Sid:  We want everyone everywhere, God wants everyone everywhere to have His passion for the unsaved and before this week is over especially when you get this new course that has just been put together called “Whatever Happened to Hell.”  You are going to have such passion and such compassion for the lost.  And you know the only thing you take to Heaven with you is souls.  He who wins souls is wise.  There is just such hardness among many Christians.  I mean their happy they’re saved, they’re grateful they’re saved.  But it is almost they don’t care that almost everyone they bump into is going to end up in Hell and they’re not even sure there really is a Hell.  That’s why my guest, Bill Weis, has been raised up.  Bill was a very successful real estate man.  He’s making over a half a million a year in real estate and he loved the Lord; married;  went to a Bible study; couldn’t sleep; his wife went to bed this was November 22, 1998 and so you’re staying up late at night, what are you doing up late at night, Bill?

Bill: Actually, we came home from a prayer meeting, my wife and I that we had attended every Sunday night and we went to bed, like any other normal night about 11:30.  And I got up about 3:00 in the morning just to get a glass of water and then suddenly I was pulled out of my body and found myself falling through the air down this long tunnel and I landed on a stone floor in a prison cell in Hell.  Now I was fully awake and cognizant and I was not dreaming.

Sid:  Let me interrupt right now and state we’ve done an investigation.  In fact I’m holding a letter in front of me right now from the Chief of Police from Placentia Police Department in California.  At that time he was the police chief, and he said I’ve known Bill for over twenty-five years and it’s a wonderful character reference; another wonderful character reference from his Pastor.  He has never been on drugs; he has never been an alcoholic.  He’s never had any emotional or mental problems and if I was God and I wanted to cast someone in this role to have this experience of going to Hell, he would be the one that I would pick. Go ahead Bill.

Bill: Well, and again Sid I was a conservative Real Estate Broker with my own company for thirty-five years so I’ve never had a vision like this, this was not a near death experience.  This was an out of body experience that is classified as a vision in the Bible.  So that’s the only way a Christian could see, it was in a vision and God showed me this place as just a sign post to point people to the scriptures.  But, any way I ended up in this prison cell.  A refuse stone walls, bars like a dungeon, filthy, stinky, dirty prison and I wonder how I could I be alive the intense heat was far beyond the ability…

Sid:  Did you realize that it was Hell at that moment?

Bill: I did as soon as I felt the heat.  I mean..

Sid:  But didn’t you say I’m saved, I shouldn’t be here?

Bill: No, because God hid it from me from my mind that I was a Christian, he blocked it from my mind.  There’s many scriptures that I could give you for this, we have them in the book.  Luke 24:16. John 20:14, Luke 18:24 many places where God can hide something from someone’s mind for a purpose.  And He did for mine so I could experience some of the hopeless that people feel in Hell. And I’ll get to that in a minute but the point was that I was there like an unsaved person would be.  And so I didn’t call out upon God and it wouldn’t matter anyway, you’re in Hell and there’s no chance of escaping from this place.  But it is the most horrific place, Sid that you can ever imagine.  Your mind can’t imagine.

Sid:  Were all of your senses activated.  Could you smell, could feel, could you touch?

Bill: Everything, just like here on the earth.  You have a body.  Matthew 10:28 says to Fear Him who is able to throw body and soul in Hell.  Luke 16 the rich man remember he wanted a drop of water to cool his tongue, he was tormented in the flame and you have all your senses and your memory.  I understood that I would never see my wife again.  She would never know where I was at.  That was really tormenting alone because my wife and I are very close and to never get to her again and never let her know where I was at.  You have your full memory.  You’re experiencing horrible odors, the fowl putrid odors of Hell are so toxic that that alone should kill you because you are breathing in sulfur and sulfur is toxic and the smell of the demons and everything else is terrible.

Sid:  So in a fact, what we could imagine as a smell of sulfur or a horrible smell, how would that compare what we have smelled on earth compared to what you smelled in Hell.

Bill: It is a thousand times worse than any open sore, rotten eggs, bad milk anything that you can image but add sulfur to it and sulfur and if you ever smelled it.  If you have been to Hawaii to the volcano you can’t go past a certain point, they have signs posted because of the toxicity coming up is sulfur.

Sid:  I interviewed a man that had cancer and he was in the hospital and he said one of the horrific things was hearing the people in the other beds crying out in pain during the night.  Did you hear that sort of thing in Hell?

Bill: The screams were so loud and deafening you wanted to get away from it but you can’t.  You hear people moaning and screaming in agony.  Millions of people and Isaiah 57:21 says that there’s no peace says my God to the wicked.  No peace of mind of any kind so you have to endure that, the loudness.  Your kept isolated and apart you’re not with people so you don’t get the enjoyment of conversation.

