SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with David and Anita Duggan, and if you were just listening, unbelievable, biggest drug bust in the history of Mississippi and this young lady, Anita, she’s the one, you’re the culprit, it was a sting, you were setup, you are facing mucho years in prison, uh, and you want to get some clothing for your children, and in the meantime you met this guy over here, and describe the way he appeared to you back then, Anita. 

ANITA: Well, being from Miami, and being Jewish, and meeting David at first, I thought, he reminded me of Andy of Mayberry to be honest with you. He was very straight-laced, he was from a place called Merryville, Tennessee, he wore, well still he wears his shirts buttoned up to here, and as far as I was concerned, but you have to understand, everything was tainted by the drugs, because I lived in another world, he just was square. 

SID: Okay, so you jump in this car with this Andy of Mayberry, 

ANITA: Square Andy of Mayberry 

SID: and Bible, and you’re driving to, what, your parents to get some clothes? 

DAVID: Yes, we were going over to my mother’s house and Anita, having come from south Florida, did not have proper clothing, coats, for the children. So I offered to take her over to Maryville and we were going to buy some coats for the children and have a visit with my mom. 

SID: But something unexpected happened, tell me about it. 

DAVID: It certainly did, Sid, we were driving over the mountains and the road conditions were just treacherous on that day, they were covered with snow and with ice. Now I had worked for the telephone company in Gatlinburg, driven in the mountains for manDvy years, a very experienced driver but on this particular day, because of the icy conditions I lost control of our car, and it was sliding uncontrollably into the left lane with a truck coming toward us, there was nothing I could do because of the snow, and particularly the ice to change the direction of the car, so I just began to call out in a very loud voice, just cry out the name of Jesus. 

SID: Anita, when he screamed out, you saw, I guess, I mean what did you think would happen, I know it was a split second thing, but what did you think would happen. 

ANITA: Oh, I thought we were going to die. 

SID: Now you also were on drugs? 

ANITA: In order for me to get in the car with him, I went into the bathroom and smoked a joint, a big joint, and took a hit of speed, just to get in the car with him. 

SID: With a Bible thumper. 

ANITA: Yeah, okay and he’s crying out to Jesus, I mean on the top of his lungs. 

SID: Yeah, but what are you seeing? Are you seeing this truck heading toward you?   

ANITA: What I saw was the car being literally picked up off the road and being put right back down into the lane that we were supposed to be in, I mean literally.  

SID: Okay, wait a second now, the car picked up, all right, you’re the Bible thumper.  

DAVID: I am.  

SID: If what Anita said did not happen, what would have happened?  

DAVID: A collision was inevitable, and it would have  

SID: A big truck?  

DAVID: It was a big truck, the momentum of our automobile, the inertia, apart from this supernatural intervention, could not have been stopped, it would have been a head on collision, if not killed, we would have been seriously injured.  

SID: Now when you cried out the name Jesus, what do you remember after that?  

DAVID: Sid, there was an angelic intervention, the car in complete violation of all natural law, was moved from the left lane and the direction it was traveling back into the right lane and brought into a stable, drivable, controllable state, completely apart from anything I did with the steering wheel, gas petal, or brakes.  

SID: No way you imagined this?  

DAVID: No, not at all.  

ANITA: And he was calm, he was calm, I turned around and I looked at him and I said, “Did you see that, did you see that?” And I was sober that quick, I mean I became immediately straight. 

SID: Okay, what effect did this have on this Jewish girl from Miami as far as believing in Jesus?  

ANITA: Well you know they say we need a sign, and we need a miracle, we went to buy the coats, and I noticed right next door was this little Christian bookstore, and I just, I said to him, I don’t even know why I said this to be honest, I just said can we go in there I need to buy a book. I remembered all the books I threw away in the ocean, cursing God when I opened the suitcase with the kids Bibles, I threw them in the ocean and cursed God, and I wanted to get one of those books. And being Jewish I didn’t know anything about Old and New Testament, I had no idea what I was even looking at; I just knew I needed that book. So he went in there and helped me pick it out.  

SID: Okay, from that point how long did it take you to believe that Jesus is real, I mean you had to believe immediately because that’s what he prayed and you saw it thump-thump-thump-thump.  

ANITA: Yes, yes, on the way home, that trip was about an hour drive, I started thumbing through the pages, and I came to the word grace. Now being a salesman, to me, grace in a contract means, grace period,  

SID: Yeah, but that’s not what it means in the Bible.  

ANITA: No, I asked him, I said what does this mean? And he started telling me about the grace of God, and I just looked at him and I said, “Nobody can ever forgive me for what I’ve done, nobody.” Because I had broken my parents hearts, I had drug the children through that, and I knew I was contemplating suicide, and he just said to me I know someone who can do that for you, he already did it for you. And I said who, he said Jesus. And I immediately realized that that was the Messiah. 

SID: And when you asked Jesus to forgive you, and live inside of you, how long did it take you to get off of drugs? 

ANITA: It took about two and a half weeks.  

SID: Two and a half weeks?  

ANITA: Yeah, yeah, it was a miracle, it was an absolute miracle.  

SID: Okay, but speaking of miracles, remember Anita is involved in the biggest drug bust at that time in the history of Mississippi, the court case has now shifted from the state level to the federal lever, she’s facing, how many years prison?

 ANITA: Fifteen.

 SID: She’s facing fifteen years prison; don’t go away, we’ll be right back.


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