SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest, Bruce Allen, Bruce, you provoke me to jealousy. I mean, here you are having a meeting. A woman comes with a bad heart, an angel shows up, gives her a heart. You see this. She sees this and it’s medically verified. But you know what? That’s the way it’s supposed to be. That is normal. And the reason that I’m interviewing Bruce right now is he has a revelation that we in the morning of the seventh day. What is the seventh day and what is the morning of the seventh day?

BRUCE: If you study the Bible, we find that from the day of Jesus when he walked the earth, we can historically go back in time 4,000 years to Adam.

SID: Right.

BRUCE: Second Peter 3:8 says, “That with the Lord a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years is a day.” So looking at that scripture in context we can go from Adam until the turn of the century and we have completed 6,000 years, or six days, and so we find us, the church and the world prophetically early in the morning on this seventh day. It’s a day of profound revelation. It’s a day of visitation by angels and the Lord himself. It’s a day of supernatural signs, wonders and miracles, creative miracles unlike anything we’ve ever witnessed, and to an extent we’ve never witnessed. It’s a day of every covenant promise being fulfilled and it’s a day of the return of the Lord.

SID: But you know what I love is every covenant promise being fulfilled. But the best part is quickly. I like it. I’m from the McDonald’s generation, you know. I like fast. But let me ask you a few questions. You have been one of the things, one of the covenant prophecies that we see in the Bible is people being translated from one place geographically to another place, people being transported quickly. Tell me about a time you were transported.

BRUCE: As I was studying the Word I came across what the Holy Spirit had provoked me, can a man be translated by faith? Hebrews 11:5 states that Enoch was translated by faith. And so there’s biblical precedence. And so as I was studying and pursuing the Lord in that in prayer and fasting I came to the name of six months into the study that said to my friend John, we were in Seattle. I lived in Spokane. That’s about a 300-mile journey by car. And I said, “Let’s believe for this. Let’s just believe God is gonna transport us all the way to Spokane. Well normally that’s a five-and-a-half hour journey. You can make it four-and-a-half to five if you’re speeding. So we prayed in agreement, put in the worship and just began to worship God, and in less than two hours we were in Spokane.

SID: There’s no gas crisis when things like that happen. I understand what Bruce is talking about because that same thing has happened to me. But what happened to him as far as being translated from one geographical place to another, in this picture, this photograph, you were actually told to tell a friend of yours that was a photographer to come to this meeting. Why did you want him to take pictures?

BRUCE: I had an unction, just a knowing in my heart that something supernatural was gonna take place.

SID: This is off the chart because I see you preaching and you are like transparent, and then I see what appears to be a pillar, a cloud, a fiery pillar or a cloud up above you. Now what was happening when you became transparent as you were preaching?

BRUCE: It happened as I had just started ministering and I was what the Bible describes “cut away in the spirit.” And I was taken above the earth over Eastern Europe. It was nighttime. And as I was looking down from above I asked the Lord, I saw the outline of the nations. I said, “Lord, is this Lithuania or Latvia?” He said, “Latvia.” When he told me that we began to descend through the clouds and we came down, there was an apartment flat in the city. It was all lit up. We can through the roof and I stopped in front of door number 212, and I heard crying, weeping actually inside. And my heart was moved with compassion and I knew I was there for that purpose. I opened the door, walked in and went to the back bedroom, and here was a little girl, eight years old. Her name was Natalia. Now I found that out by asking her. And she was weeping because her parents could not find work. They had no more food and–

SID: Wait a minute. She didn’t speak English. How did you understand her? How did she understand you?

BRUCE: Exactly: That was supernatural. I have no idea. We just communicated. It was verbal. It wasn’t heart to heart or mind to mind, but it was verbal. And the Lord gave that to me at that point.

SID: And so what did you say to her?

BRUCE: I just really comforted her. I prayed with her and told her the promise that God had that He takes care of his people. And when that was over I was brought back to the meeting I was in. Now I apparently had been preaching the whole time. I don’t remember that because what I had experienced was more tangibly real at that moment than the meeting I was in teaching.

SID: So in effect, it sounds to me like were in two places at one time.

BRUCE: Absolutely.

SID: Is there a biblical precedent for that?

BRUCE: Certainly. The Bible says that of all Christians, that we are seated together with him in Heaven right now in heavenly places. So according to the Word of God we’re here and there. We’re already in two places. What’s happened in Christendom is that people have never learned to exercise their senses, their spiritual senses to be able to interact with the supernatural realm the way we can in the natural realm. But if we would learn to do that, that realm is more real than this one.

SID: Well you think that’s mind blowing? Wait ‘til you hear this next story that happened in Ireland. We’ll be right back after this word.

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