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SID: Seven back surgeries, healed. Joan you were telling me about someone you prayed for.

JOAN: Yes.

SID: Was it just recently.

JOAN: Yeah, recently I prayed for this lady and she had seven back surgeries and she was on a morphine pump because of the pain, and it was so intense that she could hardly even survive, much less work or do anything else, even live. And I prayed for her a few months ago, she was totally, completely healed, got a hold of the new book which we’re going to be talking about in just a few minutes, and she is now going out laying hands on the sick because she realized the healing power of God was not just reserved for a few, but the healing power of God is for everybody who believe according to Mark. And it was, it’s incredible what God is doing

SID: Well this is sort of, the way I call it and it actually says it, it’s a handbook and I have to tell you I have never seen a book that not only tells you what the root causes of most diseases are, but teaches you, what you’re doing, is you are mentoring people on

JOAN: Yes, all over the world.

SID: So this woman goes in the hospital, I understand she takes your book with her.

JOAN: She takes the book with her and they are all getting healed, it is so exciting, and what’s neat is she goes to this church and they get hospital calls from different members of the church and so forth get sick, either sick at their home or come forward for prayer or whatever and they go, “Come up here, come up here, you pray for them.”And they are getting her praying for them and she’s up there and she’s got her book and she’s going, okay you have this, you know in the name of Jesus and these people are getting healed as she does it.

SID: What about that man with the stroke?
JOAN: That was so exciting, that was about a year and a half ago and it was just absolutely an incredible situation that happened. He came in, he had a head brace on, a neck brace on, he couldn’t bend, he couldn’t walk and he had a cane and he would you know have to be helped upon the platform and was paralyzed, I believe it was his left side, and just absolutely phenomenal, in a matter of moments, just literally, just a few minutes he was instantly healed. The following day, that actually at the end of the ministry time we asked him you know, check for the pain, do this, raise your arm ‘cause he couldn’t raise his arm and God healed his arm, and he goes, “I can wiggle my toes, I can wiggle my toes.” Everybody wiggle your toes, just take a moment and wiggle your toes.

SID: I’m doing that.

JOAN: I know, it’s like thank God that you can wiggle your toes and he hadn’t done it in six years.

SID: I’ll tell you what, God has just shown up, God has just come into this studio and I believe as you see this miracle, exercise your faith for the miracle you need right now.

JOAN: Expect your back to be healed.

SID: I’m going to take a look at it right now.

“Well I have three things; I had a stroke six years ago.

JOAN: You had what? “A stroke.”

JOAN: A stroke, okay. “Yes Madam and I recently had surgery, I had a disc removed, I had a fractured disk in my neck and I had it removed and they’ve also found signs of multiple sclerosis, so”

JOAN: Okay, and how long ago did you have the disk removed from your neck? “Be three weeks Wednesday.”

JOAN: Okay, you did notice that his back was (inaudible) and he couldn’t bend over and then he got circular, it was kind of cool. “Right.”

JOAN: so do you have, and it was really cool, not just kind of, do you have pain in your neck. “Just uncomfortable where they cut me up here and where they fused it together, I still what that this.”

JOAN: Okay, uh where else do you have pain in your body? “I don’t have pain, I have lost my left leg because of my stroke, my lower left leg”

JOAN: Okay “And I have weakness in my right leg because of the pressure from the disk being broken.”
JOAN: Father right now in the name of Jesus I just thank you for replacing this disk in Jesus name. I command the base of this skull to line up with every vertebra in his back in Jesus name. Father, where the surgeons have gone in and cut, you can repair, in Jesus man. And I command all that pain to go in Jesus name. The damage that was caused by this stroke Father, I speak total restoration into this body, specifically into the left side all the way down the leg in Jesus name. I speak life, health and wholeness back into this leg. Okay you’re starting to feel in your toes? Okay here we go we get to do exercise. Doesn’t it feel good? “Yes Madam.” He couldn’t move his toes when he came here. “Yeah, I couldn’t do that.God is good.Wow, I haven’t moved my foot in six years.” How long?

JOAN: Six years? Haven’t moved your foot because of the stroke? “Yeah.”

JOAN: See I didn’t know that, but isn’t that cool? I mean that’s real exciting, no wonder he’s really excited about that one. Let’s see that again, isn’t that fun? “It’s just amazing; I’m moving my toes for the first time.”

SID: You know Joan, I don’t know about you but I get so exited when I see a miracle because the person behind the miracle is a way to God and for to long we have not known how to minister healing. God is the one that heals. How in the world did you and Michael Henson know so much to put this in a book because

JOAN: Experience.

SID: I’ve never, but I’ve never seen one put together, and I’ve seen a lot of healing books that, I mean you literally teach people how to get healed themselves, and then to heal other people.

JOAN: Yes.

SID: That’s what’s going on.

JOAN: That’s exactly, it’s called empowering the saints and getting them equipped to know how to do it, giving them a background on how to do it. And just like you know watching that guy get healed, it was just like it just happened again, I get so excited. I’ve been doing, you know with traveling with Mom and Dad and so forth in the miracle ministry for over thirty-five years, I still get excited when every single person gets healed.

SID: You know and Michael Henson has been twenty-five years

JOAN: Right

SID: And that’s a lot of years of experience.

JOAN: Over fifty-five, almost sixty years of experience between the two of us, we have put into a book what the diseases are, how to pray for them, what has worked for us, and it will work for people that either read the book, people are reading the book and we had a lady that was reading about high blood pressure, she says, “I have high blood pressure,” and she was reading it and with, I mean she has not had to take her high blood pressure medicine because it was as needed, totally completely healed.

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