SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Julie True. Well did the joy rise up? I have an idea that it did. Now people take Julie’s music and while they’re counseling people literally the presence of God comes in the room and people are supernaturally healed in so many areas. Tell me about one counselor you know of that uses your music and what happened.

JULIE: Well yes, a lady name Marie that works with in anger management counseling and with substance abuse, and with prisoners that are coming out of prison into real life, and she had this one man one night that she said he was “one angry dude”. And he was really had been beaten severely as a child and she put on the “Breathe You In” CD and she said that she feels like it just helps an create atmosphere that enhances what she’s doing, which is praying and counseling in her way. And so this man started weeping and he forgave his father of this and then started praying that Jesus would tell his father who is deceased that he has forgiven him. And he also had been addicted to pain meds for 20 years for an accident where his leg was almost severed 20 years ago, and he was completely delivered from all the symptoms of the pain medication and has no pain any more. So he had this radical night of healing and she’s used it in several other ways.

SID: Well that’s what’s so amazing to me is secular counselors take her music and without even speaking about God or the Bible the Spirit of God does the work in the midst of the counseling. Julie, out of curiosity, your music is spontaneous. You’re not looking at sheet music.

JULIE: Right.

SID: Or anything like that. Are you a little concerned that when you’re doing it you won’t know what to say? You won’t know what to play?

JULIE: Yeah, it’s kind of scary, but it’s like you get used to it, and then it’s really fun and everything else feels stale. Like it’s hard for me to come here and sing the songs that were created in a moment, you know, ‘cause they just come out like that.

SID: I understand. I would like you to do something you did the last show. I want you to sing prophetically over me. Would you do that?

JULIE: Okay. Yes, I was just praying about who you are in the Spirit, and so–[singing] I hear you singing a song over all the Earth. I see you holding a banner of love saying ‘Come, know my God’. Come and see that the Lord is good. Come and know the love of the Father. Come and encounter the heavenly wonders of the one true God. All things are possible with God. [speaking] That’s what you’re telling people. [singing] All things are possible with God. Nothing is impossible with God.

SID: I love that. And I also love your song, “Worship You”. This is a song, in fact if you will go play it now. When Julie worships God she doesn’t sing about Him, she sings to Him. Let’s hear “Worship You”.


JULIE: [singing]: I worship you, I worship you, I worship you, only living God. I worship you, worship you, I worship you oh God. Loving Father full of mercy, Lord the Father, Holy Spirit, you’re all those things. Every facet of your being I receive as my God. And I worship you, I worship you, I worship you my God. I worship you, I worship you, I worship you oh my God. Love, mercy, full of grace, your shining face is always on me. You’re always near. You always hear my call my prayers to you. You always hear, you always hear. Never failing love, everlasting love. I worship you, I worship you, I worship you my God. I worship you, I worship you, I worship you my God.

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