Sid:  Now what to my guest shouldn’t happen to anyone, but as a result of what happened to her she fulfilling her destiny and she’s helping so many other people fulfill their destiny.  You see on June 19th 2004 she was involved in an automobile accident.  She found her son Aldo on the other side of the road.  He had brain damage, he was expected to be a vegetable, he was in a coma for a number of days and during that period she literally put a coat over head and went into her prayer closet and as a result she made contact with the living God.  In the mean time her son had left his body and went to Heaven.  Retha McPherson, what did he see in Heaven?

Retha:  The first thing that strike me most was one night he was, after he starts speaking he was explaining to me.  You can’t cry three and half years after the accident and still can’t cry.  He just makes these voices and we know that it’s crying.  And he was lying on his head on his arms and I asked him, why are you crying?  And he was explaining to me he says in Heaven there’s a big golden bridge.  When you go over the bridge there’s is a huge huge door.  Your pools are very small those are huge.  He said that there are people standing out there and their crying.  I said, why are they crying?  He says it’s because they cannot enter.  And I asked him enter into what?  So he looked at me and I will never ever forget that look with his little one eye.  He looked at me and he says to me, don’t   tell   me   you   don’t   know.  I said I don’t know.  He said, Mommy there’s a wedding feast and everybody is not ready to enter.  And I was shocked,  I tell you I was shocked.  And every morning he was writing long messages at that following morning he only wrote this one word.  He says Matthew 25.  So he leaves for school, and as he left I ran to the Bible and I was so new into the word so I ran and I looked and checked; there it was about the ten virgins and I immediately knew God is saying something to me.  So I fell on my knees and I cried out to the Lord, I said Lord, this is a very difficult road.  I’m not going to walk this road getting there and I’m not ready.  Please tell me the character of the bride.  And I really stayed on my knees, cause the problem is so many times I’m so thankful for God I got a second chance, cause I never ever taught my children right.  I told them to say their prayers, jump into bed and sleep.  This is not a love intimate relationship.  You have to wait on God.  How can you expect God to speak to you if you turn your back or go to sleep?  That’s why people say, God don’t speak to me, you don’t wait on Him.  Now, I waiting on God and I had a vision the way God showed me, my whole life I was busy with myself, but He wants me to be one with Him.  And this is only one thing that he said and then another thing he once said to me is, he was standing outside and he says Mommy Jesus says we are the Laodicea Church.  And I was saying my husband actually says what is the Laodicea Church?

Sid:  That’s like the last church spoken about in the book of Revelation which figures that’s where we’re at, the last church.


Retha:  Yes, and he was explaining that about the last church and he was saying to me, he says Mommy Jesus is fire.  He says cold as ice or hot as fire.  He says choose Mommy.  And I realized, you see you’re lukewarm because we know the truth so we stay lukewarm.  We think we know everything.  God wants you to have the full fire, the blazing holy fire.  The blue fire the hot fire, God wants his fire in our life.  And we only can get that if you’re pushing in into the Holy of Holies in His presence.  That is where you will receive it and you can only receive it on your knees.  If you read in the book of Mark the lady with an issue of blood, she was walking and people say to her, did you hear the Messiah is in town?  And she had to push in into the Messiah presence and then she touched only a little ball of His coat at the bottom.  To touch that on the bottom of someone you have to be very low on your knees, really humble on your knees.  And the moment her faith touched Him, there was life.  You see cause He is in life.  When you get…when you enter into God’s presence you will find miracles, signs and wonders.  You only get that in God’s presence.  And we have to be taught how to press into God’s presence.  Cause there’s so much more then only being born again.  There is the fullness that Jesus Christ, Yeshua came for.  He came so that we can have life and life in abundance, till it overflows.

Sid:  You know, I want to read this because in the book you taught about the Laodicea Church and in your own words you rephrase Revelation 3:15 and 16 because this is the last church that is mentioned in the book of revelation.  That’s where we are now.  Laodicea you are a spineless, useless bunch, you want to serve God but refuse to give upon Mammon.  You tithe when it’s convenient, attend church Sunday after Sunday’s so that others can see your piety.  You’re so religious and always eager to help a good cause, focusing on human rights and tolerance instead of on me.  You are always looking for happiness in some worldly pleasure and then you fool your selves into thinking that you can bribe me with what little time you can spare for me.  You are self centered and refuse to change.  Well, this is the message that your son Aldo got from God when he was talking to you about the golden bridge that went to Heaven and he was so sad because a wedding was going on and there was people that couldn’t get in.  What did the people look like that could not get in?

