SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Bruce Allen. Bruce, tell me about the time, and I’m sure this has happened many times, that you were caught up into Heaven and you saw someone you knew.

Bruce. Yes, Sid, that was unusual. I was in a season of prayer and just worshipping God, and suddenly I was in Heaven, paradise. And there was great activity going on like bustling. I don’t know how to describe that, almost like Christmas in a mall. And all of a sudden–

SID: Almost like all the activity is going on because the holiday or the events about ready to happen you have to get everything in place, so there’s a lot of activity going on in Heaven.

BRUCE: Lots of activity, yeah. And my aunt, who had died about seven years previously to that, walked up and she was all excited. She said, “Bruce, it is so exciting.” And I said, “What’s so exciting?” She said, “The preparation for the marriage supper of the lamb is almost complete.” And Heaven is abuzz with this news and excited because it’s the culmination, the completion. And she said, “And not only that. Many individuals are visiting Heaven from Earth right now to go back with the testimony that people should be prepared because he’s coming back shortly.”

SID: You know that’s the message I’m hearing from many people, that he’s coming back soon. But the thing that’s so unusual is even children are carrying this message back.

BRUCE: Oh yeah. There was a young girl in Singapore that had been in one of our meetings where we were teaching your birthright is to see and go as a Christian, and she caught the revelation and began to caught into the paradise. And that particular time I was visiting I saw my aunt at that time. I saw this young girl, she was eight years old, appear off to my left. She looked at me, smiled and waved, grabbed the hand of Jesus and skipped off with him. A year later, Sid, I’m back in Singapore and happen to have dinner with the grandmother and she was there, and she said, “I saw you in Heaven and you were talking to your aunt.” She knew.

SID: Now that really blows some of you out of the water. But read the Book of Revelation. Read these visions that people have had, that Paul had. Tell me about this congregation in Malaysia.

BRUCE: On that same visitation with my aunt I saw an angel off to my right standing in Heaven with what looked like a Torah scroll, but I came to understand was a manifest. He was the angel that had charge and authority over all the resources of Heaven that God had reserved for this generation. So I was ministering in Koala Lumpur in a church, and they were in a building program for a new church. And while I was ministering–

SID: By the way, that’s a good angel to know.

BRUCE: Oh yeah.

SID: All the resources for this generation.

BRUCE: He appeared in the meeting. I saw him there and began to prophecy that, as believers we have that manifest, you know, how we activate it. We speak it forth in faith and it comes immediately. And so as we prophesied they were taking pictures. They had learned to do that because cameras catch a lot of things and they caught the picture of that scroll exactly where I saw the angel standing. And so needless to say, I was excited about that. It’s one thing to have visions and people believe you. But God gave a tangible proof and evidence of that happening.

SID: This is so amazing. It’s Hebrew lettering. So a year later what happened to this congregation?

BRUCE: They built that church. I don’t know if was within the year, but within two years, I know for a fact. God supernaturally and sovereignly would bring in the resources consistently as they needed it. Sometimes the bank account would be empty. There was the money. It would show up. Sometimes they didn’t even know how. Other times people would give large sums of money. And so they built that church very quickly with no debt, and there was a lot of extra money left over in the church.

SID: Now has God shown you anything that’s going to happen in Israel?

BRUCE: Israel got me excited right now.

SID: I could tell.

BRUCE: Because there’s about to be a strategic move of God, very prophetic, and we’re about to see the reaping of the harvest of Jewish folds into the Kingdom. They’re gonna begin to realize who Messiah really is, and it’s gonna, a lot of it’s happening sovereignly and supernaturally as Jesus appears to them. But there’s going to be a supernatural event that God has been showing me that I’ve been feeling in my spirit where the signs and the wonders of the supernatural creative miracles are gonna be seen and experienced by multitudes there.

SID: Now is it almost, and I don’t want to put words in your mouth, but it’s almost like this explosion of God’s power, supernatural, is going to just like it started in Israel. The explosion is gonna come from Israel one more time that will really have repercussions all over the world.

BRUCE: Absolutely. The church started with the body of believers in Israel. We’re gonna see the climax, the culmination, the fulfillment of the words of the seventh day. Every word He spoke over Israel over the church, the first church, we’ll see its fulfillment beginning in Israel and then throughout the world.

SID: Now when you speak many times whole groups are caught away in the spirit.

BRUCE: Yes, we’ve had that happen times as we teach the truth that it belongs to every believer, not just the mystical few.

SID: Okay. I promised our viewers that you would pray for them. Would you do that, Bruce, now?

BRUCE: I would be happy to. Lord, I pray right now for every person hearing the sound of my voice, Lord that you would activate within them their birthright to see and to go in the realm of the spirit. Just as Jesus said, “I only do what I see the Father doing,” so as a believer that can do the very works that Jesus did, according to John 14:12, that’s our birthright. So Father, I pray an activation of that, a release of that, and I thank you, Father. Even now people’s eyes are being open. They’re beginning to see. They’re beginning to hear. So I’m gonna make a declaration boldly. I command eyes to be open, ears to be open, and hearts to understand the will of God right now in Jesus’ name.

SID: Well I don’t know about you, but I sure feel the presence. It’s almost like a mantle. In fact, when you prayer for people they get mantles of new anointings, I understand.

BRUCE: We’ve seen that on a number of occasions, I think three or four, where behind every individual in a meeting, I’ve seen an angel come with a new mantle. And I have to provoke them out of their comfort zone. They stand up and as a prophetic gesture put on the mantle.

SID: What might this mantle be for an individual?

BRUCE: It speaks of their destiny, their calling and the gifting of God being activated in their life, and again, the covenant promise being fulfilled. Most Christians don’t understand that as a born-again believer they have a commission in the calling of God. Most sit on their blessed assurance just waiting for the return of–

SID: Listen, when people read your book, Bruce, it’s going to activate their faith to walk into this beginning of the seventh day where everything, all the promises of God will be speeding up. But you heard Bruce talk about a wedding, a Jewish wedding, and all the activity in Heaven that’s going on right now, because there are plans for the wedding. Now the question I have for you, do you have an invitation to this wedding? Well I want to personally give you an invitation. The invitation is you must repent of your sins, believe that Jesus died in your place and his blood washes away your sins so that you have a fresh beginning and you’re a virgin in God’s sight. You’re clean. The Bible uses a term, “You’re righteous.” You’re as righteous as Jesus in God’s sight. If you boldly proclaim, do it right now. Say, “Jesus is my Lord and I repent. I turn from my sins. With your power, Lord, I’m gonna do better. Live inside of me. Be my Lord, Jesus, now.”

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