SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Lonnie Lane, two Jewish people that happened to hear God’s voice and know that Jesus is in fact the King of the Jews, the Jewish Messiah. But I didn’t always know that, I came from a good Jewish background, and Lonnie has a lot of similarity of what I’m describing, especially your brother, he was involved in the New Age, so I’m involved in this New Age, this power is growing, that businessman offers me a free office, free rent, free secretary, I mean this is wonderful, but this businessman had an agenda all of his own and I didn’t even realize it, I thought it was my power that was drawing these good things to myself, but it wasn’t. This man was one of these born-again Christians, and he heard God’s voice and God told him to offer me that office, well one day he gets really upset with me and he walks up to me and he says, “Sid, do you know you are involved in spiritual adultery?” And I said no, no, Lonnie how would you like someone to tell you that? No, I don’t know that I’m involved in spiritual adultery. And he says yeah, take a look at the Torah in Deuteronomy, 18th chapter, read it for yourself.

LONNIE: Well let me ask you a question, what did Torah mean to you at this point?

SID: It didn’t mean diddly to me.


SID: To be quite candid with you, however it did say it, it did say it was an abomination to go to psychics and fortunetellers and try to communicate with the dead, and all the things that all my Jewish friends were doing and having fun with and reading books on and watching on television and it says in the days of Moses I would have been stoned to death, so here I am.

LONNIE: so you had to deal with that.

SID: Yeah, here I am in trouble with my marriage, in trouble with my job, I left this wonderful job, just in plain, now I’m in trouble with God? Assuming there, that God is really interested in me as an individual, assuming the Torah is really from God, I don’t know any of this but just in case, Lonnie, just in case, I go into neutral gear and I say okay, I’m going to just read the Bible a little bit, find out more about my own Jewish scriptures.

LONNIE: Who was God to you at this point?

SID: God was a fire.

LONNIE: A fire?

SID: Yeah, my father told me the story of Moses and the burning bush, so God was a fire, it’s kind of hard to get close to a fire. And so I start reading the Bible, and not using this voice that I was tapped into, and got the shock of my life, this voice had a mind of it’s own, it started cursing me, and I knew, it was one of these things when I knew, I knew that it was evil, I knew that the Torah was telling me the truth, that it was an abomination to be involved in the New Age, and I can tell you, the last thing I was looking for was
Jesus, last, all I wanted to do was close this door that I had opened and that’s all I wanted, I didn’t know what to do, so I went to my parents who would have given their life for me, they couldn’t help me, they would have sent me to a psychiatrist, but what could a psychiatrist do? I’m hearing voices doctor, I didn’t have anywhere to go, and so I called my wife, my wife by the way was raised Southern Baptist, became an agnostic in college with all the atheistic professors, and then converted to orthodox Judaism when we got married, so you might say she was a Southern Baptist, agnostic, orthodox Jew, but I figured every Southern Baptist agnostic orthodox Jew knew Jesus, right? Well I called her up, we were separated, and I said Joyce, pray for me, things are bad, I wasn’t even going to tell my parents what was going on, I wasn’t going to tell my wife what was going on, for sure I wasn’t going to tell my rabbi what was going on; I had nowhere to go, and I went to bed on the worst night of my life, remember the young boy I told you about that had these thoughts about death and it was so awful to think about whatever is me not being here. It was such, life was too hard, I was one of these positive thinkers Lonnie, I was one of these people that I could not relate to someone with a mental breakdown, they were weak people, I could do anything I could set my mind to.

LONNIE: You had confidence in yourself.

SID: Yeah, but every one of us is human, and everyone of us has a breaking point, and death looked better than life, it was too hard. I just literally threw in the towel, and when I threw in the towel I prayed a two-word prayer, two words. Jesus help! Because these Christian friends told me He was stronger than this evil I had opened myself up to, and when I prayed that prayer, Jesus help, I went to bed and I honestly did not care whether I lived or died, but when I woke up the next morning that fear that was so tangible you could cut it with a knife, that, I mean the phone would ring and I would shake like that, I was so afraid, I was afraid of everything, I was afraid of death, I was afraid of life, I was afraid of everything; all that fear it was gone, it literally, it just poof, I don’t know where it went, and I knew it had to do with this Jesus, and then I heard the voice of God for the first time in my life and this is what God said, “I hate divorce, return to your wife and daughter.” And I was so grateful to God, the peace that I felt I understand when people have had experiences with God and they talk about peace, I have never, ever, it was what I was looking for my whole life, I have never, ever had any kind of peace like that before, my whole life I didn’t have peace like that, it was the most wonderful to be in God’s presence, there is nothing, nothing this earth has to compare, and so I returned to my wife and daughter and as my mother says, “I became a minch,” and my mother was so happy that the marriage was restored, but my Jewish father, that’s another story, we’ll be right back after this word, don’t go away.

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