SID: Hello Sid Roth your mentor of the supernatural. I’m here with a man that has seen so many supernatural things happen. You may be familiar with his son, Perry Stone, who has an international television show.  But the secret of Perry’s power is in this man. But the secret of God’s power in him, I found out about. You had a relative called uncle Rufus.  He only had a third grade education. What happened to him?

FRED: In 1932, approximately, he was diagnosed with a tumor on the brain with all the symptoms, sent to John Hopkins, told that if they operated he would be a vegetable.  At the very best, total wheelchair patient. At the worst: a vegetable; human vegetable. He asked for his clothes and he came back to West Virginia. I remind you nobody in the family knew anything about God and he started fasting. He fasted for three days and nights. On the third day, all the men in the field, just the women at home. Grandma Dunford asked him to go dig a bucket of potatoes. He took a bucket and went out. Now keep in mind, he hadn’t eaten anything for three days and nights. And he’s praying and this is out of his own mouth, he said God I don’t know whether you’re there, don’t know whether there is a God or not. But if there is, I know I’m going to die. In the near future, I’m going to be dead. I don’t want to leave my wife and two children. If there is a God and you would see fit to heal me, I’ll serve you the rest of my life. Well Sid, while he was praying that prayer, in a potato field digging potatoes, working while he was praying, the power of God, the Holy Spirit, struck him. Knocked him flat on his back, burned the 16th chapter of St. Mark, from 1 through verse 20 I believe it is, or verse 21, burned it in his mind like the ABC’s.

SID: Now how is that possible? Did he read it? Did he know it?

FRED: In other words the Spirit quoted it.

SID: Did he know that verse?

FRED: No, he didn’t know the Bible.

SID: So it came right out of God’s spirit.

FRED: It came right out of God’s spirit. He actually heard the audible voice of the Holy Ghost tell him that. That was his call: the entire 16th chapter of St. Mark. Then of course he cried out to God to save him, forgive him. And while he was laying there he started jerking under the power of God, not knowing what it was. And the Lord said “I have bestowed upon you the gift of diverse kinds of tongues.” “When you get off this ground, when you get off your back,” “you will be able to preach to every nationality of man that I send you to.”

SID: But one problem: he’s dying with this tumor. So what good is it?

FRED: Yes, and to beat it all Sid, God healed him of the tumor.  He lived to be 78 and he was a young man at that time, and the Lord never said I’ve healed you of the tumor. That was part of the conversion and the call of God. When he was converted, gave his heart to God, and then when the Lord gave him that call, put those scriptures in him, healing came. Well doesn’t that agree with scripture? “He sent his word and healed them.” And he knew he was healed of the tumor on the brain. And he never died with that.

SID: Now did you see these gifts operate with him such as the speaking of different languages.

FRED: Yes, yes.

SID: Tell me one time.

FRED: Alright. Driving through Norton, Virginia, he pulled up at a meter. There was a shoe shop, had a German name. And he said “Son, do you have a nickel?” “Yes.” I put it in the meter. He got out. I said “Oh, you know that man?” He said “No. There’s a German in there and God told me to go in and witness to him, he’s not going to live much longer.” He said the Lord just told me that. Said come on son, just keep your ears open and you’ll learn some things about God. He walked in, he was partially bald, tipped his hat, and in German he said “Good morning sir. How are you this fine day?” And the German replied, very big man, probably 250 pounds, and he replied and said “Oh I’m fine sir. And how are you this fine day?” So they kind of chit-chat a little bit and then brother Dunford said “I was driving through town and God spoke to me to come by and give you a witness from Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus told me to come by and witness to you.” And the man said something like this: “Oh, what’s that all about?” So he started witnessing in the German language.

SID: Now this is a guy that had a third grade education. This is a man that spoke not one word in German and he’s carrying on this full conversation.  Supernaturally speaking in unknown languages, or called tongues, German. Then what happened?

FRED: 1st Corinthians chapter 12; there was the gifts, diverse kinds of tongues. So he spoke to him and witnessed to him and Sid the amazing thing was I had the same anointing he had and had the same Holy Spirit baptism so I understood. Because he was not speaking German in the natural, he was speaking in the supernatural realm. So I was there with him, I understood. I told him later everything he said, everything he said. And after he had witnessed to the man about the virgin birth, the crucifixion, the death, the burial, the resurrection, going back to the Father, seated on the right hand of the Father, the man looked at him and he had a hammer in his hand. He picked the hammer up this time; he had laid it down and he said “Are you a Jewish rabbi?” He said “No sir.” “Are you a catholic priest?” He said “No sir.” And this German, in the German language, said “If you are not a catholic priest and you are not a Jewish rabbi,” and he cursed a big oath and he said “you must be an old holy roller.” Somehow he knew that a Pentecostal Charismatic person could speak his language. He must have heard it from… of course there was a lot of Pentecostals there.

SID: Wait, you know what is so wonderful is these gifts are transferable. I believe that Fred picked up this gift of understanding languages and he speaks in other languages he’s never been taught because there’s a transfer of anointing.  I believe…

FRED: Yes, I believe that too Sid.

SID: If we pray for the people that are watching us they are going to pick up this transfer anointing.  I talked to your son Perry, and he said he picked this up from Uncle Rufus.

FRED: Yes.

SID: But, I’m believing you are going to have such an experience with God. The only requirement is you believe Jesus died for your sins, that you’ve repented, and that you have made him Lord. If you have done this, we will pray that you be so filled with the spirit you can speak in languages you’ve never been instructed. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back after this.

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