Retha:  He was explaining in his words.  He says that they had sand colored robes on.  Sand colored clothes.  Sand colored robes and I didn’t understand what this sand colored.  Why would that be?  I thought beige?  And then one morning he took the shofar and he went out on the balcony and he went to the north and the south the east and the west and he blew the shofar.  I said, why are you doing this, it was five o’clock in the morning?  He said Mommy, Jesus said to me last night, I have to start waking the bride cause he’s coming. 

Sid:  And of course, when you read Matthew 25 about the ten virgins, if you want a, it’s a parable so you can’t be really exact but half were wise and half were foolish and all virgins are people that say they believe in Jesus.  So he’s saying that at least half of the bride is foolish because they’re going to miss the wedding.  Is that what you believe Aldo was trying to tell you? 

Retha:  Absolutely.  Absolutely and then he was writing the other day to me; he says, well this is on my web site only a couple of weeks ago.  He did this, he says Mommy Jesus spoke to me last night about His word and He’s coming again and which says He going to be coming soon, soon very, very soon.  Do you know that Mommy?  Only those who lay down their lives and except Jesus Christ is going to be the bride.

Sid:  And by the way, get this he didn’t say only those that accept Jesus Christ will be the bride.  He said only those that lay down their life and accept Jesus Christ.  That’s not a popular message; do you know that Retha?

Retha:  Oh absolutely, but this is what Jesus said to Peter when he saw Peter after he stood up, He got him on the mountain and the first words Jesus said to Peter was “Peter do you love Me?” cause you see it is all about love.  This whole thing is all about love and this is where we missed it because we have so much pride in us.  And He says do you love Me, and Peter says yes Lord, even though I made so many mistakes and this is the gospel.  It doesn’t matter what you did.  Peter did a worse thing, and Jesus said to him, do you love me, because it is about the love?  He says yes Lord, he said well deny yourself.  This is what God said to me, deny yourself, he says it to you America.  Deny yourself, it is time to leave your pride, it’s time to deny yourself.  Pick up your cross and follow me.

Sid:  Tell me what; I know the book is new the title is “A Message From God.”  Tell me what feedback you’re getting.  What are people saying that read the book?

Retha:   It’s absolutely phenomena, absolutely it’s just wonderful.  How people, the mail I get.  I get, people just one word, my life changed.  I understand the urgency, I understand my lukewarm life, I understand I have to give everything or leave it.  Cause Christ don’t want us our worst, the last bit of our nights, the last bit before you go to bed.  Christ wants your life and your life means, You are the air I breath a whole new life, you’re a new creature and I can tell you today, I’m a new creature.  I’m new because God’s breath is inside of me and I know that and I can see His hand.  I can see what He’s doing.   My problem in my life was, and all the emails I get is, because I’m very hard on this one.  That people have another God then God.  My child was my God and we our protocol isn’t correct and that’s why we struggle to enter God’s presence because we have another God.  Many times it’s our children.

Sid:  You know, there are very few books I would say I would read a second time.  But yours is one of them.  I feel God’s presence.  Has anyone else said that to you, when I read this book?

 Retha:  Oh yes, and I can tell you why.  I’ve never ever said that actually I just filed it my heart to tell.  I was talking in a church one day and somebody said to me, you know I think you’re son is the false prophet the Bible was talking about.  I was absolutely devastated, I was devastated.  So I went to God and I cried, I said Lord I walk this walk of faith I don’t want to go like a Gideon and put something out to prove you, I trust you with my life.  It was two days before the book went to the printers, I said Lord, I don’t want the responsibility or be responsible for millions of people if this is not 100% you.  And I cried, I cried, I tell you that night I cried.  I could not sleep.  And then God came with a whole Shekinah glory into my room.

Sid:  Oh!  Will pick up here on tomorrow’s broadcast, but get the book.  I promise you it’s a life changer; “A Message From God”


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