Sid: My guest, Katie Souza is talking about healing and miracles and she has got revelation knowledge. You know, I love to investigate healings and I love to investigate miracles because no one person has all of the answers. But if you can get keys and ingredients it will take you from glory to glory.  You’re at one level of glory, but God wants you to move to a higher level of glory and that’s what I see. God’s been doing constantly in Katie’s life.  On yesterdays broadcast we found out about how literally the Holy Spirit cleaned  her up from a lot of junk she had been in.  As a matter of fact, Katie, you have personally had , so many miracles.  Just real briefly, will you tell me about the melanoma that God healed you of?

Katie: Oh, yeah, I grew up in Hawaii so I had a lot of exposure to the sun and I began to develop little  patches of melanoma here and there.  I’ve had them removed throughout my life.  Well, I hadn’t had a reoccurrence of anything like that for awhile.  But about six months or longer ago I had a patch spring up on my leg and I found it because I was scratching at it one day and went and looked at it and I said oh wow, it’s a melanoma patch.  And I put my hand on it and prayed and nothing happened.  But then a few days later during my worship time the glory exploded in my house and when it did I knew I had the creative power to cause that, to command that to die.  So I did and it actually dried up and I could flick it off with my nail a couple days later.

Sid: That’s got to do wonders for your faith level when you see it.  You know it is one thing when you see someone else healed,  but it’s another thing when you see yourself healed.

Katie: Amen

Sid: There is so much revelation teaching.  I mean that’s really what God’s called you to do isn’t it?  To teach the body to be all were suppose to be, to be full carriers of the glory of God.  And one of the areas you teach on is the connection between soul wounds and disease.  Tell me about that.

Katie: Okay, this is another thing that was hindering us from moving into the full revelation of the demonic kings.  Were like we know that there should be more fruit so we went  to a Jesus fast and we exploded in a new level.  And then Jesus began to teach us about woundedness in our soul.  Every single person, when they are born again in Christ has a perfected spirit now.  We have the perfect Spirit of Christ living in us, but our soul isn’t perfect instantly.  It’s a mess.  We’ve all had events and circumstances happen to us throughout our lives that actually put wounds on soul. And those wounds can control your mind, your emotions, your will and they can even affect your physical body, because wounds are created by sin.  That’s what Mark 9 says that when your eye causes you to stumble, pluck it out and in the amplified it says, otherwise you will get thrown into hell where the worm is and it says that the worm represents the wound put on a man himself by his sin. Well, the eye is the window to the soul, sin puts wounds on our soul and because the wounds on our soul are created by sin. Like somebody sin against you and molested you or abused you or you sinned against yourself.  You did drugs or you got involved with alcohol or pornography, that sin created that wound on your soul.  It also gives the demonic the legal right to torment you.  I mean Psalms 143 said the enemy pursues and persecutes ours soul.  You see, the enemy know how to find an in in our lives and it will go after the wounds on your soul as their legal right to attack you because those were created by sin.

Sid: You must have been loaded with those soul wounds with all the things you went through.

Katie: Oh yes, I got testimony after testimony.  I could write a whole book just on all the soul healings I’ve gotten in the glory light of Jesus.  And we are going to talk about that today too.  On the disk that you are offering I do a whole hour to show people how they at home can use the glory light of Jesus to heal their soul and I take them through step by step and use biblical examples so it is going to be super exciting.

Sid: That is what I love about it.  They don’t have to go to one of your meetings.  They can learn step by step on these CDs we are making available. How to move in the same healing you are moving in.

Katie: Exactly.  Let me tell you this amazing thing that we found out about this and how the soul wounds are connected to your physical body being sick.  It is like, okay, Jesus gives us the example.  Jesus came as a man, you know, He had a soul like us. But see, His soul was perfect, and unlike ours because he had no sin in Him.  So here’s Jesus and He makes a statement in John 14 He said the prince of this world is coming, but he has nothing in me that belong to him.  There’s nothing in me that is in common with him, so he had no power over me.  Jesus is basically saying there is nothing in my spirit or my soul that was created by sin so the enemy has no power over me.  And the proof of that is the story of the man with the spirit of legion.  It say that when Jesus went in Mark 5, that he got out of the boat and met him a man out of the tombs with a spirit of legion.  It said that that man lived night and day among the tombs.  He was cutting beating and bruising himself and he was always there among the tombs breaking the shackles off of him that people put on him to restrain him.  When Jesus came out of the boat, he ran up to Jesus and listen to what he says, Sid, he says this “Oh Jesus, Son of the most High God, what is there in common between us, I solemnly employ you not to torment me.”  What did Jesus say in John 14.  The prince of this world is coming, but there is nothing in me that is in common with him.  So he has no power over me.  You see that spirit recognized something about Jesus. That, you know, he was a man that there nothing of Jesus’ mind, in his emotions, in his will.  There was nothing in Jesus’ soul or His spirit that was in common with that demonic power so that demonic power had no right to torment Jesus.  In fact Jesus could torment that spirit, because it said “Oh, what is there in common between us Jesus. Do not torment me.”  Okay, so here’s the other thing, the other man that was under that spirit of legion.