Sid:  What about emotions’ like shame, did you experience that?

Bill: Ezekiel 32:24 talks about shame.  You feel ashamed and embarrassed and humiliated, Isaiah 5:14.

Sid: Did you realize that you were going to be there forever or did you just feel like it was a short trip?

Bill:  No, I understood I was never ever going to get out of this place, ever.  And Sid that is really the worst part is knowing that there is no one going to come rescue you. There is no cavalry coming over the hill.  There’s no angels, you are alone and you’re not going to get out for all eternity.  Isaiah 38:18 says that those that go down to the pit cannot hope for thy truth.  You have no hope there.

Sid:  What did it look like?

Bill: I saw pits of fire, a large open area of about a mile across of flames raging high up into this open cavern with demonic creatures all around of the edges of this pit.  All different sizes and shapes, some were twelve and thirteen feet tall.  That is not exaggeration.  There’s even scripture for that but demons that look like spiders that were three and four feet across.  There were maggots you know, Isaiah 14:11 talks about where the maggot will be spread under thee and will cover thee.  There are snakes, every fowl disgusting thing, everything is twisted and deformed.  Horribly grotesque, all torturing people there, demons can torture and torment you there.  You can’t defend yourself; you have no strength in your body.  You are completely void of strength and you’re in absolute darkness; the only light was next to this fire you could see a little bit through the fire or along the edges.  But it didn’t travel it was so dark in Hell and other places were absolutely pitch black; so you’re in darkness; you’re isolated; you’re hungry, the thirst, I just wanted but a drop of water.  Just one drop would have been precious but you never get that drop forever for all eternity.  The fear level that you experience, Sid we’ve all gone through something fearful in life but just to relate to people I use to surf and I was attacked by a tiger shark and that shark pulled me down into the water.  Well that fear pale in comparison into what you feel in Hell.  I mean it wouldn’t even register.  That’s what you have to experience and this is for all eternity.

Sid:  Okay, I understand the fear.  What about actual pain, suffering really pain.  Fear would be bad enough but what about physical pain.

Bill: The pain of the heat alone was I should have been dead just experiencing the heat and I wasn’t even in the fire.  People were burning in this fire literally burning and it was not metaphorical or allegorical flame it was a literal fire burning them.  Many scriptures I could give for this but the point was that the people were experiencing torment of the flames.  Like the rich man said, I’m tormented in this flame in Luke 16 and you’re hungry, you’re thirsty, you’re being tormented by demons.

Sid:  Why would a loving God allow any of His creation to go to Hell?  Why would he want, why would He even build such a place called Hell?

Bill: That’s one of the questions people ask.  Well, first of all Hell was prepared for the devil and his angels Matthew 25:41. God never intended for man to go there so He made it for the devil not for man but man has a choice in life because God loves man He gives him a choice and says here’s how you stay out of Hell but man chooses.

Sid:  Why doesn’t He give people after awhile of spending time in Hell a second chance?

Bill:   Well, because time is a wrong premise, time would never suffice because it is not based on time it is based on relationship.  You see if you were in Hell and you were there for 200 years and you said God, I paid off my sin.  That would be works.  You can’t pay off your sin by works or by time because Ephesians 2:8-9 says that we are saved by grace not by works.  You see so time would never matter.  You can never spend enough time to pay for sin.  It’s not based on time it’s based on a relationship, knowing Him and the blood of Jesus.  Only the blood can wash away sins.  Time can’t wash away sins. Hebrew 9:22 says it’s that by the shedding of blood that there’s remission of sins.  Not by time not by spending time.

Sid:  What was it like when this hideous demon through you against a wall and you said every bone in your body broke?  Did you feel the kind of pain someone would feel having had that happen?

Bill: You know Sid, I felt the pain and it was horrendous what I felt but the Lord explained to me on the way back that He blocked almost all the pain and only allowed me to feel a small amount so that I could relate to people and it’s not metaphorical. 

Sid:  Well, that small amount would have been horrific if that was all it was.

Bill: Right, if that was all it was it would be terrible for all eternity. 

Sid:  You must, with what you went through you must be tormented when you don’t share Jesus with someone. 

Bill: I have to open up my mouth because I know, I’ve seen it but more importantly it is what the Bible says and when people say, I just don’t believe the Bible I feel so sorry for them because they don’t realize what awaits them; that this horrible place, God’s trying to keep people out He’s desperately trying to keep people out.

Sid:  Listen, every Christian listening to my voice it is urgent that you get this course “ Whatever Happen to Hell.”  For instance it’s three books one is a hard back, a DVD, when you play this for unsaved people they are going to come to Lord.  But, more important than that, you are going to have such a passion for the lost which is what you want. 

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