Sid:  I’m reminded of someone I met many years ago, her name was Katherine Kuhlman.  She would say, “Have you been waiting for me?” on her radio program.  Well, that’s the way I feel about my next guest.  His name is David Martin and when I read the information and listened to his tapes, yes I’ve been waiting to interview him.  David, I noticed we have a number of things in common.  Going way back from before when we both was believers, I was involved in the Silva mind control course and you were involved in that.  Fortunately, I don’t how I missed it but I missed the whole drug scene.  You became a drug dealer and you went to a Bill Bright meeting and you dedicated yourself to the Lord but with a fleece.  What was that fleece?

David:  Well, I don’t encourage anybody in this, but because I was actually saved probably saved five years earlier than that.  Everyone I knew Sid, was a hypocrite.  I didn’t know any real Christians and at this Bill Bright meeting I was surrounded by people that have a genuine relationship with God.  But because I tried quitting smoking dope and I tried changing my life style which was just not godly at all.  I had everything money could buy from business success but just didn’t have that right relationship with God.  So I made a commitment.  I said to God I’ll tell you what, I’ll give you my heart for forty days but you are going to have to prove yourself to me because I can’t do it myself.  So that’s what I did.

Sid:  During that forty days, what did you do about the drug addiction?

David: Well, you know it’s interesting.  They told me you couldn’t get addicted to marijuana so I believed that.  Unfortunately I tried quitting so many times at the age of thirty it was impossible and literally was smoking dope every day.  So I just said, God I’m yours and what happened is he instantly delivered me from all desires from that; from immoral lifestyles and everything that was bad in my life.

Sid:  So needless to say, He proved himself with those forty days but what I find interesting is gifts of the Spirit started almost coming immediately, such as words of knowledge.  What about prophecy?  Did that start up?

David:  Prophecy probably didn’t happen for about six weeks, which was…

Sid:  Oh boy, that’s so long!  Ha-ha.

David:   Ha-ha.  Well when you consider what happened, when I gave my heart to Him, the very next day, I mean the very next day, I’m ninety miles away and God supernaturally puts me into a Charismatic fellowship that was so on fire for God.  And then five days later I get baptized with the Holy Ghost and then instantly just began to watch God do so many supernatural things.  Literally it only took not even twenty days, within twenty days I was sold out for God because I was watching Him do so many supernatural things.  But it was probably six weeks before I really began noticing the prophetic gift.

Sid:  You know in so many for instance I want to go with you; if they only knew what I know what you’ve been exposed to.  But I’m just curious, your first prophecy, what was it?

David: Well, interesting, the first prophecy was to me.  The very first thing that God said to me was that he was going to use me to reach the wealthiest people in the world with the gospel.  That was the very first thing that he said to me.  Then right on the heels of that, he said to me that he was going to use me to teach people how to walk in the supernatural or more specifically how to do what Jesus did and greater.

Sid:  But, some of the things that happened with your family.  Your sister was radical, just like you but unfortunately it was for Mormonism and I could just picture you trying to argue with her as to why Mormonism is not the same as Christianity and you were getting nowhere.  But you went to your parent’s home and your sister was there and you prayed for your mom and dad.  And what happened?

David:   Ha ha, well it was kind of wild.  And to say that there was conflict between my sister and myself is kind of mild.  We had actually become into a….

Sid:  You should see what happens when a Jewish person turns to Jesus and tries to discuss Jesus with their family, but I can picture it was similar.

David:  Yea, it was horrible anyway; we came to this agreement that we weren’t going to talk about it anymore.  And anyway she was in Brigham Young University, her senior year, home for a fall break and I was so full of the Holy Spirit after three days of fasting for actually a service I was going to do to talk at a small church.  But, anyway, what happened is, as you said, I prayed for my folks and I just wanted them to experience the anointing.  The power of God hit them so hard that literally, they got up in the air I mean a few inches or maybe four or five inches they went up in the air then fell on the couch, like drunk sailors.  But, then …

Sid:  Were they really drunk in the Spirit?

David:  They were and …

Sid:  Had you ever seen that before? 

