Sid: That ancient spiritual DNA on Jewish people and that New Covenant’s spiritual DNA on Christians is emerging together to make the full dwelling place for God.  I don’t know about you, but I can feel God’s favor on our teaching this week.  I can feel God’s presence on our teaching this week.  I have Charles Vance and he has just completed a four CD teaching series called “Prospering In Hard Times”.  He’s been teaching on this subject for many years and seen so much fruit.  But Charles, you have a principle called the  green house effect.  I’ve never heard of that before, but this is obviously a revelation knowledge on finances from the Bible.  Explain.

Charles: Well, the Bible says in Malachi Chapter 3, that we are to bring all of the tithes into the storehouse.  Tithe means one tenth.  Bible says in Leviticus 27 verse 30 that all of the tithe is the Lord’s, it is holy unto Him.  It’s not ours it’s God’s.  We have it in our possession to manage it.  And, He said, when we bring it into the storehouse that he…

Sid: You know, by the way you said something so important on yesterday’s broadcast that we don’t even have ownership over it.  So how can it be a struggle if we are just managing it for God?

Charles: If we can get hold of that truth, it’s real easy.  You know, it’s easy for me to take a $1,000 from you and send it.  Just follow your instructions, but  it’s different when I take my $1,000.  If I think of the tithe as mine, it’s going to be hard for me to do what God said to do with it.  If I think of it as God’s it’s much easier for me to follow His instruction and it is His, it’s the Lord’s.

Sid: I remember a couple by the name of Ananias and Sapphira, I don’t think we have to say anything more.  (laughing)

Charles: Sad story bad result, yeah. Well, the tithe opens Heaven over us and we talked yesterday that the tithe…sometimes we have this ideas that there are cars or houses in Heaven or money in Heaven, but Heaven is a supernatural place.  So there can’t be cars , money and houses. The scripture says that as God pours out what’s in Heaven, we start seeing that there’s ideas and concepts and insight that God has.  You know, if we could see things like God saw things, I believe our life would be better.  I know it would be better.  A lot of people are seeing things from the news broadcasters’ perspective or the governments’ perspective.  We should really be seeing things from God’s perspective.  Remember the old prophet was surrounded.  The armies of Israel were getting ready to come and get him because he kept telling on the king of Syria and his servant came in and said,  Master, what are we going to do?  And he said God opened his eyes and when he opened his eyes he saw what the spiritual activity of God.  There were chariots of fire and horses of fire that were surrounding the enemy’s army.  It we’d start seeing the army of  enemy, if we’d start seeing things like God sees them instead of like everybody else sees them, our life would change.  If we understand that favor comes from God and if we start operating under the favor of God.  The Bible tells us then also, that God would rebuke the devour for our sake or the consumer.  That He would cause  our fruit or our seed to produce and not miscarry.  Actually the Hebrew says herein Malachi 3 that not miscarry.  That means that God’s going to build something around our seed that will protect it.  Now I want to say this Sid, there’s nowhere in the Bible that the tithe is refer to as a seed.  The seed is an offering.  It’s something in addition to the tithe.  The Bible says in Luke 6:38, give and it shall be given unto you.  Jesus was talking, give and it shall be given unto you, good measure, pressed down shaken together running over.  That sounds like a lot.  Men, shall give unto you bosom.

Sid: So what’s the difference between the tithe and the offering?

Charles: The tithe is one tenth and it opens the windows of Heaven over me.  And I’ve got to be able to tie these two together for you because giving, opens men’s hands.  However, the tithe builds a greenhouse, if you will, around the seed because God said the He would rebuke the devour, the consumer, the seed eater and not let your seed or fruit drop to the ground before it’s time.  So that tithe protects what we sow you know, more importantly now than ever.  I believe.. I don’t want.. I’m not going to allow the economic hardship of our government to destroy the finances that I’ve gained through the Word of God.  And God’s not going to let it happen because He is building a greenhouse over my seed.  When I sow a seed, He’s promised me that He is going to protect it from the consumer or the eater.  So He’s not going allow that thing to be consumed or eaten up.  So my sowing is going to cause men hands to open up unto me.  Now the principal that attaches to this 2 Corinthians 9 and 6.  Paul says, if you sow sparingly, you reap sparingly.  You sow bountifully, you reap bountifully.  But you’ve got to learn to look for the harvest.  There’s so many people that follow through with the instructions to sow, but they never follow through with the instructions to reap a harvest.  We talked earlier this week that we need to learn how to look for our harvest and where to look for it.  This series of messages that you’ve been talking about this week, that we have been talking from actually show you where to find your harvest.  Even in economic hard times.  That is why people need to learn to do when they have learned  how to be a tither and learned how to be a giver.  They need to learn how to find their harvest and bring it in at the right time.

