SID:  Hello, Sid Roth, your investigative reporter here with Bill Kent, and I know no one is going away. This man is technically a quadriplegic; a train went into his motorcycle, if you can believe it. He had so many things wrong with him, I’ve got a full medical report here, but he hears a voice, he believes it’s God, God tells him to go certain places on certain dates, he ignores it, but this one he could not ignore.   He was to go to Columbus, Ohio. He had figured out the name of the church he was to go to. But he’s got a problem.   He has a date to be there, but he’s got a problem, no money! So what do you do? 

BILL:  Well, I went to my pastor at the Tabernacle Church, and pastor Girly, this was on a Thursday evening, and Pastor Girly, you know, he addressed the situation and he took up and offering. 

SID:  He also prayed for you. 

BILL:  Yes he did. 

SID:  What happened? 

BILL:  He prayed for me after the service that evening, he came to me and he says you know, its like the Lord has told me to do this, and he handed me the money. And then he says I’d like to pray for you and so he prayed and that evening I went to bed, didn’t feel anything, I went to bed. The next morning I woke up, I woke up to my dog, I had a Dalmatian assistance dog, and he was licking my right hand. Now, I had not felt anything in my right side for fifteen and a half years. 

SID:  Fifteen and a half years, I mean totally like you didn’t have a right side. 

BILL:  That is correct. 

SID:   And so what happened. 

BILL:  Well, it was like that was the first miracle. The first miracle was that the Lord had restored the feeling on my right side. 

SID:  Oh, so in other words, you could feel the dog licking you is what you’re saying.  I get it. 

BILL:  That’s exactly right, that’s what woke me up on that morning. 

SID:  Okay, you’ve got the first, the beginning of a miracle; you go with wheelchair, with dog… 

BILL:  Yes. 

SID:  …in this broken down automobile. 

BILL:  Right. 

SID:  So take me from there. 

BILL:  I go to my parent’s house on Friday evening and I spend the weekend there. Sunday morning I wake up, you know, and it’s November 5th, and I get myself up and get dressed and everything, and I’m on my way out the door and my mother says to me, she says, what’s going on?   I said I’m going to church. She said, oh, okay, well will you be home for dinner this evening and I said well I kind of doubt it. I purposely did not tell my parents where I was going. 

SID:  Why? 

BILL:  Well, back in the Bible it tells us that Jesus went in to raise, or heal a little girl, or raise her from the dead. 

SID:  I get it.  You didn’t want to have any unbelief. 

BILL:  That’s exactly right.  That’s exactly right.    

SID:  Okay, so you arrive into Columbus, Ohio. 

BILL:  Yes, and I park in the east parking lot at World Harvest Church and I get on my cellular phone. And I’m calling in to speak to one of the now elders, Elder Ed McKee. Elder Ed McKee is an awesome man of God and he told me to call him when I got there so that he could make arrangements for me to come in and freshen up before the service. So I call, and the phone rolls over to the prayer center.   And a young lady that answered the phone in the prayer center said I’m sorry I can’t get a hold of Ed McKee, he’s not here right now. But you’re calling into the prayer center and so may I pray for you. And I said well most certainly I mean everybody could use prayer. And so she started saying a prayer that let me tell you it was the most awesome prayer that I had ever heard in my life. It was unlike any other prayer that I had ever heard in my life. And it was the Holy Ghost. And she started praying, and you know I just felt this power come over me, it is almost indescribable. And towards the end of the prayer, it is like for the first time in fifteen and a half years I could feel the bottoms of my feet and they felt like they were on fire. And I said to the young lady… 

SID:  Now before that you could not feel anything.    

BILL:  Not…

SID:  If someone put, took a pin, you would not say ouch? 

BILL:  Nothing.    

SID:  Okay. 

BILL:  Nothing.  Nothing at all, it was like they were dead.  So the young lady you know prayed, and I could feel the fire and so I asked her… 

SID:  Fire?  Really, come on now, fire? 

BILL:  Fire.    

SID:  I mean like it was hurting? 

BILL:  It felt like they were on fire. 

SID:  That’s hurting!  

BILL:  Yes, it is very painful, very painful.   But I praise God and I’m in glory because I had not felt anything for fifteen and a half years.  Can you imagine… 

SID:  You got that?  He’s dead, he’s paralyzed, he’s a quadriplegic, he hadn’t felt anything and all of a sudden he feels this fire.   And he believes that God told him he is going to be healed. Don’t go away, we’ll be right back.   

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