SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Tony Kemp. And Tony, you were telling me, because I’ve interviewed Dr. McLean, David Herzog, many others that have other supernatural gifts for people to lose weight instantly, supernaturally, some gradually, but supernaturally. What happened with you?

TONY: I had met Dr. Renny McLean. He was doing a meeting in Borger, Texas. And Dr. McLean is a weightlifter, and I was more overweight then than I am, and I’m still continuing to lose weight. He says to me, “You need to lose some weight.” And I said, “Yes, I do. Will you pray for me?” And so he prays for me. And I felt nothing. But it was on a Thursday, because I believe that God was gonna do it, I went to the clothing store. I bought a pair of pants I could not fit in. That was on a Thursday.

SID: Now by the way, what did the salesman think about that?

TONY: I didn’t tell the salesman.

SID: Okay. Listen, I have a whole wardrobe of pants I can’t get in, but that’s not the reason. I bought them too small. But go ahead.

TONY: So then what happens is on Thursday I can’t get in them. On Friday I can get into them a little bit. On Saturday a little bit more. On Sunday morning they fit perfectly. I preached in them. When I finish the service and I go home, it’s afternoon and I’m still wearing these pants, they’re buckled. They fall of me. As time goes on, Sid, I discover that I supernaturally lost 50 pounds.

SID: You weren’t trying.

TONY: I was not trying. I was not dieting. God just did it supernaturally.

SID: But once God did this for you, you find that when you pray for others it happens. Tell me another story.

TONY: Well I began sharing my personal testimony what God had done for me, and that with God nothing is impossible. And with God all things are possible. Jesus said, “If you can believe all things are possible to the person that believes.” Well a woman came. She weighed 400 pounds. The Lord spoke to me and said, “She’s gonna have supernatural weight loss.” And she leaves the meeting and it appears that nothing happens. One year later she comes to see me. I didn’t even recognize the woman. She said, “You don’t remember me.” I said, “No I don’t.” She said, “You ministered to me one year ago and I have lost 260 pounds.”

SID: And she wasn’t trying.

TONY: And she wasn’t trying.

SID: Now that’s my kind of weight loss. Tell me about you had an experience that I’m interested in, in which you were taken to Heaven and told about the United States.

TONY: Yes. I believe it was 2003. My spirit left my body. I went to the throne of God, which by the way is as big as a mountain. God spoke to me. I wouldn’t even lift up my head because the experience of God’s presence and glory was just so great. I was literally at His feet. And He said, “Pray for the United States.” And essentially this is the truth. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken. And that means institutions, business, economy, school systems, even organizations, even church organizations and institutions. Everything will be shaken. And what God wants to do, God’s not mad, God’s not upset, God loves people, but God knows that people are spiritually asleep. And so God wants to use the shaking to wake people up to seek the Messiah Jesus and the Church to surrender to the Messiah Jesus so we can do what He wants, which is to bring people to Jesus.

SID: What would you say if I forced you to, what is the major key that you have learned to worship?

TONY: I would say surrender, to love God, to do what He says and to love people. And the best way for people to do that is to soak in the supernatural, to see what’s possible.

SID: But you know, when I see you, I see a man that enjoys God.

TONY: Yes. Well one of the things God did talk to me about was He talked to me about in Hebrews where it talked about Enoch walked with God. And it says, “Enoch pleased God.” And if a person goes to their original language, here’s what they will discover. That word “pleased” means that Enoch enjoyed God and he was enjoyed by God. And remember I shared with you that the Father is heart and Jesus is full of joy? What gives the Father joy, what gives Jesus joy is my obedience to Him, my love for Him and my love for people. That’s what He enjoys. And when He enjoys me, I experience His love and His presence, and then I’m able to share His love and His presence. And that means that people are gonna come to Jesus. People are gonna be healed of their sicknesses and diseases, and people’s lives are going to be changed.

SID: As Tony is sharing right now, can you feel the love of God? Can you feel the peace of God? When I interviewed you on worship on the radio, I asked you to worship. And you surprised me because this is what I expected you to do. I expected you start singing praise songs and worship songs. Instead, he just non-stop started telling me how much he loved God, started telling God how much he loved God, and quoted scriptures. That was what your idea of worship was. But the presence of God got so thick when you did that. But you weren’t doing it for that purpose. You were doing that because you enjoy God.

TONY: Right. And He enjoys me when I just love Him and obey. The heart of the Father is to have intimacy with His sons and daughters, and that can happen to any person who says, Jesus, you’re my Messiah, you’re my Lord, you’re my savior. I want to be with you. The Father wants to be with His sons and daughters and it gives Him great, great delight when we’re with Him through the Messiah Jesus.

SID: Very quickly, tell me about the supernatural rain. Very quickly.

TONY: Okay. There was a woman who loved Jesus. She was a farmer. No husband. No son. There was a drought in her area. She asked me to come out and do home meetings, which I did. One time she to me, she said, “We don’t have any rain here. Will you pray for rain?” And so we just asked the Father in the name of His son Jesus to grant rain. And it began to rain on her property, her property only. She lived in a small town next to a lot of farmers. The neighbors began to say, “Why does it rain on your property and not on ours?”

SID: What will God do for those that enjoy His presence? Do you know what? When you enjoy God’s presence you bless God and you will walk in so much favor. Tony, you don’t do it to get something from God.

TONY: Right.

SID: You do it because you’re created to worship God.

TONY: Right.

SID: You are created to worship God.

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