SID: Sid Roth here with Lonnie Lane, two Jewish people that are madly in love with Jesus, Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah, when I was talking about the peace that I experienced you made an interesting observation, Lonnie.

LONNIE: It is just never circumstantial; the peace of God is unlike anything that you can obtain.

SID: It doesn’t matter what’s going on in your life, and it is not being an ostrich either, because when you are in that peace of God you are in God’s presence, so when you are in God’s presence who can come against you, what can come against you, nothing can come against you. And oh, and by the way, remember that young man that was so afraid of death, let me tell you something, this life is a blink of the eye compared to eternity that has no end, but I experienced a little of that eternity in this life, so I have no fear of death and when you have no fear of death you have no fear of anything, oh I don’t want to hurt, I would hurt just like anyone else, whether it is emotionally, or whether it’s physically, but I have such trust and faith in God, I’m never alone.

LONNIE: For people who don’t understand that what does that mean, you are going to die one day, you are physically going to die, but you know, you know that there is a whole destiny before you eternally to be with the Lord.

SID: The Jewish prophet Daniel talks about it, he, Daniel says those that are buried in the dust, some shall rise to everlasting life, that’s eternity, everlasting means it never ends, that’s eternity, some shall rise to everlasting life, and some to everlasting condemnation, meaning that whatever choice we make in this life, it affects us throughout all of eternity. Well as I said my mom, she was proud of her son, but my dad, that was another story, I want to go to a clip right now of my life-story video, where I talk about my dad.

My mother loved me and would give me the chicken soup no matter what I, I could do no wrong, no wrong, she wouldn’t believe in Jesus, but she loved me, after many years one day she looked at me and she said Sid, I’ve observed your life, your marriage, your mind, everything about you was a mess but I still loved you, but I have seen the peace that you walk in and I want that peace. My father, whom I had a very difficult relationship with before I knew the Messiah and even after, it was sort of like I betrayed everything he stood for and he was ashamed that I was a believer in the Messiah, that I was public in my, he tried to bribe me, he said I’ll give you new suits, I’ll pay for you to go to law school, I’ll do anything you want just renounce this Jesus.

Knowing first hand the power of Yeshua Sid could not give in to his father’s bribe; the feud was inflamed even more when an article in the Washington Daily News exposed his beliefs to the nation, his father was outraged. In defense of his convictions Sid appeared on healing evangelist Kathryn Kulman’s television program. After the death of his mother, father and son were forced to speak.

And he said would I go to the synagogue with him and say prayers honoring my mother, and I knew my mother was in heaven, I didn’t have to go pray those prayers, so I was about ready to say no and I felt like God said to me, “Do not do this for your mother, do this for your father,” and so I went for a year with my father every morning, we had breakfast after, to the Orthodox synagogue, and I remember the rabbi’s son said to my father, I didn’t hear this, my father told me, and he was telling someone else, I didn’t even hear this, he said you know, I don’t like what your son believes, but there are few sons that will do what your son did for you. My father was proud of me.

Near the end of his life Sid’s father became very sick, one day for no apparent reason Sid felt a tangible presence of God surround him, 24 hours a day for many days Sid experienced this special presence of God as it overflowed from his spirit, then the phone rang.

One day I got a call from my sister who is also, I might add, a Messianic Jew, and she said, “It looks bad, Dad’s in intensive care in the hospital, let’s go there.” And I went there and the doctor told me he could die at any moment and I said, “Dad, Mom is in heaven, wouldn’t you like to go to heaven too?” And he couldn’t speak at this point, his body was eaten away with cancer, and he just almost whispered, and I said, “Would you like to make Jesus your Messiah and Lord?” And he said, “Yes.”

I am so blessed, but you might say, “That’s good Sid, but what about me?” I wrote a song many years ago, used to be a songwriter, and the song was called, “There Must Be Something More.” And I remember the words; the words went like this, “Because I work, eat, sleep and that’s the way it goes, Because I work, eat, sleep and that’s the way it goes, there must be something more.” And if you are an artist like Lonnie Lane is, or a songwriter like I was, we reflect what is in our heart when we create, and that is what my heart was reaching our for, I didn’t know what the something more was, no one told me about Jesus, but I’m so grateful to God. And that is why I want you to think for yourself, I want you to know the facts, Isaiah the 53rd chapter written 800 years before Jesus came to earth, I read that to my orthodox Jewish father and my father said stop, you are
reading about Jesus, my orthodox Jewish father knew that the 53rd chapter of Isaiah described Jesus perfectly. It goes like this:

“the iniquities” – the sins, the wrongdoings

When I read that, and when I read Jeremiah 31:31 which says:

I can tell you that as a Jewish man I know God. Lonnie Lane can tell you that as a Jewish woman she knows God. I can tell you that four generations of Lonnie’s Jewish family know God. I can tell you every member, my Jewish mother, my Jewish father, my Jewish sister, my Jewish brother-in-law, my Jewish wife, my Jewish daughter, every member of my immediate Jewish family knows that Jesus is the Messiah and knows God, the question I have for you is, do you know God, I have some good news, you don’t have to be Jewish to believe in Jesus, it kind of helps, but you don’t have to be Jewish to believe in Jesus, think for yourself, ask God to show you the truth, ask the question. Ask God the question, don’t ask me the question, don’t ask your rabbi the question, don’t ask your Christian friend the question, ask God the question. That’s fair, that is fair, that is being a minch, God is Jesus the Messiah? Show me in a way I understand and I will follow you. If you, with an honest heart will ask God an honest question, He will give you an honest answer. Lonnie, a million dollars, give up Jesus.

LONNIE: Not for anything, a million or anything else.

SID: Two million, ten million?

LONNIE: Any circumstance is only right here in this world; I’ve got Jesus forever.

SID: Me too, what about you, do you have that type of a peace, do you have that type of a love, whoa, there is nothing to compare, absolutely nothing, nothing.

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