SID: Hello. Sid Roth your mentor in the supernatural, here with Fred Stone, and three weeks before a world leader died, Fred had…would you call it an open vision?

FRED: I would call it a vision. Anything that I have, when I am praying seeking the face of God and praying in other tongues, when that comes to me like that Sid it’s like watching just like you’d flick on an instant television. That’s either a night vision, if it is at night and you’re seeking God, or I just call it a vision.

SID: So what did you see?

FRED: It was a vision. It came, it was just right there just like you were watching television. I am literally and spiritually in the room where this is taking place.

SID: Ok. What did you see?

FRED: I’m standing and I see three men. I see the Prime Minister of Israel, and I see a man that I understood to be a moderate Arab; who he was I don’t know. I saw someone else that appeared to be some leader in the P.L.O. I know there was three men. And I saw three men walk in. Each man, each assassin, was somehow integrated into the bodyguard system; in other words, into the protective element. But they were there to do harm. I saw the Israeli, didn’t know that’s who it was, till an army colonel of Israel, when I told him the dream, I sort of mentioned it to him, and he said “Oh, I believe that’s our Prime Minister. That man is Jewish.”

SID: Yitzhak Rabin.

FRED: Yes. Three weeks later, Perry took a tour to Israel and during the Ramada renaissance ballroom get-together, Gideon told the people his daddy just saw the assassination of our Prime Minister, which had already taken place when Perry had got there.

SID: Ok, I promised our viewers that you would pray for them to be filled with God’s Spirit, speak in unknown languages, especially to be able to witness to people in their own native tongue. Would you look into the camera right now and pray?

FRED: Yes. Gracious Heavenly Father, in the name of The Lord Jesus Christ, thank You for this program with brother Sid. We ask You Lord to touch everyone in this television audience. We pray Lord that there’s hungry people, there are people that are hungry and thirsty for the deep things of God. Lord, these gifts are not for the skeptic or the doubter or the unbeliever. But there are people in this audience that are humble and meek and lowly people. You have all faith, all nationalities, and all races of people. I pray as they humble themselves, seek the face of God, confess their sins to Christ Jesus and accept him as Lord, that we know He’ll come in their heart, forgive their sins, and Lord, He will sanctify them, set them apart holy for service before God, and baptize them, fill them, with the mighty Holy Spirit of the living God that brings with Him, Lord, nine spiritual gifts. And everyone that is viewing me right now, let some spiritual gift, one or more spiritual gifts, operate and manifest through their life in Jesus’ name, and amen.

SID: Amen. I have to tell you, I grabbed Fred’s hand because I want some of that anointing. I am so hungry for more of God. There is nothing in this earth that satisfies like God. There’s nothing that satisfies like intimacy with God. Religion doesn’t satisfy. No, no, no, no, no. You pick your brand. That’s like the flavor of ice cream. Only intimacy with God through Yeshua, Jesus, the King of the Jews, is who satisfies. Now Fred has a special gift of healing for people that have cancer.  Tell me one person with cancer you’ve prayed for that was healed.

FRED: The major one brother was when I was 17 years old, traveling with a young evangelist his name was Adair. He was 15 looked like he was 25.  We were knocking on doors in Shelbyanna, KY the door opened and the terrible smell of cancer just come out; nauseating odor and the lady said I came up here my sister is dying of cancer. She’s supposed to be dead in two weeks. And we asked permission to come into the room, and pray with her. When Adair and I walked into the room I walked around the foot of the bed; she’s lying facing like this and uh, I walked over on her right side. The entire side of her face Sid from up here just about this much dark rotten mass; just in a circle ready to go into her eye, half of her nose, was gone, all this was gone…

SID: I’ve seen people like that it’s awful,

FRED: You could see the roots of the teeth. We anointed her with oil and prayed for her. Two nights later a lady came to church and asked me for permission to say something; stood up and said brother Stone. You don’t know, but Aunt so and so, dying with cancer; I quit going to see her I couldn’t stand the odor. Two men came by, a tall black headed slim doctor, and a heavy set doctor, young guys and put something on their fingers and touched her face and prayed for her, and we’d heard she’d been healed. I’ve just come from there and I can tell you she’s healed. And said where the cancer was, it’s all gone and the whole side of her face it looks like the skin of a newborn baby. There’s no trace of the cancer.

SID: Ok quick, you must look in the camera and very quickly a very quick prayer for people with cancer. Now…

FRED: Father in the name of Jesus, for those afflicted with cancer – we curse the germ life of the cancer in man, woman, children, whoever in Jesus name we curse it. Let healing virtue come now by an instant miracle of God, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, by the blood in his holy name and amen. Praise the Lord!

SID: Amen. I’m going to tell you something; this was not a religious, cosmetic prayer. Some of you prayed and received the infilling of the Holy Spirit earlier. Others have been miraculously, I mean miraculously healed of cancer, but some of you sat back and were skeptical. I pray that there would be a net that would supernaturally fall on you right now and draw you in because we’re coming into a time in history that the only thing that will spend, will not be religion, but it will be intimacy with God; it will be knowing God. It will be hearing from God. It will be directed by God. Do you know the 91st Psalm says, “With long life I will satisfy you.” Are you satisfied? There are people that have long life and are not satisfied. Would you like long life and to be satisfied? That’s God’s promise to you, and someone’s spine has just been healed, in Jesus name and some ones back has just been healed. Some ones neck has just been healed and there is a celebration going on in heaven because you are going to turn your life over to God; right now there is rejoicing going on there are angels all over your room waiting for you to say I repent of my sins. Change me, change me, oh God. I make Jesus my Messiah and Lord and begin to worship him, begin to tell him that there is no other one you want. You have a passion for him. Now do it.

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