SID: Hello. Sid Roth here investigative reporter here with Jim and Carla Barbarossa. When Jim blows this ancient rams horn that you see here on the table, miracles happen the atmosphere changes. I mean this is amazing when you have blown this blood clots have disappeared, fear has disappeared pain; tell me a few specifics things.

JIM: Well, one of the biggest manifestations that we have seen is people, numbers and numbers of people who have come into meeting in pain. Neck pain; back pain, leg pain. And as the shofar has been sounded the pain has just totally left their body. We have had people who have had blood clots actually see them dissolve as the trumpet has been sounded. Recently in a meeting, the trumpet was sounded and a person was deaf in one ear; the ear was instantly opened.

SID: Carla – you had a friend that was having trouble at work. How about you? Have you been having trouble at work? Have I got an idea for you! Carla what happened to your friend?

CARLA: Well she came up for prayer and we had prayed for her and she went down in the Spirit and when she came back up she felt from God that she was suppose to purchase a rams horn – a small one.

SID: In other words, the Spirit of God came on her, she couldn’t stand. She fell down and she was to purchase – a little one! If you’re going to work, I would imagine that little one is better than this thing here! Okay, what happened?

CARLA: So basically, God said I want you to take it to work and I want you to blow it on the job. And she described a demonic oppression at work it was really bad. She didn’t describe it in detail but she just felt a demonic oppression at her job. So she takes this to work and she begins to blow it. Her boss comes to her and says “Was that you blowing that?” And she says “Yes.”

SID: She’s ready to be fired now (laughs).

CARLA: Yeah, really. And he’s not a Christian he doesn’t know anything about God and he just says well that is just the most awesome sound I have ever heard in my life. That week, four people on her job came to know Jesus as Savior.

JIM: Thank you Lord.

SID: Well, this is an amazing! I’ll tell you what, what is going to happen when I ask you to blow this? What’s going to happen to the people that hear this?

JIM: Well, I believe with all my heart that God is going to meet needs. Those that need set free of fear, it’s going to happen; those that have cancer in the body, God is going to touch them; blind eyes will open; deaf ears will open; cancers will leave

SID: What’s going to happen to the atmosphere of the home when they hear it – when the sound goes into their home?

JIM: It will be like a cleansing; it will be like a lifting. You’ll actually feel it in the air and you’ll say “What happened?”

SID: And you said pains of all kind are going to leave. Well, let me tell you something: God has given me a gift of pains. It’s interesting that when Jim blows this shofar, pains leave. What I’ve notice is not only do pains leave when I speak, but I’ve noticed that emotional pains leave; fear and depression and hurt and worry. Do you find that same thing?

JIM: Same thing.

SID: Well let’s team up with our anointing. Blow that shofar! Get ready!

JIM:  (blows shofar)

SID: There is such a peace. There is such a peace that is moving into your home right now. And I believe that if you begin to worship God, you already have a built instrument your voice. And you may be like me and not be able to sing very well, but God is proud of you. Because no matter what’s going on in your life, you can begin to worship God and tell him how grateful you are that you know him. And if you don’t know him, did you know the Bible says, Isaiah says that the yoke is destroyed by the anointing. The manifest presence of God and when Jim blew that shofar the manifest presence of God was released right where you are. I believe that there are people watching us right now and they have such severe pain in there back. Some of you have even had surgery but I tell you when you Yeshua’s name, if you will bend over by faith right now; faith is just trusting God that’s all it is; if you will bend over by faith, you will see that the pain from your back is gone. And some of you have a pain in your neck if you will move you head like this you will see that the pain is gone. And others your leg – anything you need in the leg. If you have a blood clot, if you have pain, if you have arthritis, and even if you have ingrown toenails, if you have fungus on your toes – anything. Hip. A hip is being restored right now. But you know something: Jim and Carla, what is being restored into the most is shalom. Shalom is a Hebrew word; it’s a completeness; it’s completeness. It’s a heart peace and this shalom can only come from intimacy with God – only! And you can only have intimacy with God by believing that Yeshua – that’s Hebrew for Jesus – died in your place for your sins. If you tell God that you’re sorry, and accept what Yeshua has already done for you, and believe that you are cleansed; and you are, and ask him to come in. Some of you…there’s headache just went – a migraine; ask him to come and live inside of you. Jim, as we conclude would you blow the shofar again? There’s just a peace of God here. (Jim blows the shofar.) Whoa! (laughs) That’s all I’ve got to say is whoa! Carla is it true that you sing to knees?

CARLA:  One time I did!

SID:  And what happened to the knees?

CARLA: A lady came forward for prayer one time and we were ministering, and I felt like I was suppose to bend down, and grab a hold of her knee and sing this song over it. About when Peter and John went to pray, and they met the lame man by the way. He was begging for alms. He said we have none but this is what Jesus did say, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.

SID: And what happened?

CARLA: And I stood up after I sung it to her knee and she started dancing around the room; and she started jumping. And just like the Scripture said, she went walking, and leaping, and praising God!

SID: Okay! I want you to just jump for the goodness of God. Would you blow the shofar again? You jump! Go for it Jim.  (Jim blows the shofar.)

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