SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Dave Hess. And Dave, I just think that’s so phenomenal. You had as conclusive proof as I need, you had absolutely, in my opinion, conclusive proof that you had an angel that sang a song to you.

DAVE: Yes.

SID: I believe that the healing had to start at that point.

DAVE: Oh yes, yes.

SID: I mean. when you got the note that someone saw that this happened and described it.

DAVE: The healing that came to me was to my body and to my soul, and they both went together. There was such a sense of the presence of the Lord right in the middle of the most difficult time in my life, and He continued to let me know that He was with me and wouldn’t leave me, but that He was mighty and strong, and powerful. And I felt that coursing through my body.

SID: Well when you left the hospital what did the doctor say to you? Because they said a month. They said it was too late. They said, “Let’s do the chemo, but it’s really too late.”

DAVE: Yes. Six months after being admitted to this hospital I walked out of the hospital cancer-free. One of my doctors said, “You did receive a miracle.”

SID: Do you know what it said on the medical report?

DAVE: The medical report said, “Chemotherapy deterred the spread of leukemia in this patient’s body, but God brought the healing.”

SID: You know, they had to say it. They had no chance. But you have learned about compassion.

DAVE: Yes.

SID: You have learned about love. How are you different? I know you’re here. That’s different. But how are you different in your soul, in who Dave is?

DAVE: Several things in my soul. One, I don’t want to take any situation in life lightly. I don’t want to treat any person lightly. We can treat people as machinery to get things done for us or scenery just to look at from the surface. But every person has value and my heart of love for people has only increased and continues to grow. The other thing that’s changed is difficult situations come and they continue to come, but there is a settled confidence in my heart. There’s a trust in my heart that God is bigger, that what He promises to do for us is really true. And we had several things happen to us as a church, our home church in Pennsylvania, that changed how we look at trials. One of the things that happened is a young boy in our church was born with the most severe pigeon-toed feet we’d ever seen. They were almost facing each other and twisted. One night while we were praying for people he felt two hands go down on his feet and untwist them this way and then untwist them this way. And he came up to me and he said, he’d lived 12 or more years like that, he said, “Look at my feet. Look what happened to my feet. God healed my feet.” He began to run back and forth in the church. And the people gathered around and he said to the people gathered there, he said, “Look at my feet. They used to be this way.” And he tried as hard as he could to turn his feet back where they were. And he looked up and he said to me, “I can’t walk like I used to walk.” And when he said it, it meant more than just his physical ability to walk. I heard that as a word from God to me, “David, you can’t walk like you used to walk. I’m calling you to walk in faith. I’m calling you to walk in confidence. I’m calling you to walk in a place where you see that nothing’s impossible with me.”

SID: Did you hear that? I am calling you to walk in a place that nothing is impossible for me. So what about the people that are watching that have cancer, that have other diseases right now. I believe in the presence of God. Did you feel what I felt? The presence of God has just come into this studio in such an awesome way. I want you to pray for the people that are watching right now, and then I want you to sing that sing that that nurse/angel sang to you.

DAVE: Okay. I’d love to do that. David said that the Lord is a fortress and we can into Him and be safe and be glad. He’s wide open to you right now. With all that you need in this moment you’re in right now he’s more than enough for you. Run into. Run into him. I ask in your name, Jesus, I ask in your name that right now every single situation that’s facing our friends watching this program, that every situation receive your presence and your provision. Cancer go. In the name of Yeshua, you have no right to these lives. Cancer go, go. Let the spirit go and the fear go in the name of the Lord Jesus. And I declare this over you right now. [singing] I know that you can make it. I know that you can stand. No matter what has come your way your life is in His hands.

SID: And God is saying to you right now, you’re concerned about what’s going on in your life, but God is saying to you right now, “I’m not shocked.” If you would trust God more than what’s going on in your life right now you can make it. You can make it. Tell me about that woman that they wanted to abort the child.

DAVE: Yes, yes. A young people, she was pregnant and the little girl in her womb had developed a disease called echogenic bowel syndrome, where the entire bowel cavity becomes like a bone and it fills up with marrow. And their doctor told them that if they would try to have this child go full term the child would die either in the womb or right after birth. And they said they sought the Lord and He said, “No. I’ve given this child to you.” The doctor refused to take care of them unless they had an abortion. So they had to look for another doctor. Found a believing doctor who stood with them. He took an X-ray. The echogenic bowel syndrome was still there. They had prayed. They thought it was gone. They were so disappointed when they got that next X-ray. They continued to pray and we stood with them in prayer. One more X-ray and all of it was gone. Their little girl was born healthy nothing wrong with her, nothing missing. And her middle name is Faith, which is a testimony to the faithfulness of the Lord. But she’s healthy.

SID: And God says to you, “I’m not surprised. You’re going to make it.” I tell you, you are going to make it.

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