Sid: We want everyone everywhere to experience the outpouring of God’s Spirit that is going on right now in this studio.  There is almost like a river of God’s presence.  God is up to something very special.  It’s a good thing you tuned in on this particular broadcast.  I have Dave Hess; I’m speaking to him by way of telephone.

Dave had what he thought was a flu that was hanging in, so he goes the doctor.  They give some blood tests and what did the doctors say you had?

Dave: They said that I had acute myeloid leukemia, the most aggressive strain of leukemia, which is a cancer that attacks our immune system. It’s a cancer in your blood.

Sid: What was the prognosis?

Dave: The prognosis was not good, Sid.  He said that I would be probably not around to see Christmas which was one month away from the time of my diagnosis, the week of Thanksgiving.

Sid: And of course, as you explained yesterday you had had a prophetic warning and when that was brought to your consciousness you were able to cut through what I would have to believe, the state of shock that you and your family were in.  How did your family take it when you told them?

Dave: Well, I was diagnosed alone.  I was at the doctor’s office alone so I had to get in the car and drive back home.  When I got in the car it was a November night dark night, windy night.  The leaves blowing by you, it was a spooky kind of night and eerie feeling.  I sat in my car and it was just beginning to dawn on me that I was just given a diagnosis of cancer.  What do I do?  And I said out loud, I am shocked!  And with that it’s like I heard the voice of the Lord shouting in the car.  Shouting into my spirit I’m not shocked.  I’ll take you through it.  It’s like he roared with peace, like a roaring peace came into my heart.

Sid: Now you knew the Lord.  You walked with the Lord.  Had you ever heard His voice like that?

Dave: Not like that.  Not like that.  There are times that He was speaking in a whisper or a thought would cross my mind that I believe was His voice.  But I guess I needed it loud and clear right then and there and that’s what He gave to me.

Sid: Okay, well wonderful you know that God is not surprised but your carrying in your body a death sentence from a medical doctor.  Your family knows nothing.  How did you break it them?

Dave: When I got home walking down the sidewalk I was trying to rehearse a speech and nothing came.   And I just had this peace still roaring in my heart.  Don’t worry I’ll give you the words to say.  I walked into the house, there was my wife and my three children and they came around me.  They were crying because they put two and two together.  Some other friends had come to the house.  I saw their faces, I looked into their eyes and these words came out of my mouth.  Daddy has cancer but, Jesus has Daddy.  We just kind of collapsed into a hug and a sob together but, it was like the Lord was embracing us with peace.

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