SID:  Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Don Gossett.  Don has seen more miracles than anyone I know.  He was mentored by the greatest people that were touched by God that walked in the miraculous, secrets that had been hidden from this generation; but no more.  Well, happens when Don Gossett himself that has seen all these miracles develops deadly melanoma cancer?  The doctor says we should operate right away.  He has a commitment.  So he goes to honor this commitment and what happened with this melanoma on your skin? 

DON:  Well, I was really challenged by the fear of this ugly looking thing. 

SID:  But why were you fearful?  You had been reading the word of God; you had been seeing all of these miracles. 

DON:  Well, it was that verdict that within six months you will likely be dead.  And I didn’t want to die in six months.  I said I had an assignment to fulfill that would restrict that.  And so consequently I really was helped by my wife.  She put her, she said, “Don there is three things God wants you to know, number one, you may have this surgery, so don’t be frustrated by that fact, number two, you may not have this surgery, God may heal you by His own power, but number three, whatever happens let’s not give place to fear because that would be giving place to the enemy like Job did and the thing you greatly will come upon you.”    

SID:  Woah. 

DON:  Well she put her hand on my chest and began to rebuke fear like it was a monster in the name of the Lord.  And that fear, I mean it was an amazing factor, how I was like I was fettered by chains around my chest to that fear it was suddenly broken and I was free to breath. 

SID:  Did you catch that?  In other words like the Bible says fear is a spirit and when its hold was broken you literally could feel different. 

DON:  That’s entirely different.  And then I began to freely speak God’s word.  Now I was not going around saying something dumb like, “I have not growth, I have no growth.”  That would have been a lie.  I was speaking the truth.  Jesus said, “Thy word is truth.”  And the word of God is what I was speaking.  By His stripes I am healed.  That Himself took my infirmities and bare my sickness.   That He sent His word and healed me and delivered me from all my destructions.  And all those wonderful passages in the Bible, they became alive to me.  And I spoke them day after day, week after week, for that whole month.  You ask what happened to the growth, Sid.    

SID:  Yes, what happened? 

DON:  It just got worse and uglier. 

SID:  Wait a second.  That’s not the way they do it in the movies. 

DON:  I know, it was absolutely, it was really a challenge, but I was walking by faith and not by sight, I was not terrified by the appearance of that thing.  And then on the day I was flying home, on March the first, I accidentally reached up to touch this growth and half of it fell out of my hand.  On the night of March the third, before I was to go in for surgery on March the fourth, that night in my sleep the rest of this old cancerous growth all came off.  I awakened that morning and reached up to touch my head and there was nothing there.  Now there was a head there, but … 

SID:  I’m glad there was. 

DON:  But there was no growth.  The growth was gone.  And I jumped up and raced to the mirror and there I saw it was clean, and there was baby skin.  And I came back and here on the covers was scattered that old growth. 

SID:  this was the day before you were scheduled for surgery. 

DON:  The day I was scheduled for surgery, March the fourth. 

SID:  The day you were scheduled. 

DON:  That morning at six o’clock. 

SID:  I mean talk about a last second miracle. 

DON:  right.  And I said to my wife.  Good morning. This is the day that I am scheduled for surgery and there is nothing to surge!  I mean I am healed.  Well that day we agreed I would go ahead and meet the surgeons and fulfill the appointment.  And when the nurse who took me to my room where I was to stay until my surgery later that day, I said, “Nurse, you may not have noticed but I don’t have a growth anymore.”   She said, “You don’t have the growth, what happened to it?”  I said Jesus Christ has healed it.  That made her nervous, and she said, “I’d better get the doctor.”  She raced out and got the first doctor.  He came back with my medical chart and was reading it, and feeling of my head, reading and feeling of my head, and he said, “I’d better get the other doctor; he was on the case more than I.”  So he went down the hallway and got the second doctor.  The second doctor said, “Don, what’s this I hear about you working a wonder on yourself?”  I said, “Doctor, Jesus Christ has done it.”  Well those doctors relaxed and for twenty minutes, with open hearts and minds they heard my account of how I overcame the fear, how I overcame the torment of fear, and how that I was totally released from that and how that I began to speak the word of God, the Bible, and how that just those hours before, starting back on the flight forty-eight before, and then just that night before, that very night of the intervention that the growth all came off.  And they finally said, “Well we can take no credit for this.”  And I’ve got that full testimony in a book, the verification of what happened for me and I’m grateful for the blessing of the Lord.    

SID:  Because God wasn’t finished with you yet. 

DON:  That’s right.    

SID:  And God’s not finished with you yet.  You shall live and not die and declare the works of the Lord.  I want to tell you something, when we come back I’m going to ask Don Gossett to speak to you the way he speaks to people in India that know nothing, and I believe we are going to see the same results that he gets in India.  Right in your house or your apartment or wherever you are watching us.  We’ll be back in a moment.  Don’t go away.    

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