Sid: Isn’t that where so many people miss it.

Charles: For years I missed it.  I just didn’t understand this.  I didn’t understand, I ‘d catch a principal here and a principal there and I thought, gosh this is not working.  But in order for seed time and harvest to work, you’ve got to go get your harvest when the fruit grows up.  But you can sow all the seed you can have the greatest looking garden in the world, but if you don’t know when it’s time or where your harvest is, you are probably going to miss you harvest.

Sid: Now, so many people you have mentored that have walked in these kingdom principals and there whole life has been changed.  Tell me about the man that wanted to purchase ten acres of land.

Charles: Well, we were in a meeting, a gentleman was a tither.  He sowed a special seed one morning, he had actually been told by the bankers that someone else had bought this property.  And he decided that he was just going to give in expectation that God’s promises were going to come to pass regardless.  After the bank had already told him that the property was sold they called him the next day.  This was on a Sunday, they called him on a Monday and said, do you want to buy that property?  He said, you told me that it was sold and they said well, it was sold and we couldn’t get financing for the gentleman, do you want it?  To make a long story short, they bought the property.  When they bought the property, they were buying it so that they could house animals on it.  They are horse people if you will, I don’t mean that in a rude sense.  They raise horses.  They found out, they did not know this, but they found out that there was stables on the property that were all ready being rented out and the rental from the stables paid the mortgage on the property.

Sid: They should not have ever gotten that because someone else bought it.  They should have never gotten it because it was paying its way.  You mean, God opened the windows of Heaven for them?

Charles: Without question.  The guy called me ecstatic, I had forgotten who he was.  I’d preached for his pastor and he was one of the associate pastors in the church and he called me.  He had to keep telling me, he said come on you know pastor and I finally pictured who he was.  He said I wanted to make sure that this happened.  I preached for them in December and it was in February when he called me, we were actually on our way to catch the plain to go to Peru.  And I was trying to make some turns on the interstate and man when he told me, he was like a kid telling be about a Christmas present that he had gotten.  God’s word works and it will work for anybody that will apply the principals.

Sid: Charles, God’s Word works in your life and you’ve proven it,  because you and your wife are in the top 1% of the wealthiest people in the world.  So why you so passionate to teach this, specially this series called “Prospering in the hard times?  Why do you want as many believers as possible to understand this?

Charles: I want people to put their trust in the right place.  The Bible says the just shall live by faith, we are not suppose to live by the government, we are not suppose to be living by what the news predicts is going to take place. We should be living putting our faith in the promises of God’s Word.  I hate poverty, I hate to see poverty. It’s everything I can do to keep from crying sometimes when I go into some of these countries like Haiti and India.  I have to shove the tears back and do what I know to do to share the words of God, the principals of God to change people’s lives.  I want to see people’s lives changed all over the world and I want them to grab hold of God’s Word, His laws, work them and see a change made in their lives.

Sid: What does it mean, the wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous?

Charles: I believe that God has set up or laid up some place for us already what evil people have been doing.  Evil is a strong word, but people that are outside of the Kingdom of God.  They don’t realize it but according to the scripture, more than one place in the scripture, in Ecclesiastes in Proverbs, that’s the inheritance of the Child of God.  The earth belongs to the humble.  The earth belongs to those who will humble themselves unto the hand of Almighty God under the Word, the truth and operate in faith toward God.  We shouldn’t be having to work by the sweat of our brow, that’s under the curse of the law, we are freed from the curse of the law.  We should be allowing other people to work for us and understand…

Sid: Oops, our time is up.  You need these four teaching CDs “Prospering In Hard Times”.

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