SID: So Charles is hearing voices, he’s having visions, they are all turning out to be true, he really is a prophet and he really can hear God’s voice, and then he has a vision of who his wife will be, and he goes to a meeting, he is a keynote speaker and there is a woman there that is the exact person he saw in his vision of who his wife was going to be, and Beryl, you were a politician so you were seated with the speakers and the celebrities
and he gave you a prophetic word when he first saw you, what was that word?

BERYL: Well the first thing out of his mouth was that he saw me involved in the governmental arena, and in fact he said I see you flying on the plane with the President of the United States of America, you will be flying on Air Force One, and people will ask why and God said that you are my handmaiden and I handpicked you to be with the president.

SID: And what did you think?

BERYL: I thought, that’s a false prophet.

SID: Now why didn’t you just say you are supposed to be my wife, come to your senses, what is the matter with you Charles?

CHARLES: Because you don’t use the prophetic word to manipulate people.

SID: Of course, but if, I don’t know whether I could have held that back if I would have had to.

CHARLES: I was struggling but I’m a mature prophet and I have been in the ministry for so long, the timing, if God speaks something to you the time will come to pass.

SID: Yeah, but she thinks you are a false prophet.


SID: So then how did it happen that you gave her three prophecies, explain that.

CHARLES: One, that within in two weeks that she was going to fly on the Air Force One, she received a phone call from the White House.

SID: Really?

BERYL: I did, actually within the two week period after receiving the word and me calling him a false prophet, I had a call from the White House and they said the President invites you to fly on Air Force One with him, this is the location you would meet him if you accept, and you will fly out of the country with the President and meet with the President of another country.

SID: So you immediately probably thought that this guy is a real prophet.

BERYL: Well actually at first I thought my staff was playing a joke on me because they heard about the prophecy, so I did not return the call to the White House, and after the second call they wanted to know if I was going to respond, my staff said we are not playing a joke this is very serious. So I had them contact the White House and everything was arranged and it was exactly as prophesied to me.

SID: Okay, when did you tell her that she is supposed to be your wife, or did you never?

CHARLES: No, I told her after we became friends, she was doing business for me because she is a lawyer, and God told her to do some legal things for me and then we became friends, so after a period of four, five, six months, I know one day we went for lunch, and she asked me, because Beryl is very plain, “What is your intention?”

SID: What, you know what you were interested in, marrying him, right?

BERYL: No, I was not interested in him at all, so I wanted to make sure that he understood that whatever relationship we had was truly professional and that God had only asked me to assist him legally, and most of the time when I was meeting different men, traveling around the world, I would find that they would be interested after a period of time. I wanted to insure up front that that would not be his intention because I would not agree with this at all.

SID: Okay so she tells you this good news and what do you do about it?

CHARLES: I told her that I like her, that I’m interested in her, and she told me point blank you are not my type. Why? Because you are too short. I never knew I was short until I met Beryl.

SID: Okay, so how did you get to be man and wife?

CHARLES: Eventually I told her, she was resisting but I asked her, I said, “Beryl, would you do whatever God tells you to do?” She said, “Yes.” Then I hung the phone up, she called me and said why did you ask me that question, I said three things are going to happen, you are going to have a dream, and in the dream we are going to be married, and I described the dream, you are going to be sitting on the edge of you bed and you are going to be planning our wedding, and the third things is that you are going to be driving your black Mercedes Benz and guess what, you are going to stop and be making wedding plans, every time she had

SID: Be making what?

CHARLES: Wedding plans for our wedding, so she laughed, she said wait a minute, this is never going to happen. When she had the first dream I, when she had the dream that we are getting married, early in the morning she was having breakfast I called her, I said oh last night you had a dream.

SID: Wait a second, how did you know that she had that dream last night?

CHARLES: Because prophets download information from God.

SID: That’s good enough for me, but what about you, what did you think, you are having breakfast, you are minding your own business, you had this dream and he is on the other end of the phone and he is not your type.

BERYL: Well I decided that was only one, he said three, so I was still good, there were two more things that needed to happen and I did not believe they would happen.

SID: And?

BERYL: The second, the second event occurred that he mentioned to me and he called, after the second event, by then I was crying, I said God you can’t do this to me, you said you would give me the desires of my heart, and this is not my desire, and then the third things happened and then he called again, of course, I mean I’m a wise woman, I would never call him and tell him they happened. I didn’t want this in the beginning, the third thing happened, I was prostate before the Lord in tears and God finally spoke to me and he said, “This is not about you, this is about the kingdom, this is about my work, and you are very small, a minute part of this entire picture, I just hand selected you for this because I want to use you in the gift and anointing.”

SID: And yet when you became man and wife there was something about the presence of God for the prophecy on him that jumped on you.

BERYL: Absolutely, the Bible says that two become one flesh and he explained that to me, in fact when he married me he said that I release the gift, the anointing that’s in my life upon your life, and I transfer what God has given me into your life, and that transfer was a literal transfer from heaven, because right after that everything, I began to see in the realm of the spirit, I began to hear in the realm of the spirit in ways that I had never imagined.

SID: Can you give me a specific example?

BERYL: Surely, we went to a conference, I actually had never lined people up to prophecy and probably would not, but we went to a conference and he kept telling me the gift is on you because you are a Dixon and you have to walk in the Dixon anointing. And I thought, okay, I’m a Dixon yes, but that anointing, no, and as much as I desired it, but normally he would have me call people and he would prophesy and I may give a word or two, that particular time he had me call, but when I turned around, he said, “I want you to
prophesy to the first one.” I did, he left the room and left all 15 people there standing and this was actually just a week after we married, we went to a conference, and I prophesied to every individual there, they came and testified, the pastor stood up and testified, I knew then that there had been a transfer from heaven on my life.

SID: You must have panicked a little when you saw him walking out the room.

BERYL: You know, God has a sense of humor, I sure did not see him walk out of the room, so I stood there with the mike calling for him and waiting like everyone else for him to arrive on the scene to prophesy.

SID: Now why did you walk out of the room?

CHARLES: I walked out of the room because, again she said God has got a sense of humor and I waited till she turned her back and then I disappeared, and then she began to prophesy, and she was doing good, so when she got in the middle of about the seven people, she was looking for me to prophesy, I wasn’t there, so she was in the lime light, she had no choice but to continue. God will set us up to be blessed.

SID: You know what I believe, I believe that when the two of them pray for you when we come back, that the gift of prophesy is going to start being activated in your life and he may even, or Beryl, that’s his wife, may prophesy to you, be right back after this word, don’t go away.

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