Sid:  I don’t know about you Mishpochah but there is a presence of the manifest Glory of God in this studio and people are going to be healed and set free because my guest is Nathan Morris.  The young evangelist speaking at the great revival called “The Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival” in Mobile Alabama.  And Nathan it’s very important that you talk to people right now because we’re in such a watered down society that I believe that people don’t even know what the true gospel is.  But I have to say this, someone’s neck has just been healed and someone’s back and someone’s hip has just been healed in Jesus name.  What is the true gospel, Nathan?

Nathan:  Well, I just what to say as your saying that, there is a lady with, you have skin cancer on your face.  It’s like a dark I see on the left side of your face you have a dark area of skin that is skin cancer.  You just put your hand on that right now, and the Lord is healing skin cancer right now.  In fact a lot of skin diseases are being healed right now in the name of Jesus I loose that and I release the anointing of God to heal you right now in Jesus name, let the heat of God go through their bodies right now.  Sid, you know we’re living in an hour where the world is beginning to tremble under what the darkness that is being released.  Jesus just said in Matthew 24, He said that there will come an hour; the disciples had asked him, “What will be a sign of you’re coming?”  And Jesus said there would be wars and rumors of wars, nation will rise against nation, there will be famine and pestilence and He said the love of many will grow cold.  But Jesus right at the end of prophesying such an hour of darkness, such an hour where governments will shake, the natural economies of the world will shake.  Everything that can be shaken will be shaken.  But Jesus said “And this gospel shall be preached as a witness and then the end shall come.”  And you know Sid, I hear a lot of gospel or so called gospel being preached.  The gospel that says we are all going to live in mansions and drive big cars; and the gospel that says you know, you are going to be blessed, blessed, blessed, blessed.  Don’t give much back, just be blessed and I tell you Sid, we’ve got to preach the real gospel.  You know the Lord spoke to me and He said “What did I mean by this gospel?”  And do you know for a number of days the Holy Spirit just began to deal with my heart and eventually something dropped in my heart and I said “Lord it was the gospel that you preached.”  The Lord said, “This is the gospel that shall separate the sheep from the goat.”  And I tell you, when we got to start preaching about the blood of Jesus Christ.  We’ve got to start preaching as there is only one way and that is through the blood of Jesus Christ.  There is power in the blood to set you free; to forgive every sin; to heal every sickness.  It was only as Jesus the spotless Lamb that shed His Blood that we have a way and access into the Kingdom to Heaven, to salvation and eternal life.  And I want to tell you that there are many that don’t want to preach the blood because it offends people.  I want to tell those people that listen, I want to tell them, the preacher the gospel offends people.  If it doesn’t, it isn’t no gospel at all.  But it will give grace to the humble to those that say “I am a sinner, I need forgiveness” it will bring the kingdom of God into their lives.  And until we preach the blood of Jesus Christ, Sid we’re not going to see revival; we are not going to see miracles.  When people don’t preach the blood they wonder why there are no miracles in the church.  When you don’t want to preach the full gospel, people don’t want to offend; they don’t want to preach about the blood; oh can’t we preach a message that is seeker friendly?  No, we can’t because the world the signs of the times are telling us that Christ is on the doorstep, He’s coming to receive His bride.  And you know, we are going to answer to God, we are going to answer before a holy God why we did not preach the gospel.  And I don’t want blood on my hands.  I tell you Sid, I want to know that I preached the gospel that said today is the day of salvation only by the Blood of Jesus Christ if you are willing to repent.  If you are willing to lay down your life and pick up your cross and follow Jesus Christ you shall be saved.

Sid:  The gospel really does separate but we live in an age where we’re trying to “compromise” is really the word.

Nathan:  Yeah, compromise is not in the Bible, in fact God hates the word compromise, you know from the Old Testament like men like you, today choose today in whom you will serve and the gospel is a message that is not to tickle the ears of a man.  The gospel will pierce through to the bone marrow.  It will go right through to the bone.  It is a message that says Jesus Christ died on a cross; He’s the sinless Lamb of God who died on a cross; He shed His blood, He was lashed; He was marred beyond any man; and because of that, you have a choice to make.  You lay down you life and take up your cross and follow after Him or face the judgment that is the judgment of God.  And people don’t want to preach about Hell, people don’t want to lose my congregation.  Well, so what!  At least at the end of the day, you will stand before God and say Lord I preached the gospel, I preached the message that said you will forgive every sin if a man is willing to bow their knee.  You know there are people listening right now that you are away from God.  You may be driving in your car and you’re away from Jesus Christ.  And I’m telling you right now that you feel the presence of God.  I want you to pull your car over.  I want you to bow your head right now and I want you to get right with God.  You know if you look at the national news in America, if you’d look at the national news in the United Kingdom and you read the scripture of Matthew 24 you would not seem strange.  I tell you our news reporters are reporting Matthew 24.  The signs of the times are telling us Sid, that we are on the door step, literally on the doorstep to the return of Christ.  And I want to know today that I’m washed in the Blood of Jesus Christ and that I am His and I got no fear.  I have got no trepidation; I’m going to stand as the Bride of Christ washed in the Blood of Jesus Christ.

Sid:  You know Nathan there is a term that’s been swimming around in my spirit for weeks now and its eternal judgment.  We hear about judgment but its eternal judgment meaning that once you leave this earth there is an eternity of Heaven or Hell waiting for you.  It is eternal it’s not temporary.

Nathan:  Yeah and you see, Sid Jesus said that this gospel shall be preached in all the world in all nations as a witness. He said that there will never be a man or woman that will be in eternal Hell that will turn to God and say I never new, I never heard.  And the church needs to realize that when they don’t preach the gospel, God will ask them and require of them like in the parable of the talent He will ask the church why did you not throw out the life line? Why did you not preach the message that brings a man to the place that he said, I never knew or I never heard?  I will tell you that the responsibility to the man or the woman that He’s called to release the gospel to let the light shine and doesn’t, I tell you the Bible says in the book of Corinthians, it say that our works will be tested by fire and the Bible said that if those works are not of eternity then they are not of the things of God then we will suffer loss.  And I don’t know about you but Sid, I want to know that my life, my work, everything that I’ve done for God; it’s not about a building, it is not about a nice carpet; it is not about telling people that they are going to have big houses; and I believe that God will bless you but the truth of the message is this, that in the darkness that is in our world today and a generation that is lost, bound in drugs and sex and pornography and the lust of money.  We’ve got to preach the message that says, “Think right now where you are going to spend eternity because that is the true value of what we are walking in right now.  We need to hear a message that says repent, get right with God and you’ll receive forgiveness and eternal life.”

Sid:  Well you know the gospel is the power of God unto salvation and I believe that there are people that want to be desperate for God but they need a spark of fire.  In other words it all starts with God and it all ends with God.  And I believe that many of these people they get your DVD titled “The Fire of God” and I’ve been saying this because I can really can envision them laying on the floor in their living room and every time you pray for impartation, because on this DVD you pray for the impartation for so many people every time you say “FIRE” I see in the invisible realm the fire of God going into them.  Now some of them will feel what you felt, a tangible real fire of God.  Others will just feel a peace.  Others will be like me because I was at that meeting and they’ll begin to shake under the presence of God.  I shook for over an hour and they will be changed and it’ll give you the jump start that you need.

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