Sid: We want everyone everywhere to be free, that’s why the Messiah came to make you free and the most amazing thing before we went on the air, I was talking to Art Mathias who I have on the telephone, and I’m speaking to him at his office in Anchorage, Alaska.  And Art you told me that you have an open pipeline to Jewish people in New York City, unsaved Jewish people are seeking you out to get free of their diseases and your getting them free and once they get free they come to know the source of the freedom, Jesus.  I mean I think this is wonderful, and as a matter of fact you said, just recently what the Bible refers to as “Messianic Miracles” the blind seeing, the deaf hearing have increased in a greater magnitude than ever before and you were telling me some of the reasons.  I wonder if you would tell me again so our Mishpochah can hear this.

Art: Absolutely.  In the last year and half we have seen six blind eyes healed and over, eighteen deaf ears healed and you said you call this Messianic Miracles.  Jesus healed the blind man in John 9, now he was blind from birth and they taught, and Rabbi’s taught that only the Messiah could heal someone blind from birth.  And we’re seeing incredible, one man had glaucoma forty-five years ago and blind in his left eye for forty-five years.  He was healed a year and a half ago, I saw him last week and he could still recognize me and talk to me and through that blind eye he recognized me, he knew who I was and he was talking to me.  We’ve seen a gentleman who had both eyes blinded from hydraulic hose break and God has healed it; he has twenty twenty vision in both eyes.  One eye was 100% blind and the other was 20 full 100, were seeing incredible miracles like this.  We’re seeing incredible miracles like this and I think that there is two reasons why there happening, one is I repented for my disobedience and not wanting and accepting God’s gift of miracles.  And the second reason is that we’re seeing the two rivers of God come together, the Jewish and the Gentle Rivers as God wants them to come together.  And in Roman’s 11 Paul talks about is that the two peoples’ come together God’s power is going to be manifested in greater and greater ways.  And more and more people will come to Jesus and the Kingdom was going to grow and grow and grow.  And we’re seeing that happen as we are accepting the appointed days, the feasts days with the Lord, and observing the things that all of us were commanded to do in Leviticus to celebrate Passover and First Fruits and the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.  And the Fall Feasts and you know the Fall Feasts is all about Tabernacles of Jesus coming to live with us and as we celebrate that look forward to that that these appointed days that the Lord has told us to be with Him we’re seeing more manifestation and miracles.  And were finding more Jewish call us, their sick, their hurting and their some of the most broken people in the world.  And as we’ve repented then for what the church has done over the centuries and God is coming miraculously healing their physical bodies their realizing that it’s really the Messiah that’s healing them.

Sid: You know we’re talking about your book… and you teach in the area of fear and how the fears can be self fulfilling explain.

Art: Job said in Chapter 3:25 that “The things that I greatly feared, the things that I feared the most have come upon me.”  And when we are living in an anxiety or fear or worry then in reality that’s what’s consuming us, that’s what we’re worshiping is that fear.  And what we concentrate on what we speak into existence through our words is what’s going to happen.  So if we speak fear and worry those things will happen, if we speak blessing and peace and healing those are the things that are going to happen.  And when we live in fear that the past is going to repeat instead of forgiving the past then the past will repeat.

Sid: You know speaking of that recently Michael Jackson died from drugs and isn’t it interesting that when you read the articles he told many people, for instance he told his wife Lisa Marie Presley, that he was going to die just like her Father Elvis Presley.  Isn’t that an example of what you are saying?

Art: Absolutely, we’ve seen in one family it comes to mind to right now, every first born died at forty for several generations.  One there was a curse that was spoken and they believed it and that gave it power.  Just like Michael Jackson gave this fear of his power through his words.  So if we have a choice of what we are going to speak into existence.  The fears or God’s blessing, but God’s blessing can’t happen if were speaking the fears.  We can’t be in fear and faith the same time they are opposites, so we have a choice to make, where are we going to live?  Are we going to live in spots and wrinkles and blemishes, and we read Leviticus that the priest was to be free of the spots, wrinkles and blemishes.  Well, we’re God’s priest today and the spots, wrinkles and blemishes are the fears, worries and the anxieties, the bitterness, the self bitterness, the jealousy, and the rejection.  The things that that we live in are spots, and wrinkles and blemishes to us as God’s priests and He wants a bride that is clean and pure that’s sanctified and set apart that He can trust that He can use for any good work.

Sid: Art, why did you write the book “Biblical Foundations of Freedom?”

Art: Because I wanted to share the same incredible blessing, the same incredible healing, the same incredible relationship that I’ve developed with the Lord with others.  I never dreamed this type of relationship and authority and power was available.  I was always taught that it’s passed away, that it isn’t for day.  Well, they’re wrong; it is for today and it’s out of just gratitude of what God has done for me, I wrote the book.  And I don’t make a penny off the book, I’ve given it 100% to Well Spring Ministries and every penny goes back into spreading God’s word.  I take nothing from this personally, every penny goes back into teaching others about how good God is, how much he loves us, how much he want to set us free and that we’re His co-labors, we’re His partners to win the world, to build God’s Kingdom on earth now as it is in heaven.  He wants that done now and it’s happening now.

Sid: So when you can find the toxic emotions and repent of them because they are sin to God, and get rid of the spirits that are attached to an individual, then when you read all things are possible for those that believe, that power has free access to you for the healing.  Isn’t that the bottom line of what we’re talking about?

Art: Absolutely, but see we play a role in that; we have to be willing to get rid of those spots and blemishes.  We have to get rid of as Second Timothy 2 talks about the iniquities that are in side of us.  We have to be willing to get rid of that by being obedient to forgive and repent and do the simple things that the Bible teaches.  Or God’s goodness and God’s blessing cannot be manifest; God’s power cannot be manifest.

Sid: Now Art this book is such a basic discipleship book that very few Christians understand, every Christian should read this and teach it to others, but you also operate in the gift of miracles and I believe that if you pray for people to be healed right now they are going to be healed.  Would you pray?

Art: I’d be honored to pray.  As your listening folks, if God has revealed something in your life, a sin, a fear, a worry, or bitterness I would ask permission to lead you in a prayer of repentance for that cleansing.  So repeat this back:  Dear Lord Jesus, Dear Yeshua, I choose in my heart to forgive these people that have hurt me.  I choose in my heart to repent for now liking myself, I choose in my heart to repent for the fears and the worries I have entertained in not trusting you Lord Jesus.  And in the Name of Jesus, I cancel all of Satan’s authority over me and these memories I command this self bitterness to go; I command the resentment towards others to go; I command my fears and my worries to go.  And Holy Spirit command and clean my heart out, come and change it, come and do your miracle.  And Holy Spirit, I command in the power of Yeshua Jesus these diseases that I’ve been suffering with to go; Holy Spirit come and speak Your truth.  And Sid, I’m seeing in my mind right now two large bones that have been broken and shattered just coming together.  Some body’s thigh muscle or thigh bone is being healed or their arm is being healed, a bone that hasn’t been able to heal is being healed.

Sid: Art, I believe that that healing that is flowing right now flows right out of your book, “Biblical Foundations of Healing.”

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