Sid:  Joel on yesterday’s broadcast, you articulated very clearly who Mystery Babylon was. You explained that it is Saudi Arabia. Especially in Revelation 17 and 18, Isaiah 15, Jeremiah 50, and 1 Peter 5:13 you go by brilliantly point by point the scriptures and show all the other nations cannot qualify based on what the scriptures say, and only Saudi Arabia can qualify. Just briefly tell us a few reasons why Saudi Arabia is the harlot.

Joel:  One of the criteria that the Bible lays out for us is that it says this woman will sit in an aramos, which translated is desert. If we’re talking about the Vatican or Rome or the U.S., they don’t sit in the desert. This is not just an allegorical or symbolic term that we should throw away. All of it points to it being a literal reference to the region where this woman is pictured. Another significant issue is that Saudi Arabia is a rabid consumer, and in Revelations17 and 18, the harlett is a rabid consumer. Saudi Arabia doesn’t produce anything except for oil. They literally import everything. The nations of the earth will feel the wrath of this woman’s false religion. As we discussed yesterday, Saudi Arabia is the premier financier of terrorism.

Sid:  It talks about extravagant luxury. Why does Saudi Arabia qualify?

Joel:  Saudi Arabia is unlike any other nation in the world. It’s a nation that is run by a family that is drowning in wealth, and when you look at examples of Saudi luxury, it absolutely surpasses any American President, actor, or real estate mogul. These Saudi princes have so much money to throw around, and the amount of luxury and excess that they live in is unparalleled, and it meets that description that we see reiterated in Revelation.

Sid:  Another thing it says is that the people of the earth will commit fornication with this Great Harlot.

Joel:  This is one of the most significant and important criteria. It needs to be realized that this word fornication is not adultery. A lot of believers have said that this indicates that whoever, this woman is, that she existed in a preexisting covenant with God and then broke it. That would be adultery. The word used in Greek was not adultery but fornication. What that means is that anyone throughout the earth, who does not worship his Creator, the one true God of the Bible, is involved in idolatry. That’s fornication. In the Old Testament there are examples of pagan cities such as Ninevah and Thyre that were called fornicators because they were involved in idolatry. Saudi Arabia today funds, spreads and exports the radical Islamic ideology.

Sid:  Give me an example of what they’re doing to the American universities right in the open.

Joel:  There’s one prince that’s very worthy of taking note of-Alwaleed Bin Talal. He’s one of the wealthiest of all the Saudi princes. He throws money around left and right to promote the Islamic cause. He gave the Harvard University and Georgetown University each 20 million dollars to establish what they’ll call an Islamic studies program, which ultimately amounts to nothing more than a Saudi Arabia wahabi propaganda studies program to spread radical Islam or to spread looking at Islam favorably throughout the earth. Prince Alwaleed comes over to the U.S. and he lectures these universities on the U.S. needing to be more tolerant.

Sid:  When I think of Harvard University, I think of a large Jewish population. Maybe I’m wrong. How in the world do the Jewish students put up with that?

Joel:  The way that the Islamists work is that they preach out of one side of their mouth a peaceful and tolerant form of Islam, and they lecture us, and they demand that we are more tolerant, but then back in their own country they don’t allow a single synagogue or church or any other religious institution to be built other than a mosque. They play both sides, and we here in the West who have been hand-strung by moral and cultural relativity, welcome it and we say, “Yes we of all people need to be more tolerant.”

Sid:  Now could it be that former President Bush spread the lie that Islam is a peace-loving religion because of his long family ties with the Saudi royalty?

Joel:  Few people realize the depth that there is in regard to the Bush family with the Saudi princes. Prince Bandar was the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the U.S. for many years. He is a deep and close friend of the Bush family. We need to realize that this individual over the years has been seen making statements, which indicate that he does support radical Islam to a degree.

Sid:  Why does someone like former President Jimmy Carter bash Israel so much? Is there an ulterior motive that you know of?

Joel:  I think that can be answered with three words. That’s money, money, money. When you look at the history of Carter’s relationship with the Saudis, he’s never come out and opened up about how much money they’ve donated and given to him in various gifts. It is in the tens of millions perhaps even more. Anyone who thinks that 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 million dollars doesn’t have an impact on somebody, they’ve never heard the term blackmail or the Saudi lobby-this has deeply impacted the approach Carter has taken. He will openly bash Israel and refer to Israel as an apartheid nation. He will never once mention the human rights violations that are so rampant in the nation of Saudi Arabia. This is blatant hypocrisy, and that’s what the Saudis get with their tens of millions of dollars put in the back pocket of even American presidents.

Sid:  What about someone like our secretary of state Hillary Clinton or her husband?

Joel:  Just before the election it was revealed that the Clintons had to open up their donation list, and what we saw was that they had received over thirty million dollars from Saudi and gulf Arabs. Whether it’s Bush, Carter, Clinton, Obama.

Sid:  What did Obama get?

Joel:  Those who have studied history say that when he went to college, he was funded by Saudi princes. There were some radical black nationalists that converted to Islam and had ties to the Saudi family, and through that Obama’s education was funded. Today he still has ties to the Saudi Arabian government. When we look at the scripture, it’s very clear. It says that the kings of the earth commit adultery with her. This is one of the premier descriptions of the harlot. When we look at the greatest most significant leaders, the kings of the earth so to speak, we see that every one of them is literally committing adultery with the Saudi princes.

Sid:  If we see this harlot as Saudi Arabia then who is the beast and define the beast.

Joel:  The beast is a coalition of ten nations and many other nations that will be involved with them that will come together in the last days and form the final manifestation of beast-empire. In Revelation 13 it says that the beast had a fatal head wound, and then it came back. In essence this is referring to an empire that appeared dead and then was revived. As I mention and discuss in my DVDs, the primary nations that will make up the beast-empire are the nations of Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Sudan and Lybia. These are the nations that will make up the revived Islamic empire. The head-wound that the beast suffers, a lot of Christians believe that is referring to the antichrist. The motive of beast comes from Daniel 7 and it is referring to an empire. For over five hundred years the nation of Turkey ruled the Middle East.

Sid:  Where do Gog and Magog come in? Isn’t that Russia?

Joel:  That’s what many people say. Unfortunately if you look at Ezekiel

Sid:  We’re out of time. Lets pick up there on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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