SID: Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Sandy Teplinsky. And Sandy, just before the break, I said there is a new type of anti-Semitism that is moving so strongly, it’s scary. Explain.

SANDY: The new anti-Semitism, as it’s called by the Jewish community, not just the Messianic Jewish community, refers to the fact that historically, as you know, the Jewish people have been persecuted and victimized by anti-Semitism. Which by the way is just the flip side of the spirit of antichrist, they are both anti-God. In whatever nations the Jewish people lived, they were hunted down, they were persecuted; they were killed. Now that there is an established state of Israel, the anti-Semitism is today being cloaked in a thin veneer and allegedly politically correctly being called anti-Zionism or anti-Israelism or anti-Israeli policies. Now we’re not saying that to disagree with Israel is tantamount to being anti-Semitic, that’s not the case at all. But what we are saying is that around the globe, and particularly in Western Europe, we’re finding that there is such an across the board disdain and castigation of the nation of Israel; and an equating of Israel with Nazism of all things.

SID: You know, it is not a natural phenomenon Sandy.


SID: I mean we’re both fairly logical type thinkers. This isn’t a logical thing that is going on right now, especially as you point out even from a historical viewpoint who should have that land. But beyond historical, what is God’s position? And how dangerous it is for a Christian to be on the wrong side of the fence, but it’s like fuel going into a fire from a supernatural origin.

SANDY: Absolutely. Anti-Semitism, or the hatred of the Jewish people, is ultimately demonic in nature. And I tell you, the enemy is fighting very hard right now to destroy and annihilate Israel through fanatical Islam and the Palestinian conflict. For several reasons, but one prime reason is that he knows, the devil knows, that if he can annihilate Israel and destroy the Jews that he can so he thinks, thwart the return of the Lord Yeshua. Because the scriptures tell us that it is to a Jewish city and a Jewish homeland, that Jesus will return.

SID: Well in your book you say how the Jewish nation is key to unleashing God’s blessings in the 21st century but there is a flipside to that, and that is the curses. How dangerous is it for a Christian to be involved in something like replacement theology, where they believe the church has replaced Israel, the church has all the promises, Israel has all the curses; how dangerous is that?

SANDY: Well it’s extremely dangerous. First of all we can go back to Genesis 12:3 in which God says I will curse those who curse the descendents of Israel. We can go to the book of Obadiah who says in verse 15 “As you have treated Israel, so will God treat you.” And we can go to Romans 11 where the apostle Paul, under inspiration of the Holy Spirit, specifically addresses replacement theology and he says in verse 1 “Has God rejected the Jews? No.” And then he goes on to say in verse 12 that those who are conceited towards the Jews, or arrogant, they themselves stand the chance of having their own life in Christ cut off. He continues that in verse 20. And so he is warning us, in fact he says, Paul specifically says he does not want us to be ignorant. And he says that less than a handful of times in all the scriptures. He is warning us. He says don’t be ignorant, that God has not forsaken the Jewish people, that those who believe He has stand to have their own faith cut off, and that there is only a hardening in part on Israel, until the fullness, the full maturity, Messiah-likeness of the gentiles comes in.

SID: Flipside. What’s in it if someone is a blessing to the Jew and Israel?

SANDY: If somebody blesses the Jewish people, and we go into it in much more detail in our book, but bottom line, you get more of Jesus. Now all over the world we hear people saying “I want more of God, more of the Holy Spirit, more of Jesus.”

SID: You know Sandy, I’m reminded of the young Jewish girl Sandy, that said I want to know God. I want to know Him. Now she says I want to have more and more each day, I want to have more of God. And the key to intimacy with God is following God’s Word. God says “I want obedience, not sacrifice.” And Sandy is saying her intimacy is increasing by her love for the Jewish people, and to see the Jewish people in place, so that the gentile people can be in place, so the whole world can be in place, so that Jesus can return. How about you? It goes right down to you personally. Do you want to know God? It’s not an accident that you’re watching us right now. The same God that loves Sandy, the same God that loves me, died for you. And you may not understand everything I’m explaining to you right now, but understand this: you are special, you have purpose, there is destiny on your life, and knowing God is way beyond going to a church on Sunday or a Messianic Jewish congregation on Saturday. There is an intimacy that God wants to have with you. It is vital that you hear God’s voice. It is vital that you experience His love. There is a portion of you that has never experienced loved, has never experienced true peace, I mean peace that is so tangible you reach out and touch it. I have. Sandy has. Because first of all we recognized that we’re sinners. We recognize that we have done many things wrong. The 10 Commandments you can’t see in a public school but you know what they are and we’ve all violated them. If we go to God and say God, I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I believe that the blood of Jesus washes away my sins and I am clean. And now that I am clean, I boldly proclaim that Jesus is my Messiah and Lord. Come inside of me, become real to me. And if you reach out for God, from that invisible realm God will reach out to you. It has never been easier in the history of the world. Why? Because God is drawing closer to planet Earth! It is vital. Now – now is the day of your salvation. Don’t wait one second more. Get right with God.

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