SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Robert and Linda Heidler, we are talking about the unpublished manuscript, you have never read information like this before because it takes the Biblical Feasts that’s not under bondage, not that you have to, not that it has anything to do with salvation, but it’s a cycle of life, a cycle of blessings that you, Robert, do you really believe that people can go into this cycle of blessings by observing the festivals in freedom.

ROBERT: Oh, thoroughly, because we have seen it happen. And we don’t put pressure on people to do it, but we lead them in just by showing them what God has promised. And every year as we have celebrated these, new people who have come into the church that have never celebrated them before will come up to me and say, “Why haven’t we done this before, why have we missed out on this? This is so wonderful.”

SID: You know my thought is if the first church celebrated these festivals in freedom, and there were enough blessing for them to do it, if Paul talks about running to Jerusalem for the various feasts, maybe there is a blessing that is missing. I have to tell you my recollection, like a Passover Seder, long, boring. Linda, are your services the same old, same old every year?

LINDA: Oh no, every year we ask the Lord, “What do You want us to celebrate the year?” And I don’t know that we have ever done it twice the same in a row.

SID: How do children fit into this?

LINDA: The most fun we have is with the children, for instance this year, the Feast of Trumpets we talked about the different ways that sound affects you and what the trumpet is supposed to do. We brought in sonograms, and we said this sound shows a picture, and when the trumpet sounds it will show you what is inside that God wants you to deal with. And then we moved into the days of Awe, and we said now after you see what is inside God wants to begin to speak to you about it, it’s very important to listen to God. So our children’s pastor told the children, “Now I’m going to say some very important things, everyone be quiet and listen.” And the minute she said that it was the cue for everyone else, the workers to start making noise, they turned on the TV, they turned on the CD player, they pulled out video games and all the while she is saying, “Now this is important, listen, listen.” And the point to the children was there are some things you need to get quiet and listen when God wants to talk to you so that you can deal with it.

SID: Robert, is there, have you found in the cycle of the feasts there is actually supernatural protection?

ROBERT: There is supernatural protection Sid, because built into the feasts are principles of deliverance and if you take the feasts and celebrate them, not as a ritual, but as a time to meet with God and really allow Him to do a transaction in your life, what it does is it cuts off the enemy’s access. A lot of the ways that the enemy would bring in oppression are just cut off through what takes place in the feasts.

SID: I have a question, I know you have the question, what about the Sabbath, is it Sunday or is it Saturday? If you don’t observe the Sabbath are you going to go to hell, are you in trouble with God? What is your understanding Robert?

ROBERT: Well, God gave Sabbath as a gift, He gave it as a blessing, and God wants us to know that we can take one day out of seven and enjoy Him, enjoy His presence.

SID: I have to tell you, the rhythm you speak about in your manuscript, it’s so wonderful. You see I actually go to a church on a Sunday, but to me there is a degree of work connected with it, you know what I do on Sabbath? I don’t get dressed up, I relax, I read, I’m with my family, I think about God, I try my best not to do any work, I believe physically, the physical body, needs, Sabbath means rest, needs a day of rest, the truth of the matter is, the Sabbath, the true rest is not even a day, it’s a person, His name is Yeshua in Hebrew, He’s the one that brings rest, however if you don’t take your Sabbath and rest before God as God instructs us to do, I mean it is one of the Ten Commandments you know, you’ll have to take many Sabbaths in a hospital, that’s just the way it works.

ROBERT: It’s interesting Sid, in the early church, until the forth century, the church actually had two holy days, because they would celebrate Saturday as a Sabbath to celebrate the God of creation, and then Sunday they would celebrate together the resurrection of Yeshua, and it wasn’t until Constantine’s day that Sabbath was outlawed, and they moved Sabbath over to Sunday also. But I feel the same way that you do; I treasure that time of rest.

SID: Yeah I was totally sold, how about you Linda?

LINDA: I feel like God made us to operate best when we have a day of rest, and when we, you find many health problems begin to come in when you don’t observe Sabbath, when you don’t get in the cycle, the weekly cycle that God created and He gave to us as a blessing.

SID: You say here there is a cycle of revival in the fall feasts, what do mean by that?

ROBERT: If you look through the stages, the fall feast, you’re coming into the Feast of Tabernacles, and that is really picturing the presence of God, the glory of God coming down and dwelling among His people. In the wilderness the people came out of Egypt and lived in temporary shelters and God said, “Make a temporary shelter for Me also and My glory will come down and dwell with you.” And so Tabernacles is all about the glory of God, it’s about the power and the presence of God coming down and living with His people, but there is a preparation that is needed to come into the experience of that.

SID: And you know what I think is so amazing from his manuscripts here, the previous Biblical festivals are the preparation for revival. I mean, look, Yeshua, Jesus said, not one jot or tittle is going to be eliminated from the law, and the law was the Torah, or the Old Testament, until all be fulfilled. Yes, it’s all fulfilled in the Messiah, but it is the guideline if you will for revival; explain the preparation.

ROBERT: Well there are several steps, first comes the Feast of trumpets, and there is really only one requirement on that day and that is to hear the trumpet blast. And it is given as a wake-up call, it is a time where God says things are changing, it’s time to move into God’s presence, wake up, get alert. And you know most revivals in history have started with some sort of a wake-up call, sometimes it’s an economic crash, sometimes it’s a more, something gets people’s attention and says we need to get serious about God. God didn’t want us to have to wait for a disaster, He wanted to give us a wake-up call every year to get our attention turned back toward Him and that’s the Feast of Trumpets.

SID: Question, what if someone comes on the scene here in America, his name happens to be Constantine, he’s Constantine the Fiftieth, or whatever, and he says you cannot meet in homes, you cannot observe Biblical festivals, dilute it completely from everything you do, what would you do?

ROBERT: That’s a good question, at this point I would not want to give them up and you know in Constantine’s day a lot of people suffered persecution and even death because Christians would not give up the blessing that God had given to them in the feasts.

SID: Linda, how about you, how would you react to that question?

LINDA: I would believe that God would have a way for us to continue to worship Him the way He wants to be worshiped.

SID: You know what my thought is? This it the set time to favor Zion, this is the time that spiritual scales are coming off the eyes of Jewish people. Now when a Jewish person looks at a Christian they say, “I don’t see anything Jewish about you.” And they happen to be right. When a Christian person looks at a Jew they say, “I don’t see anything Christian about you.” But what, you know we are instructed, the Bible says, Romans 11:11, Salvation has actually come to the Gentile to provoke the Jew to jealousy. What would provoke the Jew to jealousy? What I believe is as you observe these Biblical festivals in freedom, as the Spirit of God is pouring out on you and the blessings of God are poured out on you and your family, you will provoke Jewish people to jealousy, and they are going to come in because they have never seen anything like this that, and by the way, most Christians have never seen anything like this, but it’s time for a new paradigm. Get this manuscript but most important get intimacy with God. Get rid of your sins by repenting and believing that Jesus died for your sins, His blood washes them away, and then make Jesus your Lord, and observe in the Hebraic way, worship God 24-7, not just on Sunday morning or on Saturday, 24-7, I’ll tell you there is nothing, nothing, nothing like intimacy with God, it’s wonderful.

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