David: Ah, yes.  I mean, this happened again, probably within four or five weeks after I gave my heart to God or when I got baptized in the Holy Ghost if I could say it that way.  I began to just pray for people and the power of God everywhere I went people would just fall over.  It is kind of embarrassing because I would try to catch people and I’d drop them everywhere on the floor.

Sid:  Hahaha.  I can just picture that.  So your parents go off the ground, now what was their Christianity like?  Were they Spirit Filled?

David: No, not up until that point. 

Sid:  Ha-ha, can you imagine what they were thinking?  What did your sister think, when she saw this?

David: Well, the sister that was observing was a Mormon up until this point.  I mean she was kind of awestruck I think would be a good word. But then, I said “How about I pray for you?”  And she said do you feel led to or feel its okay with our differences of beliefs.  Well, it can’t hurt, so I prayed for her.  And what happened when I prayed for her was the power of God hit her.  I should back up a little bit on this is because what happened is I just started praying a generic prayer if you will.  I was praying to bless her and Sid something happened that I never, ever seen it before or since.  But I was praying in English just praying a blessing prayer and all of sudden I started speaking in tongues.  And what was weird, but if I could use that word, peculiar might be a better word, is everyone in the room was hearing it in English and what we were all hearing is…

Sid:  But, isn’t that what happened at Pentecost?  They were all praying in tongues and everyone heard it in their language?

David: Exactly, that’s what I believe happened.  I believe the miracle was in the hearing as well as in speaking.  Well, any way, what I was saying or what I was hearing in English was the power that’s in the blood of Jesus.  And after I said this, maybe twice, all of the sudden, my sister lets out this ear piercing blood chilling scream.  And it was like watching the wicked witch of the west in the Wizard of Oz.  She just literally melted, she didn’t go down I mean she didn’t fall down; she just melted down on the floor between this table and the couch.  And I said God, what happened?  What is this?  And he said to me that’s the Spirit of deception coming out.

Sid:  You know a lot of people I think of don’t realize that Mormonism is so supernatural.  But it’s not the same supernatural as God.  So she literally was getting delivered.  After that experience, how long did it take her to throw away her Mormonism?

David: Instantly.  I mean she was home on fall break from Brigham Young University and never went back or set foot in the church again.

Sid:  Now, our time is slipping away, but I am so excited about your course on “The spiritual preparation for the end times.”  It’s nine CDs and then we have a bonus CD of “Five keys to the supernatural.”  My producer has been raving about this course.  What affect did it have when you gave this course?

David:  Well, everyone that hears it Sid is just probably, awe, is not the right word.  But they’re just so captivated and encouraged that even though bad times are coming, we don’t have to participate in them.

Sid:  And we don’t have time to go into it, but you received an impartation from and older gentleman that was part of Gods Spirit in Africa in the 1930’s.  It was called “The Shining Light Anointing.”  That imparts peace and holy, walking in holiness and you pray for this impartation in this series.

David: Yes, we do.  I think it’s one of the highlights in the nine series.

Sid:  Now, what do people talk about when they receive this peace?  What difference does it make in their life?

David:   Wow, it’s a life changing difference, Sid.  In the peace is so incredible, that it’s almost like eradicates, removes, worry, doubt, fear, unbelief, it’s just really supernatural.

Sid:  And then, “the Five Keys to the Supernatural.”  You studied and walked in the supernatural and studied the word for over twenty years in this arena and the revelations that you have received you put in this “Five Keys to the Supernatural.”  What’s the feedback that you get on that?

David:  It is probably the best message of the hundreds that I do that Gods ever given me and I actually did that message.  God gave that to me and for twenty years of studying and that revelation really came in about 1998.  But it is just absolutely what everyone needs to walk in the fullness of what God has for them.

Sid:  How important that at this moment in history.  Oh, I tell you what.  Will, start there at tomorrow’s broadcast.   But Mishpochah were making this course on “Spiritual Preparation for End Times.  Nine CDs in the course, you will be moving in such peace and The Five keys to the Supernatural. 

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