SIDHello, Sid Roth here your investigative reporter here with coach Bill McCartney, and we are finding out something so exciting. He is with an organization, get this, a million four hundred thousand men gathered.  He had more pastors then I have ever heard of gathering together to worship God, the presence of God came, I mean things were wonderful and then God said I am calling you out; I want you to go into the waiting room, and then what occurred with coach McCartney in the waiting room, in fact what is the waiting room?

BILL:  Well, what happened was, the Lord showed me that if I step back and connected the spiritual dots in my life that I would find that there is a divine order to them. In other words, if I would just hold before the Lord, all of the extraordinary things that he did; and what he showed me was, that whereby I had a genuine heart for reconciliation, the purest form of reconciliation in the heart of God is Jew and gentile believer. Dr.  Raleigh Washington likes to say, it is the top button on a shirt of reconciliation. And what the Lord showed me was, everything that he had done, in football, in Promise Keepers, was in lieu of what was going to happen next, and so I realized that I was being prepared and I want to share some scripture with you in my interpretation.

SID:  Please.

BILL:  There’s three key verses in the 11th chapter of Romans; verse 24, 25, and 26. Twenty four says that the Jew will be grafted back in to the olive tree; we see that happening. Okay, the fig tree is blossoming, and there is no one anywhere that would say that Jews aren’t coming to Jesus Christ, Yeshua, in record numbers. Okay, well in verse 25, amongst other things it says the fullest of the gentiles will come in and then verse 26 says all Israel will be saved. So the question begs: what does that mean the fullness of the gentiles, because that has got to happen? To me what it means it is a heart condition. It is a maturity, it’s an awareness; it’s a coming alongside the Jewish believer. It’s really the fulfillment of what Ephesians talks about in chapter two with the “one new man.” What it is, is recognizing God’s chosen people. It’s that time to come alongside them, to undergird them, to stand with them. I wear this bracelet right here. This bracelet has three strands to it; a cord of three strands is not easily broken, The Jew is worthy of double honor, the gentile is worthy of single honor. This is the cord that is not easily broken. And so what God has in his heart is the father heart of God. It is what is being mushroomed and brought about in Promise Keepers. What it is, is we realize it is God’s providence is to reach out and to the believing Jew, that’s what’s going to provoke the unbelieving Jew to jealousy and win him to the kingdom. The word phileo, the church of Philadelphia, it means tender affection. It’s the spirit of Ruth. Ruth went after Naomi, and she said do not urge me to leave you, or turn back from following you. Where you go I will go, where you lodge I will lodge; your people are my people, my God is your God. Woe unto me if anything but death should separate us.

SID:  And you know what excites me coach is Ruth was a gentile, and Boaz was a Jew. But when the two came together it was greater than the two parts. There is a Jewish anointing if you will, and there is a gentile anointing, if you will. But when these two anointing come together, Ruth and Boaz caused fruit the Messiah, imagine the fruit that is going to come – that is why the devil is fighting it so hard.

BILL:  And in every turn, we have received resistance. And quite frankly, I have just got to tell you this, that the church, the gentile church is slow on the uptake on this, they don’t see this.

SID:  Could it be that there is a spiritual blindness on gentiles, just as there is a spiritual blindness on Jewish people, as far as knowing Messiah?

BILL:  Absolutely. I believe that. In the last verse, in the book of Mark, scripture records, and they went out and preached the word, and Jesus conformed the word with accompanying signs.

SID:  So what happens when Jew and gentile come together? What kind of signs are we going to have?

BILL:  We are going to see the manifest presence of God. We are going to see the Lord God almighty show himself strong.  Why? Because it’s the father’s heart and really what Ephesians is talking about when it says “in the tear hostility”; the church right now, both you and I know, that the conservative and the prophetic are not necessarily in cahoots. Furthermore, the various ethnic groups have issues.

SID:  Of course.

BILL:  But when you get this one right, those things are going to dissipate; those things are going to disappear! That’s how – Jesus’ priestly prayer, in John 17 – this is what he is talking about. It is Jew and gentile: when they are in one accord – look out!

SID:  Well, you realize that coach Bill McCartney comes from a non-Jewish background; I come from a Jewish background. I will tell you I have had burning in my heart what Paul was talking about, the one new man, for ten or fifteen years now. The truth of the matter is: it’s time has come. Who is the one new man? The one new man is the fullness of the gentile age. The “one new man” is Jew and gentile – middle wall of separation coming down. The one new man is unity of Gods children. The one new man is Jesus. That’s who the one new man is. Can you see what happens when coach McCartney got all of these pastors together, all of these Christian men together? The presence of God that exploded on the scene, and because of that: unity. And now, the greatest barrier to unity and the church today – the separation of Jews and Christians; as the Messianic Jew and the gentile Christian, merge together to become the full body of Messiah, it will truly provoke Jews to jealousy. Jesus said I will not return until the Jewish people say, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.”  You want to see Jesus return? You see how important all of this is? Even as I am speaking, coach McCartney said I want to see signs follow, well signs follow. There are people here with head problems, headaches, migraines, ringing in the ears, breathing problems, eye problems, smell problems, you are healed in Jesus name, in Jesus name. You want to see signs follow? Eye sight – anything you need in the head, it is yours in Jesus name. I pray that one new man comes soon; be part of it.

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