I was very selfish, and all I cared about was me, I left my wife, I left my daughter, I left my job, and I went searching for happiness.

LONNIE: Because you didn’t make the thing?

SID: Because I knew I wouldn’t have my million dollars to be happy before age 30.

LONNIE: So you had to go look for something else to be happy about.

SID: Yeah, I had an early mid-life crisis.

LONNIE: Right.

SID: And so I got a job in another place, one of my salesmen came to me one day and said Sid, a friend of mine has just taken a New Age meditation course, and as a result he knows things that were never programmed into his mind, and I thought that sounds kind of interesting to me, I am going to take the same course he is taking as see if it works for me, because if I know things then maybe I can know things about the stock market and make a lot of money, you know I’m still thinking money.

LONNIE: You think that there is power in being able to; you have some power over your life.

SID: yeah, and so I take this course and they teach me through mental exercises how to be almost hypnotize myself, lower my brain waves, when I’m in this docile, non-combative type of state, they said invite an imaginary friend into your head, and I did this.

LONNIE: Oy vey…

SID: I know, oy vey, but listen, what did I know? You know a famous rabbi said if a blind man leads another blind man won’t they both fall into a ditch? You know, so anyway, I, they had an acid test at the end of this course, they gave me someone’s name, I had no way of knowing anything about them, just the name, and on the back of the card it said what was wrong with them, and I saw a little, I thought this isn’t going to work for me, I saw a little stick figure and I saw an “X” over this woman’s left breast and I just blurted out this woman has cancer in her left breast, and the guy looked at me and said, that’s exactly, and I knew this voice I was hearing was giving me intelligence that my mind had never had programmed, I was really happy over this, but them I got something more than I bargained for, these powers started increasing, I wasn’t even trying to do this, for instance, a man walks into my office and he said, “Sid, my partner and I have been observing you,” and I knew this guy very casually, and he said, “We have an extra office, secretary, telephone, if you ever want to go into business for yourself we’ll give it to you free.” I said this is the greatest power in the world, I was so excited over this power, I now can make my million dollars and I now can be happy, and live happily ever after, don’t go away, be right back after this word.

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