Sid:  Oh, my guest is red hot for the Messiah, her name is Janie DuVall and she’s the Co Producer of Its Supernatural Television and also the Producer of Messianic Vision Radio.  She is also a Jewish believer in the Messiah.  And Janie has had a passion for a while, as I have too, that something has been high jacked from us and that is the speaking in supernatural languages.  And then when I interviewed Glenn Arekion and he showed me that the Greek translation, the literal Greek translation of Acts 6:4, when the Apostles moved in such power, when so many Jewish Rabbis were coming to the Lord, when Steven was moving in such great faith and power and doing wonderful signs, what did they do that was the catalyst for this great power?  What did the least Christian do in the first the first congregation?  What were those Jewish Believers doing that caused such a display of power among the least believer and the key was so clear when Glenn Arekion taught this.  In Acts 6:4, this was the key and it says this is what the apostle said before this outbreak of power.  “But we will give ourselves continually”, and you can’t pray in English continually 24- 7 but you know when you are praying in a supernatural languages, when you go to sleep if you’ve been doing it for a long time while you are awake you’re going to start praying in your supernatural when you’re asleep.  You can literally pray what Paul says continually, 24-7.  But that wasn’t the key.  The key in the Greek translation says, but we will give ourselves continually to, not prayer that’s what it says in English, but in the Greek it says “the prayer”.   Now what is “the prayer” that you can pray continually?  Nonstop, 24 -7 and that prayer is the one that you can pray without ceasing, as Paul talks about in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 and “the prayer” was supernatural languages or tongues.  And because of that I am so excited to make available to you a special kit we call “Supernatural Languages and Supernatural Power”.  And, Janie you helped put this together so why don’t you describe it.

Janie:  Well, one it’ the DVD and two CDs and the DVD is of a meeting that you just did at our home congregation.  We invited a bunch of people and we told them, anyone who is really hungry for receiving their prayer language to be moving in the power of God come to this meeting.  We had no idea how many people would show up but there was a real hunger.  But the thing that was absolutely amazing to me was how many people came up at the end who really wanted that prayer language, who really wanted that the power of the Lord to have that power from the Holy Spirit.  And from young to old,  from skeptics, so many people came up so they started praying in the supernatural languages there was an incredible anointing on there.  And eyes were open, I mean one man said that he had never really understood,  he heard about praying in the Spirit he even use to argue with his wife for actually twenty years.  You know I mean, why do I really need to this and meanwhile he believed in miracles he said that night when you spoke his eyes were totally opened.  In fact other people were saying the same type of thing, their eyes were open now to the supernatural.  He got his prayer language and he was not interested before that.  He got his prayer language and this is really funny, he was with someone driving home and this person said to him, she said..she asked him you know when I first started praying in the Spirit I was kind of like sputtering you know years ago it wasn’t really a wasn’t flowing.  But this man said after coming out of your meeting, he was smiling he said I didn’t have a problem.  The language just flowed out of me.  And people were healed that night.  It’s a type of thing when you watch it and when they started singing in the Spirit.  When you watched it your eyes are opened to the supernatural.  But then we also have that with two CDs that we have put together with incredible teaching from Harold Braedison, who is like a Father, he was like a prominent leader in the Charismatic Renewal.  I mean that he coined that term.  He’s the one that lead Pat Robertson into the Baptism of the Holy Spirit to pray in supernatural languages.  But there’s incredible stories on there too and teaching he says things like this: “When you pray in the Spirit you’ll discover your real personality, your real personality will come out.”  “When you pray in the Spirit, you have no faith before that for oh your having problems in your life.”  Harold Braedison says that when you pray in the Spirit all of a sudden your arm of Faith gets really strong and you have answers to prayer.  Then he talks about, we have limitations of our mind when we are praying in English or whatever language we know but when you pray in the Spirit, no limitation.

Sid: And one of the things I noticed is, although I did this teaching because in addition to the experiences, which will do nothing but motivate you to want to speak more in supernatural languages.  I do a teaching on speaking in tongues, which was similar to what I did twenty years ago when everyone that sat under the teaching started speaking in unknown tongues.  There’s the anointing on the CDs and then there’s this, I believe even a greater anointing on the DVD.  So I can see you getting this kit and just playing it for your whole family and your whole family is going to be baptized in the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues.  And then I want you take this and play it for people that would like to know more about supernatural languages and speaking in tongues and would like to be able to pray “the prayer”.  But Janie, the thing that I got so excited about was realizing that when you speak in supernatural languages you are prophesying  your future.  But you’re not just prophesying your future your prophesying your future with perfect faith.  There’s no doubt, why because your natural mind can’t doubt what you’re saying because you don’t understand what you’re saying.  And as a matter of fact the devil can’t even sabotage your future because the devil himself doesn’t understand what you’re prophesy.  But you’re putting out in the atmosphere you’re whole future.  And you know, I often wondered as a new Jewish believer in Jesus I was not mentored by anyone, I wasn’t discipled by anyone, I wasn’t even a member of a church.  I think I joined one for about three weeks and then we started a Messianic Jewish Synagogue of which I was the leader and I hadn’t even read the entire New Testament.   And then Katherine Kuhlman  found out about me and put me on her television show so I’m all over the United States.  I still hadn’t read the entire Bible then I started speaking for Full Gospel Businessmen every weekend I was on the road.  You know I came to the Lord with a lack of character, I am convinced the only thing that stopped me from falling, the only thing that caused my marriage to survive, the only thing that cleaned up my character and the only thing that prophesized my future before it happened with perfect faith, and established it in the invisible world was the speaking in unknown tongues.  And as I began to understand that, Janie,  I am so grateful for this supernatural language.  I have been praying in my supernatural language, you’re going to see that I kind of stopped.  I didn’t stop completely, but I stopped doing it for an hour chunk of time, I stopped doing it for periods of time and I went on to, I hate to say it, bigger and better things.  But there is nothing bigger or better than speaking perfect prayers with perfect faith, with perfect knowledge because the Holy Spirit is doing it.

Janie:  You know what’s interesting to me that you were talking about when you were first a believer that,  you know there was so much that you didn’t know and but yet that praying in the Spirit was the thing that really kept you together.  You know on the DVD that we are making available and the two CDs.  Now on the two CDs there is an interesting story,  I won’t give the whole thing away but there’s a story on there of someone praying in the Spirit but they were actually from another country and they ended up praying in English but they don’t know English but that’s what their prayer language was.  And when they were praying in English they kept on saying “God please forgive me for my sin” but they didn’t even know that that was what they were praying.  So actually when we are praying in the Spirit we are totally changing so it’s the Holy Spirit teaching us and changing us.

Sid:  Well, and I’m reminded of the scripture right now about the change.  It says that when you pray in supernatural languages it edifies you.  The word edify in the Greek, it means it’s like, charges your battery.  It’s sort of like, if you want muscles in the natural you go to a gym and you lift weights.  Well, if you want muscles in your spirit you pray in supernatural languages and it builds your spirit up.  I believe that everyone listening to us when they are  motivated enough or when they start praying in supernatural languages for the first time, I believe if they start putting an hour in a day seven days a week they will start praying in the Spirit in their sleep.  And they’ll want to make it two hours.  I have friends that as they do two or three hour in the Spirit they get lost in the Spirit.  I don’t know, when I say lost I mean just overcome with the Presence of God and all the gifts of the Spirit are going to come out.  I believe that anyone can walk in the power we read about in the New Testament if they pray “the prayer”.  So we’re making this kit called “Supernatural Languages Supernatural Power” two CDs one DVD.


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