Sid: I have Julie True on the telephone and I told you that the last time I interviewed her that I was listening over and over again to her CD “Healing Love”, and it became my favorite soaking music.  Then, like in life, you go on to other CDs and then we found out she did a new CD and she sent me a copy and called and said “What did you think of it?”  I started listening to it and listening to it and the more l listened to it the more peace I received.   The more feeling of intimacy with the Lord I received.  I want to make that available to you.  But Julie, I was talking to someone and to be candid with you I can’t even remember who it was and they said, “You know one of the things that I appreciate about Julie is she had a barn. If I’m remembering the story right and late at night, when it was freezing cold and that barn was not heated, she would go out and worship God.”  Is that story true?

Julie: That is true, but I wonder where you heard that from?

Sid: Well, if I remember I’ll tell you but that impressed me.  Why would you go out in the freezing cold?  Were in the McDonald’s generation, me first!  Why would you go out in the. Now, why did you do that?

Julie: I was desperate for time with God.  I was just desperate to connect with God in a real way, in a personal way and when I started understanding.  Like I had sung and played piano, but I had, up until, you know, around that time I had never learned to express my own heart to the Lord through song.  So once I realized how powerful that was in my own life I just was really hungry for it. So at the time we didn’t have room in our house for the piano and so we had this barn outside of our house that we had out there. And there was no heat, so that’s true I would put my winter coat on and go out there.

Sid: That’s what I heard.

Julie: And I could hardly play the keys because my fingers were freezing.  It was blowing cold air, but any way it was so awesome.

Sid: What did you experience?  What did you feel when you were out there in the cold worshiping God?  If I was God, I would have blessed you.

Julie: Well I, it was just.  It’s just a place of friendship, I guess.  You know you would say,  is this a place of friendship, it was a place of receiving, it was a place of me sharing my heart with God and feeling like nobody else could hear me and all the kids were in bed asleep most of times. A lot of the time it was in the middle of the night.  It was just precious times where I could really heart of God and He really answers you, when you get quiet.  There were times when I would sing songs, asking questions and then singing back the answers that He gave me.  And it was that type of interaction and sometimes I was reading a passage of scripture that was really impacting my heart and I would just start singing that passage.  Sometimes I was going through really hard things and I would sing my heart to him just you know, my own concerns and cares and let them go.

Sid: Now, I notice that you prophecy when you sing.  Do you ever prophecy when you don’t sing?

Julie: Ha ha, well I don’t know. I guess most of the time for me those types of things, I believe prophecy is, it’s a lot about the testimony of Jesus, you know, it’s about changing the atmosphere in the present, and so I guess I do that in my regular speaking voice, but most of the time I am singing when those things come up in me and I’ve really set my heart on Him and focused in.

Sid: Tell me about, I love your music because it is spontaneous and I believe that every note and every word that comes out is prophecy.  Tell me about the song “Worship You.”

Julie: Well, “Worship You” was in the Healing Rooms.  A lot of my music has come from times in the Healing Rooms, which is a place we have soaking worship and prayer and we pray for people that need physical or emotional healing. There was this one day where I just, you know there are not a lot of songs that are to God.  A lot of them are about God, but they are not actually singing to Him.  So, I was just really wanting to worship Him.  I’ve said before it is kind of like when you are trying to find a greeting card and it doesn’t say what you are trying to express and so I just started singing  “I worship You, real simple thing and started playing along with that and then all these other things started coming out of my heart about who God is and what He means to me personally.

Sid: You know what, we can talk and talk about the peace, the supernatural peace and that’s what happens when I hear your music.  There is a supernatural peace, but I want them to hear this right now, let’s hear “Worship You.”

Sid: You can see why soaking rooms around the country, healing rooms around the country are using her CDs.  There are so many people being healed emotionally and then when there healed emotionally they get healed physically.  People with sleep problems, little babies with sleep problems start sleeping when they hear this music. And we have a special package of two music CDs one is called “Breathe You In” and then the other is called “Sounds of Healing”.  It’s literally an interactive Healing experience.  And we have a special bonus; Cindy Parton who has been conducting the best soaking room in the country for fifteen years uses her music and she has a CD in which she teaches the basics of soaking and she teaches how to hear God’s voice.  She teaches how to set up a soaking meeting and so many miracles happen as you enter God’s presence.

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