SID: Hello, Sid Roth, your mentor of the supernatural. I’m here with Fred Stone who, three weeks before a prominent world leader was assassinated, he had a vision; he actually saw this. I want to find out some of the secrets of the supernatural that he understands. When he was 16 years of age, he went to a meeting; he did not believe in Jesus. He was as far away from Jesus as a human could be, so to speak. And this evangelist said his name. Did she say your full name?

FRED: She left off the Perry, but she called me Fred Stone. Sid, when God has spoken to me through the years he calls me Fred. He never calls me Perry for some strange reason. I hear the name “Fred, Fred,” and I know of course He’s speaking to me. But she called me Fred.

SID: But what effect did this have on you?

FRED: Oh it was electrifying. I didn’t know the woman, she didn’t know me, I’d never been introduced to her or anything. And my brother, my half-brother who had come back to invite me to Christ, and I just shook my head ‘no’ and just kind of brushed him off. He turned to go back up to the front where he was seated and when he did he stopped and came back.  And before he got to me the second time, I’m looking at the speaker, a lady by the name of Mildred Collins, the evangelist, and out of her mouth comes the same thing: “Fred Stone, if you should die at midnight tonight, where would you spend your eternity?” And I thought man alive, she don’t know me, who told her my name? Well about that time my brother Morgan picks up on it and he’s got big tears running down his cheeks, telling me the Lord loves me, I ought to give my heart to God. Jesus is in the house; Fred He wants to save you. And brother, those two speaking incidents from the evangelist, plus this brother of mine, was just too much to deal with.

SID: Ok. That was in 1948. Shortly thereafter he’s out with a young man that was after herbs…A ginseng hoe?

FRED: A ginseng hoe.

SID: I’ve not seen this but it’s a pretty sharp instrument; and what happened?

FRED: It has a sharp end on one end, just like when you go to the hardware…then on the other end, it has a blade that’s about that wide (about 3 inches). And of course the handle’s about that long (about 6 inches). It’s to dig the ginseng, the herb that is so expensive it sells for several hundred dollars an ounce. And as the train passed Sid, it was one of the old steam engines, probably had 100 or 200 cars of coal; and the guy, whether it was for meanness or whatever; he blew steam on this orphan boy and it upset him, scared him. And he drew back and struck the side of the coal car and when he did, when it hit, it just threw it back in his face and cut him on the left side of his face, all the way down to almost the top of the chin, all the way to the bone. I mean you could see the roots of his teeth and everything. You can imagine the blood. And he was holding it shut with his right hand and crying and trying to, I’d say he was dazed. And I was getting a haircut; and my brother-in-law Edgar Cline; he wanted to know what had happened.  And he was trying to motion to him and tell him. And we walked down the hill, maybe 20 feet and got him. And I looked at him and I said “Lord, Edgar, his whole mouth is cut all the way to the bone.” And he was just shaking and in tears and in pain and blood was just running down his elbow. And there was such a compassion of the Spirit of God hit me, I’d been saved maybe say six months or something. And it was unreal brother, the compassion that hit me. It was like the Lord himself suddenly rose up within me.  And I said “Son, Jesus Christ can do miracles.” “He can do anything. Can you believe Him?”

SID: Wait, wait, wait! You were only a few months old in the Lord. How did you say something like that?

FRED: Oh, well I had the baptism of the Holy Ghost; I’d received the baptism, speaking in tongues. I had a place in the mountains I’d go to pray and pray for hours at a time. And I think that it was that prayer in the Spirit, in different languages and all, that had built me up in the faith and I was ready for that man’s affliction.

SID: So what happened?

FRED: Oh, he took his hand down, I put my hand up, and I deliberately felt lead to squeeze where he was cut from about here, about an inch above the front of the nose, all the way down to the chin.  And I just kind of squeezed and prayed and I felt heat; I felt a warm heat. And I always lay hands on people like that with my left hand. And his face started feeling warm, my fingers started feeling warm, and to tell you the truth Sid I never even opened my eyes till I finished praying. And when I finished praying, by that time when I just squeezed him shut; and just prayed and just kind of touched; you might call it a massage; kind of rubbed over his face with my eyes shut. And when I opened my eyes everything was T-totally healed. And it looked like a white thread, a little heavy white thread, from right here all the way down to here.

SID: Question: were you shocked that God really did that?  Tell me the truth.

FRED: I won’t use the word shocked but amazed. Totally amazed, I believed the Lord could do it but I was amazed.

SID: Now you were with your nephew?

FRED: No that was my brother-in-law.

SID: Your brother-in-law, did he see that?

FRED: He was unsaved and my sister Lola was.  He said “Oh my God! I can’t believe this!” And he yelled for Lola to come out and she came out of the house. He said you’re not going to believe this. He said did you see this boy bleeding like this? He said come and look; Fred prayed for him and look at his face. And it was healed, and the boy’s sister reached up and touched his face and looked at his hands and realized that blood had stopped and all that flesh had instantly grown back together. And he tried to cry; he was so happy he couldn’t cry. He tried to laugh, he was so happy, he was so overjoyed, he couldn’t laugh and he couldn’t cry and he couldn’t shout. He was doing all three at once, he was doing all three! You ought to have seen that. He was laughing and a few tears and trying to shout with it you know.

SID: Well let me tell you something: if I had been there, he wouldn’t have been the only one shouting.  I would have been shouting too. There are secrets to these miracles and you’re going to find out an amazing secret that so few people understand. Don’t go away we’ll be right back after this word.

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