SID: Hello Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Dr. Pat Holliday. Pat, when you were running for State Legislature, you lost, you went in a tailspin of depression, and somehow you found yourself in what we used to call the occult. It’s called the New Age. But what were you involved in?

PAT: I was involved in something called automatic handwriting and that was what was popular during that time. And what happens is you take a pen you let your mind go blank. And then a spirit writes through you. And of course I didn’t know that was a spirit at that time. I just thought it was coming from my mind.

SID: And it was kind of fun, but what I understand is once you let yourself go into that arena, be it a Ouija  board or be it automatic writing, then that spirit doesn’t need the external. You open yourself for that spirit to come inside of you. And you really had a very fearful thing happen to you one day in reference to your children?

PAT: Yes, my children were sitting at the foot of my bed and the spirit told me that they wanted to come in and possess me; that they wanted to make me a worldwide psychic. And fear just came over me from my head to the foot. And I said wait a minute. If I let them possess me I have to give them my will. And I said “No, I don’t want you to possess me.” They said well when you go to sleep we’re going to possess you anyway. But we’re going to put your children in a trance. We’re not going to hurt them. And so I said “No I won’t let you in. You’ll never come in.” And so I asked them, I said is there a real devil? They said yes there’s a real devil. So I thought well if there’s a real devil, there has to be a real God.

SID: That’s logic.

PAT: And so I said God if you’ll protect me from this, I’ll serve you all of my life. But help me because I was really afraid. And you know Sid; I think people that become fortune tellers and psychics I think at one point that they have to make that same decision because of our free will. And I think some of them make the decision for the power of it. I really believe that.

SID: Ok, you made the right decision and shortly thereafter you went to a meeting. And you had an encounter with the Messiah of Israel. And you got hold of a book on self-deliverance. But back then people did not know about evil spirits; how to get rid of them. What happened with you?

PAT: Well I went to Parson Carson’s church on the beach.

SID: That was in Jacksonville Florida?

PAT: Yes, and a visiting minister got a message from the Lordto just start taking authority over devils and he did.The church went wild. People were getting delivered all over the church.Oh hallelujah! Thank you Jesus! And I’m standing in the back petrified. I’m standing, my hands are clammy.

SID: That is a pretty scary thing.

PAT: Yeah, and the demons were afraid of what’s going on. And so as soon as he stopped those commands, the fear went and Parson Carson came up to me and he said “I want you to read this book.” And it was by Don Bashum and this book, Sid; in the occult what happens is you read a book and you do what it tells you. And so I was doing that in Christianity. So I read the book, got down by my bedside, gave my heart to the Lord, the first time reading a book. And I had tried to get the baptism of the Holy Ghost and couldn’t get it because I was demonized.

SID: Now most people don’t realize this, but to have the outpouring of what we Jews call the Ruach HaKodesh, the Spirit of Godreally come inside of you, and move in the supernatural, and speak in supernatural languages; if you’ve been involved in an abomination this won’t happen. That’s what you’re talking about.

PAT: That’s right you have to renounce that other power.

SID: So when you did that what happened?

PAT: What happened was I took the Bible into my bathroom and I said “Lord, I know this is a demon.” I was in terrible pain all the time; sick stomach. Felt like razor blades cutting me; head just absolutely pounding all the time. And so I said “Lord you’ve got to deliver me.” And I started praying and commanding the demons to go. I had never seen a deliverance; and they went and as soon as they went I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. It was just wonderful and gorgeous.

SID: Ok, I want to take you now to Israel where you saw a friend of mine, Kathryn Kuhlman; who had a great miracle campaign in Israel, but some very unusual things happened to you having to do with your face.

PAT: Yes.

SID: Tell me about that.

PAT: What happened, this is 30 years ago, but what happened was I had given my seat for the Jews because they require a sign. And so I was standing out in the lobby and two men came up to me and they said ‘We’ve got a seat right down front for you,’ so they lead me down front. I believe those were angels you know.

 SID: You really…You know what? I believe they were angels especially with that happened. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back.

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