SID:  Hello, Sid Roth, your investigative reporter here with Don Gossett.  This is a man that has been in the healing ministry for fifty years.  He has seen with his own eyes under his ministry and other people’s ministry every miracle you read about in the Bible.  And he was mentored under the greatest men and women of God that many people of this generation don’t have a clue about healing, a clue about what these people understood.  But the question I have for you Don, is, when the rubber hits the road is not what you preach, and other people get healed, although that’s significant.   For instance, in India, tell me about one dead person that came to life. 

DON:  Yes.  I’ve devoted 23 years of my life to going to India for crusades and one particular time up in northern India, the leaders told me, “Now this is the north of India where it is far more difficult.  Where you have had tens of thousands in your meetings in the south, don’t expect it here.  We have never had more than 500 people in a Christian meeting.  So the very first night they were happily surprised by about a thousand and in the middle of my message, I was preaching about the blood of Jesus and the authority and power of that blood.  Suddenly I was aware there was a raising up of a man in the audience from, the people were all seated on the ground, and this man rose up with a child in his arms, and he poured water on the child, and nothing happened.  And all of a sudden he rushed to the front, and while I could not understand his Hindu language myself, he was saying, “My child is dead, my child is dead.”  And the child was pronounced dead by a Dr. Daniels who was there, and he had been dead for quite some time.  And when I heard what the need was, I asked everybody in the audience to stand to unite with me in a simple prayer of faith, and we prayed for that dead child.   And in maybe about 30 seconds there was a shout among three or four people that were around them, and the boy had been raised from the dead.  It was a tremendous miracle.  The very next day the parents brought the boy back to see my wife and me and there he was, very alive and alert.  But the impact that night was the fact that over ten thousand Hindu’s came to that meeting.  And I said to them clearly, I understand why you are here, because this little boy here was dead, and was raised from the dead by the power of the resurrected Christ.  But I want you to know that it is not his being raised from the dead that will bring salvation to you.  It is the fact that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead and is alive forevermore.  That’s what the Bible says.  And then I preached Romans 10:9 and 10, “That if you will confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, believe in your heart God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved.  And with the heart man believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made to salvation.”  And when I led them in a prayer of repentance of faith in Jesus Christ, as far as I could determine almost everyone of those ten thousand Hindu’s all raised both hands up.  And I always lead them in a prayer like this, I hereby renounce all of my gods and goddesses and I will forsake all of my idols, and I receive Jesus Christ as my one and only Savior and Lord.  For anything less than that is not salvation.  It’s only Jesus Christ that can save and we made that very clear and they were very eager to receive and the impact was awesome on that city in north India. 

SID:  Don, can you see many people in India with cancer, or tumors and growths being healed? 

DON:  We see all kinds of afflictions, it is just remarkable how they come with everything, and one touching stories I know about, is about a father that led his blind son for thirty-five miles, interrupting it into kilometers it is a different estimation, but he led his blind son all the way to the meeting.  And we simply prayed, most of the prayers are mass prayers.  We don’t lay hands upon them because the crowds are so great, and the numbers are so large, but we just simply pray a prayer of faith in the name of Jesus Christ.  And God answers and then we ask those who have got a clear cut definite miracle to come and meet the examining committee which consists of doctors and medical professionals and people of renown who they investigate each one because we are ministering in a hostile environment where people are not favorable to the gospel.   

SID:  Listen, in the United States of America I believe that more people should have miracles investigated because yes, there’s a lot of phony, and yes, there are charlatans, but you can’t have a counterfeit of something that is not authentic.    

DON:  That’s right. 

SID:  So there are plenty of authentic` miracles.  But I have a question for you.  What happens when a great man of God that sees all the miracles you have seen, that has known all the people you have known, that has walked with Jesus for fifty years, gets cancer himself? 

DON:  Well, I had a mole here on the side of my head for some years, I mean for years it was just a brown spot there and it wasn’t in particular a special concern, but then it began to change color, and it began to bud out, and became uglier week after week, and I would try to comb my hair over it so people wouldn’t become repulsed by the sight of it.  And there came the time I was ready to leave for an overseas mission, and I had a final breakfast with all my children.  And one of my boys said, one of my sons said, “Dad, we are really concerned about that ugly growth on your head.  Before you leave for your mission overseas tomorrow, we wish you would go see a doctor.”  I made an appointment with a surgeon that very afternoon.  He did an intensive test, and he came back in and said, “Reverend, how soon could you be ready for surgery?”  I said, “Surgery? I had no idea you had that in mind.”  He said, “I feel that it’s imperative we have the surgery.”  He warned me of the potential danger of this cancerous growth on my head.  Later that afternoon a paper was placed in my hand that said when you have a growth about the size, texture, and color of this growth you may have only about six months to live.  Well, by the time I got overseas I was having… 

SID:  Wait a second.  Why would you go overseas?  Why wouldn’t you have the surgery immediately? 

DON:  Oh well, I should explain that.  Because I said to the doctor, “Doctor, to have the surgery now would be very challenging because I have an appointment that I have made for many weeks that… 

SID:  But it’s your life Don! 

DON:  But I persuaded him that I needed to keep this appointment for my mission to put that first, and he was reluctant to agree to that because he said we should not delay this surgery, but if you are going when will you get back?  I said about a month.  He said okay, he set the date; March the fourth we will have this surgery; it was a month away.  And by the time I got overseas I was having real fear problems.  Not so much that I was afraid to die, because I’m a Christian and I had no fear of death, but I did not want to die.  I felt I had an assignment in life to fulfill.    

SID:  I’ll tell you what.  Hold that thought.  You have an assignment in life to fulfill.  Maybe a doctor has given you the same report that Don Gossett had.  Don’t go away.  Because I believe in Jesus name, you will end up with the same results.  Be right back after this word.    


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