Sid: Right.

Katie: Why was he able to be totally under the power of that spirit? Well as I read that scripture it,  said three times that that man lived among the tombs.  Night and day he was among the tombs.  Well, I looked up that word tombs, do you know what that word means?

Sid: What?

Katie: It means to recall or bring to remembrance.  It also means this,  a monument set up to a perpetual remembrance.

Sid: So, he was in a prison.

Katie: Yeah, that is what a soul wound is. It’s like a monument inside your mind.  It causes your mind and thoughts to be perpetually effected by that horrible thing that happened to you all those years ago.  It’s like a monument set up in your emotions that causes your emotions to be controlled by that molestation or that abandonment or the alcohol.  That is what a soul wound is.  It is a monument setup to cause you to be perpetually affected by that event. And, because those events were sin, they were created by sin it gave that spirit of legion the legal right to torment that man. He lived among his soul wounds.  He lived among the tombs and those tombs were created by sin and it gave legion the legal right to afflict him.  Now, let me tell you a testimony and you are going to freak out on this testimony, it is so cool.  I’ve lived out that revelation.  I went to a tour and I went to a state that I have never been to before.  I fly in to this place and as soon as I land  I started getting sick, violently sick okay. I had 103 degree temperature. I had a sore throat; I had a yeast infection, a major bladder infection that developed instantly. By the time I reached the pastors house I could barely think.  I was completely assailed by the demonic.  Now, in the past I would have started fighting and rebuking, but now I know better.  I knew that I must have had a tomb in me.  That I must have had a soul wound in me, something in my soul that was in common with the demonic powers of that region that was giving those demonic powers the right to cause me to be sick.  So instead of me, rebuking and fighting I went and lay down and I applied the glory light of Jesus to my soul.  We are going to teach on that in a little bit, but when I did that, Sid I actually saw, the Lord showed me five places in my soul where I had been wounded.  Were there was a wound that was created by sin that was giving that demonic power the right to make me sick.  And I actually saw a vision of me taking five wounded me’s out of these closets where they were hiding and all of the sudden they were surrounded by the glory light of Jesus and they were healed.  And then, after I got the soul wound healed I knew that now, there would be nothing in my soul in common with that demonic power and now I can demand it to leave.  I had a very freaky encounter. I commanded that spirit to come off of me and it came up and it spoke to me in an audible voice.  It was a voice so big that it would have filled two huge rooms and basically yelled at me and said “What you want?  In the Name of Jesus I want you to leave. I didn’t realize it, but it had wrapped itself around my body and when I commanded it I felt it ripping off my body and I was healed.

Sid: What difference is it making in your life now that those soul wounds were healed?

Katie: A huge difference. It is like my level of dominion has completely shifted. Every time I get a wound in my soul healed.  And like you said, I’ve done everything you could ever think of.  So all those sins created wounds in my soul and it was giving demonic powers the legal right to have dominion over me.  So it is like where ever I go I have more and more authority and more and more dominion.  When we went to another state and the first day I was there and I was about to go to a meeting, I had a dream that I was cooking meth.   And you know from a previous show, we talked about that I use to be a meth cook.  Well, I have not cooked meth for over a decade.

Sid: It was a lab,  in which you make the drug go ahead.

Katie: It’s a lab in which you make the drugs.  And so, but I had not cooked meth for over a decade.  How many of you know that that is a sin and it can put a wound on your soul?  And it had.  So I’m having this dream about cooking meth. I wake up and say okay Lord, I know nothing is coincidence.  I believe your showing me something.

Sid: Whoa, whoa, were out of time. But, she gets set free and more important.  I want to see you set free and be all that God’s called you to be.  So this is a very special tool. Its six CDs called the Healing School and a special bonus one on how to activate step by step the glory light of God.  Now in this series, Katie prays for a transfer of anointing. When she prays for a transfers people receive them and the anointing she is praying for is a king killer anointing.  Kings, you are on notice because you are about ready to be history.

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